Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 39

I actually wanted to translate three chapters this week so I can have more leeway next week, but alas, this chapter has so many terms in regards to tea ceremony and gave me a run for my money. It doesn’t help at all that this chapter is 1.5 times longer than usual and my brain just gave up thinking from overworking. This chapter alone ended up taking me 4 days to translate. Good thing I only released one chapter last week and the other chapter was half completed already.

Thoughts of the day:
I heard sugar is nutrient for the brain, I wonder how true is that?

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6 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 39”

  1. Think of sugar as a low term booster. Yeah, it helps, u get more awake, buuuut… Then you will be more tired n’ sleepy~
    Better to keep a balanced diet always n’ drink guarana powder when the need arises.

      1. Blood-brain barrier precludes anything larger than simple sugars growing through it.
        That said, I think a balanced diet is overall better.

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