Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 51

An editor? Yup… I might want to recruit one. In case my brain stopped working and unable to come up with the right words for the right time, I might need an editor to help me rewrite the sentence or just brainstorm together with me. I feel like I am starting to hit the limit of my vocabulary and the future translations might become monotonous due to lack of new words. I think I will need an editor with a high level of vocab.

Well, if anyone’s interested in taking up the position of Demon Sword Maiden exclusive editor, fill up the form below. Do note that as an editor, I’ll also require you to manage the Wiki page on top of editing the chapters. Your reward will be early access to chapters I’ve translated without subscribing to Patreon 😛

Make sure to enter your contact email when filling in the form, because I will be sending you a test to assess your ability. Good luck to all.

Click the link below to start reading:

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