Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 52

It has come to my attention that people are rating this novel with 1 to 3 stars not because of the plot but because they can’t stand the protagonist’s personality. There were quite a few comments bashing at how Lily should man it up and stop wussing out whenever she was about to take a bath or a piss. Where would be the fun in that if she accepted everything readily and looked at her “new” body with no guilty conscience? This is what gender bender is all about.

And I have a firm belief that hate comes from love. There are only three main reasons why you would hate someone or something;

  1. You love them but your love is not rewarded.
  2. They remind you of something unpleasant (mainly due to something you did in the past that you want to forget or your own personality).
  3. They threaten your self-esteem.
If you can’t stand the novel or manga you’re reading, I suggest you to stop reading and come back again after you sort out your feelings. Depending on your feeling at the time you’re reading a certain novel, you can feel different emotions. Let’s take a romance novel for instance, how would you feel when you are reading a romance novel while you are in love and while you just broke up?

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  1. I mean if they don’t like the novel because they don’t like how the main character is reacting then they should be able to review it how they like, because not liking the main character’s personality is a pretty big fault in a story. There’s meaning in low reviews too. It gives people a critical understanding of the series, the potential good and bad, before they decide to invest their time in reading it. So they should be able to review it how they like with the knowledge that truly toll-y reviews will just be ignored by the discerning reader

  2. Wow, how pretentious. It’s the sort of philosophy that sounds really deep until you realize you can name a thousand things you hate that have nothing to do with those 3 reasons.
    Like this website:
    It’s not a case of love being unrewarded: I never loved the website, just the stories that I happened to find here through Novel Updates. I don’t think I’ll miss it, either…
    It’s not reminding me of something unpleasant I did, unless you count trying to scroll at 5 frames a second.
    It’s certainly not threatening my self-esteem. I can’t even imagine a correlation between the two. And I really tried.
    No, I mostly hate this website because it became incredibly slow for me as of late. Like, slowing-down-my-entire-computer slow. I didn’t even know a single website could do that, but here we are.
    Here’s a bitter pill of your own to swallow: sometimes, when people don’t like the things you like, it’s not because they’re exposing some inner weakness that you’ve sagely overcome. Sometimes it just doesn’t suit their tastes. Sometimes it’s just bad, and it’s bad in ways that don’t bother you but others can’t overlook. Oftentimes, hate is just instinctual, without any real solution.
    Does that excuse it? Not really. Does that mean every negative review should be taken seriously? Hell no. But try to remember that we’re the same human beings, with those same flaws, and you probably have a number of hatreds that others see as unjustified. There are just too many people in the world, with too many viewpoints, to explain away all their hatred with three simple reasons. Once in a while you may find someone who actually has a point you agree with.

    1. Thanks for sharing your view. That is a very educative read. Though I did say those are the three main reasons, I’m not saying that they are the root of every hatred. And regardless of which, I still stand firm on my own belief that if you don’t know the feeling of love, you can’t feel hate either.

      Similarly to light and darkness, love and hate are like two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other.

      Oh and thanks for letting me know that you are experiencing some issues with the website, I did notice how the website has been a bit unstable lately and I’ve been trying to find a solution to that issue. I guess that’s my cue to not delay this much longer…

  3. Only problem is how the author keeps bringing up how ‘beautiful’ and alluring lily’s looks are. It comes off as narcissistic. Tbh i could get it if the MC was the one commenting on the appearance since hes in the body of the girl he loves, but when its written in third person and done constantly it gives the novel a weird vibe. It doesn’t completely turn me away from this story, but it is a con.

    The MC is a wuss, but he’s learning to be more assertive as well as headstrong. He feels like a generic spineless Japanese MC, but his personality and resoluteness is progressing faster than they would. At least this is a Chinese author who doesn’t make the MC a douche or do things that normal people wouldn’t be able to do. If he just started slaughtering everyone then it’d be worse than how he was originally portrayed. To be real, anyone would freeze up when confronted with a demon or a killer, even if just a bit.

    1. Yeah, I definitely do agree with you on your first point. I don’t know why, but of all the main novels I’ve picked up to date, namely; World of Immortals and Demon Sword Maiden, the author tend to emphasize on the beauty of every female character they come across to an exaggerated degree. Hell, there was even one whole chapter in World of Immortals dedicated to describe how oh so beautiful was this girl.

      It kind of gave me the wrong impression that all the Chinese authors have a deep longing for females…

      1. Thank China’s “one child” policy for that. There are millions of Chinese men without prospects as a direct result.

  4. Ok the ones complaining need to watch more anime or have more variety in there anime/light/Web novel selections, god the stuff I have seen/ read. I don’t know how they’d handle it, eventually u get that this stuff is popular in the culture of the respective media’s source. Korean, Chinese, Japanese cultures have very different views on whats funny even if it’s the same situation like isekai gender bender.

  5. I personally agree with your “philosophy of hate”: people are aggressive when they feel themself treatened in body or in mind…by the way i find this novel very intresting and really appreciate your work in translating it, just hope the autor don’t “trip” in the ending (like in release that witch…my God what disappointment….)

  6. I have not rated this novel but I hate the MC. The whole personality of him/ her is ridiculous. One of the newer chapters of him being so benevolent to allow noboru to die for him without him knowing the truth for his sake was crazy. That level of delusion threw me for a loop.

    And he is a wuss. His personality so far have no desirable traits. What traits this protagonist have that are desirable? He always had a crush on the female “lead” but he never said anything to her. Died being protected by her and now in her body. He now working to be a samurai but his power come from plot armor. An ancient cultivation manual he get just from being there. His movements and talents are from her. It’s not like he absolutely talented or have an abnormal willpower. He’s not highly intelligent or good at reading the big picture. He never went through the extremes of training like other novelists mc. He gave the amount of effort someone who goes to the gym does. He’s not even highly cautious or self aware. He decided to show case his power being only 8 away from being a samurai(he got 72 and a low tier samurai requires 80) then went 3 days later on the same test with the same people and went in the hundreds. If any half decent antagonists were present, they would realize he have a secret on him and he would of been tortured and killed for it. That doesn’t even account for the fact that he’s a woman and hands doesn’t even look like he did any training but magically as physically fit of a guy who built like a barbarian. He’s an average guy in almost every way and he’s a wuss. Almost everything that give him some type of power is not worked for but given by plot.

    I would give this story a 3.5 maybe a 4 if i did rate it just so it would get some attention. I hate the mc but the overall world is very interesting. A lot of jpn novels dont talk about this side of their myths much. The hundred demon parade. The believe that every item have a soul. This an era and myth that i think is under appreciated and not given a lot of spotlight. A few have like shaman king and the other who the mc was 1/4 demon(nurihayon or something) .

    But this story is unique in the sense that it’s talking about Japanese mythology from a chinese writer. Using the reincarnation isekai troupe with the chinese cultivation system. Talking about Japanese myths and demons while switching sexes. It has an interesting world, a budding power system that in its infancy. Unique roles like samurai monks, okiyomis. This doesn’t even include spirits and something called soul eater which is unique to monster but the mc somehow has.

    With all that said, you being bias. There are many valid reasons to hate the mc but continue to read the story. The world itself is interesting if the author can take the time to talk about it. Why are we in the middle of lily real first life and death moment and the author focusing on her big boobs and fair while skin. Every other chpter talks about how much of an absolute goddess she is, i don’t need a reminder in key moments, how beautiful her face is and how fair her skin is.

    She just got chased by a man who is 2 whole ranks higher than her, faster than her and still have his spirit power. She falls in a valley now surrounded by hundreds of imps and she had low to no spirit power. She lost her parasol(grant’s invisibility) and now surrounded and can’t escape while having no idea if the man who been chasing after her is still coming. As the story is building up to this climax, right before the imps all charge in, the author now picks the time to talk about how her hair falls right on her perfect boobs. How fair and beautiful skin is. And start going in detail about her erotic outfit looks on her because it’s cut up showing ample amount of her thighs. This sound like the beginning of a porno instead of the climax fight of an arc.

    Im not saying a story will be perfect or **** on it because it’s not your preference but there are a lot of reasons that i can give that can arguably justify a 3 star rating without preferences and lower if it’s against certain preferences. I would give it the 3.5 – 4 because of my preference for the world when it arguable that it lower base on story telling, transitions. Character development as a whole. How some things seem like they thrown in there and added on the fly. Like there’s no planning and foreshadows are at a absolute minimum.

    This like the media you watch that’s not amazing but help pass the time away. Something you prefer but not necessarily amazing. I wouldn’t recommend this to my friends unless they wanted something to pass some time away. The main character is honestly bad in my opinion. So far a static character more than dynamic and their current personality is bad. I see why people dislike him. Maybe shouldn’t go so far as to give a 1 star but could definitely be a main reason to stop reading this/ lower the rating.

    1. I guess I was too narrow-minded to see why people would rate this novel with 3-stars and below

      Cause to me… though the MC does has his own fault, he has a likable personality and you can easily relate to him.

  7. well, that’s internet for you ~
    they can’t go quietly without bi*ching about something they don’t like until there’s some people who agreeing with them…

    didn’t like the novel = “lets trashing first on comments section until i’m satisfied”
    its good if the critics is on point, like the story is too fast pacing, got plot-hole, etc,
    but to trashing because they hate it based on their “taste” alone,
    its like someone on restaurant call food he didn’t like disgusting, garbage when other people like it and eating delightfully..

    don’t like it? move along, it is hard to do that?

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