Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 52

It has come to my attention that people are rating this novel with 1 to 3 stars not because of the plot but because they can’t stand the protagonist’s personality. There were quite a few comments bashing at how Lily should man it up and stop wussing out whenever she was about to take a bath or a piss. Where would be the fun in that if she accepted everything readily and looked at her “new” body with no guilty conscience? This is what gender bender is all about.

And I have a firm belief that hate comes from love. There are only three main reasons why you would hate someone or something;

  1. You love them but your love is not rewarded.
  2. They remind you of something unpleasant (mainly due to something you did in the past that you want to forget or your own personality).
  3. They threaten your self-esteem.
If you can’t stand the novel or manga you’re reading, I suggest you to stop reading and come back again after you sort out your feelings. Depending on your feeling at the time you’re reading a certain novel, you can feel different emotions. Let’s take a romance novel for instance, how would you feel when you are reading a romance novel while you are in love and while you just broke up?

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