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Chapter 74 – Ugly in both mind and body

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

Uwa… what’s with this person……?
Isn’t it truly unsightly? To have the nerve to look upon this Alim with such sleezebag eyes…
The Hand-san is also glaring at him with murderous intent. At any moment it seems like he could lash out.
And then, without minding the atmosphere, he gets closer to me.

「Bufofofo… truly cute.. Alim-chan~… slurp」

Hiiiii!? This ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ, just now this ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ, right next to my ear, right next to my ear he slicked licked his lips.
Uwaa… he slipped around to my back… terrible.

I am… terrified of this ugly man. My strength seems to have left me. This, probably, is a woman’s fear. Maybe I should say that the girl Alim is scared, not me?

Still, this ugly man’s madness isn’t stopping.

I wonder, this guy…

He snuck behind me, embraced me… then messaged my small chest.
Chills run down my whole body. Fear follows. Tears are about to come out.
Was this man so scary?

It took all my power to cry out. My hands were shaking.

「Kyaa!!! Hate, hate it! Stop! 」

But, Faust, did not stop, no, he moved his hands quickly and said.

「Uu~n, Alim-chan, your breasts are a suitable size for your age… bufofo! But they are soft and comfortable~. There is nothing about it to dislike. How about a kiss? 」

…Stop stop stop it.

The ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ rubbed my chest with one hand and used the other to forcibly turn my head toward him.
In front of me right now, I feel sick seeing his mouth coming towards me.
I have no strength in my body. It was so frightening, so scary.
My voice will no longer come out.

Suddenly, The Hand-san sent him flying with a tackle. It is unmistakable, he used『Super Iron Spirit』.
The Hand’s whole body is the color of iron.

「You pig… What do you think you’re doing to Alim. You call yourself a man? Just what are you boldly doing in front of ordinary people? Moreover, right in the middle of the castle. What the hell are you thinking! 」

But, the ugly guy responded in a breezy manner. The contents were something that made me also want to beat him up.

「Haa.. What is this small fry A-rank that just went up from B-rank saying…? Good grief, can’t a bald small fry just be silent… well, it’s all good. Maybe I should tell the tile print company about this after the banquet. I mean, 『The Hand・Asch suddenly savagely attacked』」

The Hand-san worries about me without minding such non-sense. I am trembling all over. Uwah, it was so scary. Especially those eyes that looks like they were licking me…

「Oh, Alim, Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared.」

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While I was being comforted, a question comes to my mind.
Speaking of which, something similar to this happened the first time I came to the royal capital…

… Yea, that time it was two guys. But that time I was not particularly scared, rather, didn’t I just feel annoyed and feel like beating them down?

Then, why am I so scared of this ugly guy?
In the first place, here is The Hand-san, a man with a scary face, but I don’t feel the slightest bit scared of him.
Furthermore, although I find it so scary, The Hand-san is only showing anger towards him and doesn’t seem to feel fear at all.
And then… I thought that maybe he has a skill or a title that is something like 『Female Fear Amplification』.

There are also other cases where such a thing explains a lot. In the tournament he molested a female adventurer that fought against him.
However, they were the same rank. In other words, it cannot be resisted.

I wonder if that is the case. In that case, I could just turn back into a man now.

I activated 『Sex Change』.
Now then, how is it? The fear that consumed me is gone. Bingo.

That guy seemed to have the intention to do something more. He grabbed my hand and started pulling.

「ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ… Get away from Alim!」
「No, No, I love you too….gofu~」

Haha~, how’s that? I gave the ugly man a kick to the side with all my strength.
He shouts out something.

「Ogo… ouch… Alim-chan? I wonder if it’s alright for you to do something like that. I’m a pretty influential person. I could get a tile print company to say 『Alim・Nariwei is a violent person』…」

Hearing that The Hand-san said in response.

「ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ, you’ve been going on about tile print companies since the beginning, but what tile print company would deal with the likes of you in the first place?」

The ugly man doesn’t learn and replies back with ugly words.

「Shut up small fry baldy. I’ll just threaten Nannamon tile print company.」

This guy, why hasn’t he been arrested? Since before he has caused too many problems. No matter how much crime he did. Doing such crimes right in the middle of the castle, does he think he wouldn’t get caught?
He’s done well to live like this until now.
That guy goes on to add.

「… oh, yea~. I recall, there was a woman member of your party. Would you introduce me to that girl…? 」
「…!? Stop bull-ⓢⓗⓘⓣⓣⓘⓝⓖ me, don’t even go there, it’s just not right~!!」
「…Nn? Wasn’t she a former slave? I’ll buy her.」

Along with his angry expression, a look of astonishment began to form on The Hand-san’s face.
Ahhah, so he has finally revealed the source of his crimes.

「… Why are you doing such things…! We are a slavery abolishment group, and to think there was a slave trader we were not aware of… *******…」
「About that… che… (alright, I quit)」
「Aa? What was that? Just now, what was that!?」
「Nothing, was just speaking to myself. Anyway, I am going to leave.」

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A-re? I wonder what happened. Why was he suddenly saying that he will leave?
Nevertheless, the royals are pretty sharp.

[Bead of Confession]… it’s a stone that causes an opponent who is emotional to say and act against his advantage.
The bead and an eavesdropping device where attached to a vase placed in this room…
Was this the plan from the onset? That is to use me to entrap and catch Faust.
Then, now, he began to realize that he let himself get carried away and talked too much…
That serves you right.

While thinking about that and gloating in my mind, the door suddenly opened.
There were two men there.

「Finally, a confession from Faust!」

Was said so by a knight who looked to be in his forties.

「No way, I’m surprised… that there was a slave merchant that we missed.」

Was said by the other man, he was a handsome man with a golden cup in one hand.

The ugly guy seems to be in a clear state of confusion.

「W… what are the head of the knights and the SS-ranker Bacchus doing here?」
「About that, Faust, it is to catch you.」

After saying that, the head of the knights took out restraints and approached Faust.
But, he was laughing.

「Bufofofo… I can’t get caught here. See ya suckers! 」

As soon as he said that, the ugly man disappeared like smoke.

The guy who had left in smoke talked to a strange person in a cave.

「Hyaa… that was dangerous.」(Faust)

「It was dangerous, well, was that it? Don’t tell me you then started talking about us…」(strange person)

「It’s all good, it turned out alright.」(Faust)

「Turned out alright? Ha? In what way? You, don’t take such risks in the first place」 (strange person)

「S… shut up, that Alim was better than a princes, ya know?」(Faust)

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「You, you’re bad because you don’t care about the details and act upon your feeling without thinking.」(Strange Person)

「hehehe… but, If you give me more, more power, I can give you a breakthrough. It’s only two young girls. It’s thanks to you guys that I was able to become an S-ranker. Bufo」 (Faust)
「Haa… and you’re called a human… Well, there is still a chance. You’re satisfactory, you are useful. Incidentally, have you prepared? 」 (strange person)

「Ah, of course. You just need to remain transparent and stay in the castle, right? 」 (Strange person)

「Do you understand. If I use this power on something like that, it would be trivial. And also… if I can bring them here, then may I be allowed to do as I like? 」(Faust)

「The princess is fine, but not with Alim. Because Alim will be the key in order to achieve our goal 」 (Strange person)

「Sure. But I can’t go out. I never thought my past as a slave trader would have been exposed by wanting to rub that brat’s breasts.」 (Faust)

「Well, that’s true, but soon it won’t be relevant anymore. We are moving forward with our plan.」 (strange person)

「Oh yea, that’s right. I won’t need to be concerned about the knight leader or that alcohol reeking *******. I will have the strength.」 (Faust)

「That’s correct. It’s selling our souls to the demons. As expected of this (scummy) guy.」 (strange person)

「Fu-n, I’ll be in your care, Mephisto Fares-san…」(Faust)

「Fuhihihihihihihihihi」(strange person, Mephisto Fares)


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