Demon Sword Maiden Illustration

Hey all, I am proud to announce that the commission I ordered two months ago has finally finished, you can find it in the Fan Art section below. It includes the sketches, shading, and the full-colored drawing. And since I’m gonna be publishing the fan art here, I might as well post some Official Art while I’m at it.

Official Art:

Fan Art:

What do you think of the Commission? Pretty Good no? Now here’s the juicy part, there’s a NSFW version in Patreon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

22 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Illustration”

      1. The fan art is nice and is definitely not low quality, but i always thirst for official art of novels, especially when there is no manga for it 🙃

        1. Still though, it’s too bad there’s no official art of Nanako… if I have to commission for her the next time, it’ll be in the realm of original character…

        2. Haha yeah, since we hardly have anything to go off of except character descriptions here and there. Do we even know an accurate height for nanako?

        3. Actually, there are some info on Baike.




          Breast Waist Hips (BWH):73:53:75

          Appearance: Dark Red Twintails, yellow hunter garb, short skirt

        4. Isn’t that pretty tall for a female? That’s almost as tall as i am (5’9″ which is about 179 cm i guess)

          Honestly, i absolutely adore short girls but i don’t mind a girl being near my height

  1. Thank you for nice research material 😉 , and good work!

    While it sure is sexy, their idea of what kimono is is hilarious. Darn, she’d be barely able to move in the real one. Famous small steps of Japanese women are because of this. Up to 7 layers of silk is no joke (well that’s more for Sakiko). Sakiko in the miko garb?

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