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Chapter 77 – After the Banquet

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

Right now, the Knight Commander-san, Bacchus-san, and Karua-chan are all apologizing to me.
Bacchus-san was apologizing that even though he is an SS-ranker, he was unable to prevent the thunderbird attack. Karua-chan was apologizing for assuming that I was angry even though she had been saved twice. And the Knight Commander was apologizing for both being unable to prevent the thunderbird attack and thinking I was angry.

I am saying that it is all good. You don’t have to keep apologizing.

Moreover, the King told me to stay in the medical room, even though I was completely fine because of drinking a great potion.

In addition, I handed over a Great Potion for Olgo-san and The Hand-san, Olgo-san meekly accepted the potion, but The Hand-san would not take it.
Is it because it is so expensive? In that case I will give a demonstration in front of everyone’s eyes.

As I suspected, Ruin-san and company hadn’t heard about how fast I could make a Great Potion and they were astonished. The King and Minster-san asked if I would work in the castle every day.
I did not want to do that, so I declined. Instead, I made a promise to deliver Great Potions the next time I came to play.

I can make 500 Great Potions from one medicinal herb, it might be needless help, but I made a Master Potion and hand it over.
Now, Great Potions take less than a minute to make by hand. Moreover, when I use my machine and tools it only takes a few seconds.
In that case a Master Potion is better. It can be done in one minute with the machine, consider it a service.

I need to make a bow for Gilmars-san, have a business talk with Grape-san, and talk to several tile print company reporters for their weekly issue.
I am surprisingly busy.

In the evening, The Hand-san and Bacchus-san left.
The Hand-san has someone waiting for him, and Bacchus-san needs to do his guarding job.

Bacchus-san said to the King that he didn’t need a commission. It seems as though he felt like he failed.
Eventually Bacchus-san gave up and received a reward. The King can be surprisingly pushy.

The King said that he would give The Hand-san a reward. He said it was a reward for helping protect his relatives, and proceeded to quite aggressively push it to be received.
As a result, it seems that I and The Hand-san will be commended in public later.
I’ll stand out again. It is all good, it doesn’t bother me.

The two have left but I can’t leave.
The King told me to stay here for a day to make sure everything is alright. It was hard to refuse.

Given all that, I have decided to play together with Karua-chan in the medical room.
She was quite excited when she saw Othello and Jenga for the first time…
I told Karua-chan that I was in the process of commercializing these with the Medial Merchant Group, and she said, 『Your almost the same age as me, but it is amazing how Alim-chan is already doing business. How admirable.』

I was allowed to eat dinner and take a bath in a very large bathing tub.
But, it makes sense that Karua-chan would follow me into the bath, but Lilo-san and Myuri-san are here as well for some reason.
Lilo-san’s chest was quiet impressive… I wonder if I will grow to that grand of a scale.
As for Myuri-san… it wasn’t like she had nothing, but there really wasn’t much?

I don’t feel any concern entering the bath together with three girls, though I was a man… no, no recently it feels like I am starting to forget.
…well, I guess that’s ok? It seems like I have even started to refer to myself as a female in my mind.

At first, I was supposed to sleep in the bed in the medical office, but Karua-chan argued that I should sleep together in her bed, and the King was unable to go against her.
The King said she was being selfish, but he looked delighted. Apparently, this was the first time she asked for something selfishly.

I’m honestly nervous. But, when I see Karua-chan’s delighted face I am unable to refuse, even though I didn’t plan to refuse in the first place.

As expected of a princess’s room, Karua-chan’s room was quite spacious.
The bed was extravagant. Four people could sleep on it at a time.

I and Karua-chan went to sleep while chatting together on the bed… Have a good night…


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