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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 84

You know the hardest thing to track with this chapters is the Chapter number relative to the arc. Like yeah this is Chapter 84, but it’s only Chapter 14 of Arc 3. And there’s no easy way to keep track of that except have more tabs open. How did Silva do this? Is he magic?

This is shameless advertising, if Silva kills me then I shall die a martyr for my cause! The Light Novels for Altina The Sword Princess are being officially translated now, and I really love this series. If it sells well enough they might do a print release and I would really love to have those, so I’m going to use this chance to post the links:

Altina: the Sword Princess Volume 1 pre-orders are up at

Also since my plan to lure people into my siscon cult the ReLibrary Discord only partially succeeded it seems it’s time for a change of tactics. In the next chapter I’ve fragmented the Steam Key into parts, and randomised their order. First person to put the key together wins.

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Vol. 1 (Arc 3): Chapter 14 «

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