Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 28

Hm… anyone interested in taking up the role of managing the Wiki page of Demon Sword Maiden? You can find the syntax for the infobox in this link, use that when you’re creating a new page for characters and don’t forget to add the categories so that they will appear in the appropriate category page.

Thoughts of the day:
Do you know what’s the biggest taboo for a translator?

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Chapter 28 Trap

10 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 28”

  1. I’ve read that one big no-no is translating a work that someone else is translating already.
    Also, thanks for the translation.

    1. Mmm yeah, I remember one translation group named Asian something continued translating a certain Slime reincarnation series even though the original translator had no intention of dropping it.

      Talk about unethical, and you welcome~

  2. The biggest taboo should probably be claiming that you wrote it rather than that you translated it.
    Though I dunno. Otherwise I’d say stealing others translations. Not that I’ve ever seen either.

    1. The second one is actually pretty common with aggregator sites.

      Though this is slightly different, but I remember there was a case where one “author” wrote an original story and claimed it was a translation.

      All hells break lose when he was exposed and his popularity immediately plummeted to the bottom.

        1. I do agree with you if the translator in question is blatantly asking for donations to get access to sponsored chapters or early access, though I feel the need to defend myself a little since I also offer earlier chapters on Patreons xD

        2. It’s fine to have them :p

          The problem only occurs in times when someone is paying for a month’s worth of early releases, and maybe doesn’t even get half of that. That’s when complaints would start rolling in.

    1. Oh yea, which reminds me. When I was translating Dragon Princess. The protagonist’s name changed every time it was mentioned. I haven’t translated that far so I am not sure why’s that the case. I do feel like stabbing the author though. Not only was the name unnecessarily long, they are all different names. All used to name ONE person.

      I’m not sure at this point whether the author has mental problem or the protagonist is a nutcase.

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