Levelmaker Chapter 74 – 77

Hi guys, Yuki here… I have come to this place to move both levelmaker and Eiyuu to this place…

The TL will still be fenderson and I will do the edits for Levelmaker, while I will do the TL for Eiyuu as usual and someone else will be doing the edits…

This place is collecting genderbenders so I decided to move this too over so the current series on my site may have decreased, it will still be fine and my series will now be all pure Yuri/Shoujo ai content XD…

There’s still the other series from other TL’s but those are fine since they were random TL’s and would only drop by from time to time…

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» Chapter 74 | Chapter 75 «
» Chapter 76 | Chapter 76.5«
» Chapter 77 «

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