Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 49

It’s a weird feeling. As a translator, I love short chapters because I can finish translating faster and go on to indulge myself in the pool of sloth. But as a reader, I like long chapters because you can never have enough of a good read.

Most translators can probably relate to this feeling, but what about the pure readers. Can they truly feel the pain and struggle a translator goes through without experiencing it themselves? My answer to this question is probably not. If you are only looking at the side, the things that others do may look easy to you, but it is not as easy as you initially thought when you are actually doing it yourselves.

I’m not pointing finger at anyone in particular, I’m only saying this because I’ve personally gone through this experience.

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7 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 49”

  1. i never translated novel, but somehow i understand the hardship…
    translating and there’s difficult words that has different meanings when got translated, sometimes Author put many difficult words, and after that the grammars… checking every words, lines so all of that if got writed correctly or not…
    and many more…

    thats why i never try complain about “short chapter” or “long chapter”… as long there’s update new update, doesn’t matter if fast release or slow release, i really appreciate it.

    so far i’m complaining to translators is usually about the chapters that has many grammar mistakes, they usually want fast release so the quality is drop significantly. i prefer slow update but readable than fast update but not readable.

  2. It’s always a bit disappointing when it’s a short one but in the end, things evens out. Also, I suspect that some short ones can be more challenging to translate than other longer ones.

  3. I know how hard it is to translate (I also tried to translate once, I didn’t get very far) but because of that I and everyone else that understands a tranlator’s hardships complains about short chapters with our inside voices haha 🙂

  4. Honestly, I can see why pure readers (such as myself) can’t experience the true hardships of translating these stories. I have some experience of trying to learn a new language starting with the alphabet then to different terms and such. Not to mention how Japanese has different styles with can be very challenging. I cannot relate to the feeling of translating but I can acknowledge your effort and say, “Thanks for Translating.”

    1. For me, it was work related.

      When I see an experienced contractor spreading the cement evenly on the tiles, they made it look so easy. I thought it was as simple as spreading jam on the sandwich, but when I was actually doing it. I realized for the first time how clumsy my hands was…

      1. That’s me when I’m trying to learn from digital artists on youtube T_T

        As for translation… Yea It can be a headache. Especially when you don’t know a lot of the references and slang being used.

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