Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 38

If you see me inputting a lot of comments in the chapters, that’s me getting stressed out in the middle of translating and had to find a way to vent it out.

Anyways, moving on to business. I have given this offer to someone who left a comment in Patreon, but he never did reply back, so I’ll be giving this opportunity to the first comer. Now that I’ve gotten a fair amount of patrons, I can afford to spend up to 50 dollars per month to buy the VIP chapters off another reader, at the rate of 1 dollar per chapter. Do note that I can buy all thousands of VIP chapters from the publisher for not more than 60 dollars, then why am I spending 50 dollars per month to buy only 50 chapters from a reader instead? Isn’t that counterproductive?

It’s simple, what I need is a raw text file, the image format of the raw from the publisher is not what I’m looking for, and it’d slow down the translation pace too. (I’ll explain more on this in the next post).

If you’re interested to take up this job, please send a sample text file to [email protected]
Preferably Volume 2 Chapter 18, the first VIP chapter of Demon Sword Maiden. I need to check the text file against the raw from the Publisher to determine if the accuracy is high enough for me to pay for the future chapters. Once approved, I will send you an email for confirmation and we can discuss the payment method and delivery method after that.

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