Chapter 49 – Mountain Imp Colony

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1431 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1054 words

A young girl was forcing her way through under the boundless night sky. In her hands was the heirloom of the Daidouji Clan.

Even if she gave the treasure back to them after getting caught, there was still no way she would be left alive. If she could escape, Lily would treat this family heirloom as her own treasure without the slightest hesitation.

Behind her was a mountain road covered by dead leaves and the trees’ shadow. There was also Daidouji Akira, who chased after her like a mad bull.

Noboru was overwhelmed by the four Martial Monks and one onmyoji. Although he did everything he could to stop them, he was still gravely wounded after all. His power depleted quickly just from dealing with the five of them. He was all but powerless to stop Akira.

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The enmity between Noboru and Akira lasted for one whole generation, but from Akira’s view of point, Noboru was already on his last straw. And Lily, on the other hand, looked like a helpless little girl before him. But she actually went and cut off the arm of his dearest son! With only one arm, his son would be handicapped for life! Not only that, she still dared to take his family heirloom and made a run for it! It was only natural that his hatred towards Lily was now at the peak!

That Akira was a High-tier Martial Monk. Although speed was not his specialty, he was still a little faster than Lily if he ran like crazy.

Lily jumped off the road and charged into the forest. She was hoping to restrict Akira’s huge body by using the shrubs as obstacles. However, Akira was like a mad bull and simply charged into the shrubs, sending the branches and leaves flying all over the place. His speed was not affected at all!

And because Lily needed to avoid those shrubs and potholes, her speed did not increase in the slightest.

The distance between the two was shrinking at a visible pace!

One Akira caught up, that would be the end of her. Lily could feel from their exchange just now, Akira was a lot stronger than her. Moreover, he had masterful techniques and ruthless moves. She had no way to deal with him!

“Damn! This guy is so persistent!” Lily constantly changed directions with the darkness as her ally. She kept threading her way through deserted regions with uneven paths. Her kimono was torn in many places and revealed her spotlessly white skin. She had slight difficulty to breathe due to that attack just now, but now even more so.

Lily kept predicting the possible outcome as she continued to run. If this kept up, she would be caught sooner or later. Even though Daidouji Akira was far more powerful than her, even he wouldn’t remain unscathed if she was able to cut him! If there was really no way out, then she would have to bet everything on an all-out attack!

The night was dark, and Lily who only focused on escaping suddenly stepped on empty ground. Her body felt weightless and in the next second, she went sliding down!

Lily wanted to grab onto something in the midst of falling, but there were only shrubs and weeds in her surroundings. Moreover, it was extremely steep and slippery under her foot. Soon after, she fell into a deep valley.

Seeing that Lily had lost her footing and fell into the valley, Akira slowed down to take a look from above. The red-clothed Lily looked like a small flower in the deep valley. The valley was estimated to be at least a hundred meter deep.

He was unable to determine whether she was alive or dead. However, as ruthless as Akira was, he didn’t care about such trifling matter, he would go down the valley and finish this woman off with his own hands. But he suddenly discovered a countless number of eyes spying upon that woman from behind the trees and shrubs!

Akira felt a chill run down his spine. He soon renounced the idea of going down to teach her a lesson and left with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

As for Lily, she was lying on the valley floor and gradually recovered from the dizziness. She protected her body with Spirit Power during the fall. Even though her clothes were torn to the point that barely covered anything, there were only indistinct red marks on her skin. It looked like she had only been whipped lightly and didn’t sustain any injury. However, her remaining Spirit Power was not looking so good.

She grasped the katana and used it to push her body up from the ground slowly. Her back felt drafty, so she reached out to her back and found that a large area of her clothes was torn. Her back was completely exposed and the Sakura Parasol was nowhere to be seen!1

‘This is bad! The parasol must have fallen somewhere when I rolled down from the slope!’

Lily touched her lower stomach and found that although the mirror was slightly displaced, it was still there. She adjusted the position of the mirror and turned around to look at the top of the slope. This slope was at least a hundred meter tall, but Akira was no longer there. It was unknown whether he thought that Lily had fallen to her death and left, that or he was looking for a detour.

Regardless of which, she must find that Sakura Parasol at all cost. Not only was that an extremely important item, but Sakura was also her partner and friend!

However, just as she started to wonder how to climb up the slope, she felt a chill creep up her spine. It felt just like the watchful eyes of many creatures who wanted to eat her up.

Lily turned on the spot and what she saw left her frozen stiff.

There was a countless number of shining eyes staring straight at her in the darkness behind.

High upon the pitch-black tree branches, there were monsters. Rows and rows of monsters. All bearing a striking resemblance to apes and monkeys.

Mountain Imps! A colony of Mountain Imps! Looking from afar, they looked just like black crows crowding together in the woods. There were at least several hundreds of them all together!


  1. Oh ⓢⓗⓘⓣ, worst case scenario would be that Akira found the parasol.

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      1. I skip ahead a few chapters to see if it’s consistent but it turns out to be a typo. False alarm I guess.

  1. I am trying to learn Chinese to the point where I speak it and can read it pretty fluently. Reading to the point of understanding stuff like the raws of this, for example. I am a native English speaker. Do you have any tips or recommendations for learning Chinese?

    1. Chinese is all about memorization since every character has their own meaning, different strokes, and different intonation.

      All I can say is that, every Chinese character is unique. Since I am a native Chinese speaker, I am naturally able to speak the language, but that doesn’t imply I can read it fluently.

      At this point, I am still mostly relying on the pinyin and audio to help me understand most Chinese text.

      1. Im also a native chinese speaker. I can read and write fluently but the thing is, this author uses proper or how i would call it “shakespearean” chinese. I can still read it and understand it word by word but when the characters are put together to form a sentence, that became a whole different story.

    2. In my opinion, I believe writing it repeatedly would be the fastest way to learn Chinese. And other than that, sing along a Chinese song I suppose?

      Even after looking at Chinese characters during my 3 years of translating, I still can’t remember most characters I’ve seen before. And most importantly, even though I can read more characters now, I still can’t write them.

      So yeah, writing the characters is definitely important, it helps you memorize the characters too.

  2. This novel is better than expected and quality of the translation at least on the English side is good and pleasant to read. Thank you for picking this one up and I hope you will be able to continue until the end. I’m really fond of the power fantasy genre and this one fits the bill completely on top of being gender bender yuri. I’ll be joining your patreon as of today, you deserve it.

  3. Anyone have the feelin that the demon half of this maiden is about to assert itself big time. and thank u for chapter.

    1. Oh why yes I do, I can image a few possible scenarios;

      1) A sudden awakening of the sword rune ability she manifested previously.
      2) A hero(ine) suddenly appears and saved her, and whaddayaknow, it was that sword maiden who slayed the giant green demon at Kamakura City. And after a series of event, she found out that Lily actually has the same ability as her so she taught Lily all about the demon sword techniques.
      3) Sakiko actually sent some people to spy on her and in case she’s in a perilous situation, they will move out to save her.

      I actually hope it is case number 2 since that seems to be the most interesting choice.

      1. Or 4) she possibly has some demon lineage in her, which was why the king yokai leading the parade left her alive. She could even be related to him hence why she can manifest that life sucking rune thing on her sword. (Honestly picturing something like what happened to yusuke in yu yu hakasho when he dies and comes back as a demon/yokai. This would be cool if true. )

      2. Impressive. One of those is right but another is also correct, though it’ll be a good number of chapters later.

    1. More or less yeah, this whole novel is basically the author fantasizing and expressing his fetish. The amount of sensual/erotic descriptions of Lily’s body and how he basically worships his chastity and his pure body almost religiously out of excuse for his fanatical love for senpai is honestly just creepy to the extreme.

    1. Yeah, time is indeed the biggest hurdle for any translators. For now, my schedule after work is pretty lax since I don’t have a girlfriend or children yet, but once I do, I can’t even imagine how I’m going to manage my time.

        1. Short answer; yes, Chinese is my mother tongue, so I was able to translate even though I can’t really read Chinese.

          Long answer; look forward to the announcement post on 29th May. 😉

  4. Looks like our protagonist is going to have an ‘awakening’ or something like that. Anyway thank you for the update ~

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