Important Announcement:
New Year Update & Future Plans

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 85

Important announcement first: Starting from this chapter going forward there will be a minor adjustment to the Samurai ranking system, going from “Low-Class, Middle-Class, High-Class” to “Low-Tier, Mid-Tier, and High-Tier”. The previous chapters will be edited to reflect this…eventually.

Personal announcements next: Last week I joked about writing an original gender bender novel for ReLibrary, apparently I got stuck with that idea because I just wrote a bunch of lore for it. (It’s an occupational hazard for RPG GM’s) What do you think of a novel about a gamer transported into a space MMO that’s a cross between Elite Dangerous and EVE Online? Using his assets he could quite easily live a comfortable life. There’s just one catch.
His avatar’s little sister is a little bit too trigger happy.

Shameless advertising continuation: The kickstarter for Invaders of the Rokujouma print edition went live yesterday and was funded in 6 hours! I absolutely love this franchise, it’s a great light novel that really shows the best of what the harem genre can be. Though you don’t have to back the kickstarter, I highly suggest any potential readers go check out the first volume (or the anime). Volume 7.5 and 8.5 (chronologically back to back as Volume 8 is set after that side story) are where things get good.

Like yesterday: since my plan to lure people into my siscon cult the ReLibrary Discord only partially succeeded it seems it’s time for a change of tactics. I’ve once again fragmented the Steam Key into parts, and randomised their order. First person to put the key together wins.

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