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Chapter 76 – Thunderbird

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

Thunderbird… Why is it in this place?
Everyone in this place was stunned.

As expected of an SS-ranker and the Knight Commander, they immediately tried to counter attack… but.

Thunderbirds don’t have any delay between attacks, and they constantly send out electrical discharges.
The electrical discharge is different from magic. Thunderbirds emit lightning from their bodies.
I won’t be able to take out my sword from my pouch.

The Knight Commander moved to protect the King and Bacchus-san moved to protect Tuhl-san. They showed skillful evasion.
The Hand-san managed to keep the discharge away from Myuri-san and Lilo-san, but he seems to have eaten a discharge at his feet.
Olgo-san, Ruin-san and unexpectedly the minister-san, where avoiding on their own, but Olgo-san got hit on his right arm.
I’ll give a potion to Olgo-san and The Hand-san later.

Incidentally, it feels like there are more discharges near me and Karua-chan.

I push Karua-chan out of the way of the discharges forcefully.
Four of the discharges hit me that I was unable to avoid.

One on my left arm and one on my right flank.

And the other two hit my face.


I can feel my face being burned. It hurts. Painful
My lips get burned together and my voice won’t come out. My left eye seems to have been baked. I can no longer hear anything.

Fortunately, I can still use my right eye, right hand, and both feet.

It was enough. One hand, one eye, and both feet are more than enough to cut up the ⓢⓗⓘⓣ bird that attacked my friend.

「A….. ri…. …of…. ….ace is….」

Karua-chan is saying something while crying. But, right now I can’t hear anything.
The people around me that see my face are covering their mouth or looking away or look like they will cry.
Is it really that bad?

The Knight Commander and Bacchus-san stood up and headed toward the thunderbird with faces filled with anger.

… I’ll have you know. That’s my prey.

Fortunately, I am able to put on my glove. So, now I can move four times as fast.

In an instant, I am close up to the Thunderbird in midair.
I then take out my magic sword, pour 8000 MP into it, and strengthen the sword by 20 times and attack with 『Extreme Sword Technique・Fifth Destruction』. All this in was in an instant.
And then, it fainted.

I grab the giant beak of the Thunderbird before it falls and force it through the gaping hole in the wall.
And then, from inside the banquet hall, I unleash 『Extreme Sword Technique・First Grade』twice. And as a finishing blow I invoke『Extreme Sword Technique・Fifth Destruction』.
Inside the castle, there were no marks left by my attack. This sword is really useful.
It fell down undamaged.

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I was worried about Karua-chan, and when I looked in her direction, white smoke was approaching Karua-chan…
The smoke changed form and became the hand of that ugly guy. It was easy to identify as it had an ornament with bad taste.
Now I see, that guy planned to abduct Karua-chan while we fought the thunderbird.
So that was your plan, huh?

I threw my sword towards the hand that was approaching, making sure not to hit Karua-chan. Karua-chan is surprised. Sorry.

But unfortunately, it seems like it was not fully materialized, and the smoke was only scattered, but Faust’s hand could not attack.
I can no longer move because of the pain. Just now, I have overworked my body.
I was unable to catch the ugly man. He might come for Karua-chan again.

But, but it really hurts so bad I cannot move.
It was mostly around my face… Haha, probably right now, it would be a joke to call myself a beautiful girl…
I want to heal it with a great potion but I cannot open my mouth.

While I was thinking such things, everyone who was there, including the guards, rushed to me.

Then the Knight Commander-san used a knife to pry upon my mouth and poured in a great potion. It is probably one that I had given to Ruin-san before.

I have confirmed it, my body is healed.
I have also confirmed that everything has turned back.

…Karua-chan was hugging me while crying.
The tears where spontaneously coming from my eyes as well. Naturally, it was from both eyes.
And several people were saying 『Thank goodness, Thank goodness』.

They took me to the doctor’s office on a stretcher. That wasn’t particularly necessary as I had drunken a great potion.
Was my state really that bad?
I asked Ruin-san who had come together with me to the doctor’s office what sort of face I had but he said, 『Better if you don’t know』.

Well, with what feeling I had, I suspected that it had burned down to exposing bone, so that’s quiet appropriate.

Likewise, Karua-chan was crying quite hard saying 『I’m sorry, I’m sorry』.
When I asked her why she was apologizing so much, she replied.

「Alim-chan was… uuu… In order to protect me…to become like tha… uaaaa… I’m sorry… I’m sowwy… sowie! …I am…」

I see, to be protected, and then feel one’s own lack of strength and apologize.
I am happy to receive your feelings, but I am not angry, you know?

「ee… I am completely not angry, you know? Rather, I am wondering, Karua-chan, are you safe and uninjured? 」
「eee… is that… so? I thought for sure that you were so angry that you threw your sword at me…」
「Oh right, Alim, about that, I‘d like to hear the reason. It is normally unthinkable to throw a sword at a princess without a sufficient reason. Today you spent time together…why did you throw your sword at her? 」

The Knight Commander-san, asked to understand the reason.
The King also seems to want to hear about it. No way, did no one else notice?

「ee…? Did no one else notice? That guy…」
「What? The thunderbird? 」
「No, that’s wrong. After defeating the thunderbird, I turned to Karua-chan, and I saw an unnatural smoke floating towards her with a hand reaching out.」
「What did you say!?」
「Yes, I was certain that she was going to be kidnapped.」
「I see… to kidnap the princess during the confusion… what a ridiculous guy. All soldiers should be put on high alert.」
「n? Smoke you say? … It couldn’t be」

Bacchus-san seems to have noticed it.
Because of the emphasis on the word smoke, the Knight Commander seems to have figured out who it may be.

「Smoke… don’t tell me it was Faust?」
「… certainly, that hand belonged to Faust. It had the same bad taste ornament that he was wearing.」 (Alim)
「… that so… then Faust… the thunderbird too is probably…」

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Right, the King murmured that to himself while looking down.
Then, in that moment, a huge amount of magic power came out of him.
In this world, when a human seriously snaps, magic power overflows form their body.
Amazing… this person is considerably strong…

Then, with a face like a demon, he ordered the Knight Commander and the surrounding soldiers.

「Now, immediately! Increase the search for that man and issue more search warrants. Add 10 million bells reward! Contact the other countries, and ask them to report any information found! He is accused of the crime of attacking my family with the thunderbird, the crime of interrupting the the banquet, the crime of destroying the castle… and the crime of making my daughters friend look like that for a moment, that serious injury! That guy… when he is caught… I will make sure that he never, ever sees the light of day again」


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