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Chapter 125 – Traffic Accident

When we just got to Yanyan’s home, Chen Weier was infinitely shy. She had wanted to find an excuse to go home, but after Zhao Yanyan and my convincing, she finally decided to stay.

Actually Chen Weier didn’t want to separate so quickly from me after just becoming my woman. However, this was Zhao Yanyan’s home, how could she stay so long?

After a day of tiredness, the three of us were already exhausted. Zhao Yanyan turned on the boiler and prepared to have a hot bath.

“Yanyan, let’s wash together!” I smiled lecherously and said.

“Go and die, you big pervert! Who wants to wash with you! Weier-jiejie and I will go together,” Zhao Yanyan glanced at me sideways, and snorted. Then she turned around and pulled Weier upstairs.

I know they must have gone up to the second floor to wash, if I can get in with them… What an amazing thing it’ll be. However, a thought was just a thought, if I go up now, I would definitely be shut out at the door. It was better to wait for a chance and think of another way.

I turned on the television, and flipped through a few channels, all of it were boring costume drama. I hated watching these stuff in my previous life, ignoring their writing, their speech was all in everyday language.

It was because of watching this sort of television that I had read “ambiguous” as “warmth” during middle school, and therefore getting my scolded by my dad. Only until after I started working, and reading a novel called “Very Pure and Ambiguous” did find out the pronunciation of the word, it seems like I really have to thank the author called Fishman the Second!

I turned off the television, and laid on the sofa. In the quiet mansion, I could hear the splashing sound coming from the bathroom on the second floor, it made my mind wander.

I sneakily went up the stairs and arrived at the entrance of the bathroom, just as I was getting troubled over how to get inside, I noticed that the bathroom wasn’t locked! I immediately guessed that Zhao Yanyan must have left it like that when they went in on person. I couldn’t help but laugh, this chick really had a sharp tongue and a soft heart.

Then should I strip naked and rush inside? I once saw a joke, which said that a beauty came to a man’s home to shower, and didn’t lock the door. After the man found out, after a tense mental battle, he decided to give up, because if he rushed inside then he would be an animal! However, after the beauty came out of the shower, she gazed at the man in anger and said, “You’re worse than beasts!”

Therefore, I of course should choose to rush inside, moreover the two beauties inside are my lovers!

I swiftly stripped off all my clothes, opened the bathroom door, and rushed in…

When the first ray of sunlight shone on my body through the window, I sleepily opened my eyes. Looking at the bodies of Weier and Yanyan, who were sleeping by my side, I felt incredible sweetness in my heart.

Since I was way too tired the previous night, I stretched, then fainted again.

When I woke up once again, only I was left in the room. At this moment, Zhao Yanyan wearing pajamas came in, seeing that I sat up on the bed, she asked, “Hubby, are you awake?”

“En, what time is it?” I asked. I was too impatient in stripping and going into the bathroom, that I left my watch on the tea table in the living room.

“It’s nearly eleven, lazy pig!” Zhao Yanyan giggled.

“Is it?” I jumped down from the bed, and started looking for my clothes. I suddenly noticed that Zhao Yanyan was staring at me, this gaze… I instantaneously realized that Zhao Yanyan was gazing at my naked body without blinking…

“What, you still want?” I embraced Zhao Yanyan and asked lasciviously.

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“Want your ***!” Zhao Yanyan muttered. “Foods ready, get dressed quickly and come down!”

When I got dressed, and went downstairs, I smelled an alluring smell.

“Hubby, quickly come and eat!” Chen Weier’s voice sounded out from the kitchen. Following that, Zhao Yanyan brought the plates out from the kitchen.

I didn’t think that these few simple dishes were made perfect by Weier, causing me to have a lot more appetite. It seems like with Weier, this little chef, I have will have great things to eat.

After eating, I suggested to go out a bit, just to try my new car. Both girls agreed.

We got to the garage, and I familiarly backed the car out, and parked it in front of the two. This was the oldest model of Jetta, and was manual.

Looking at the “Song 000177” car plate on my car, this was a typical small number, and 7 was my favorite number! Apparently these sort of car plates all belonged to officials, and could get some privileges such as illegal parking and ignoring the red light. However, I will not easily break traffic rules, I rarely do things that played with my life.

“Yi? Hubby, when did you learn to drive? Why are you so used to it?” Zhao Yanyan asked in surprise. Zhao Yanyan couldn’t be more clear about what I’ve been doing recently, I had no time to learn to drive, and she heard that I also got the license through the back door.

I said in my heart, I drove for five or six years in my previous life, and it was in that sort of crowded place like Yanjing, where you shouldn’t even think about driving on the road if your skills were a little bad.

“Oh, I learned from the driver at my dad’s factory for a few days,” I explained.

This reason couldn’t be more logical, so Zhao Yanyan didn’t get suspicious either.

In the Songjiang city of 1995, there were a lot of cars yet. Although this was the provincial capital, there weren’t many families with their own cars, most of them were upper class people in Songjiang. However, a lot of them were Jetta, Santana etc., cars of Mercedes and BMW ranks were rarely seen. Even Zhao Junsheng only drives a Hongqi made in the country.

Just when our car drove out of the development area, a white Honda suddenly rushed over, and didn’t even signal at all after speeding past me before wanting to turn right, he actually thought I would let him! However, I didn’t act pretentious on purpose, I didn’t know this fellow wanted to right turn at all, so I accelerated and sped forward, therefore, the Honda directly crashed on the front of car.

****! This is a new car! I swore in my heart, then jumped off the car after opening the car door. There weren’t insurance for car crashes yet, so after crashing, people would have to pay themselves.

“**** you *****! Do you ******* know how to drive!” A teenager with a cigarette in his mouth jumped down from the Honda, and started swearing while pointing at my nose before I said anything.

Hearing that, I immediately got pissed! **** you, you crashed into my car, and is now pointing at me saying this and that? My expression darkened and said, “Be careful when you speak, it’s you who crashed into me right now!”

“I crashed into you? With your crap Jetta, I wouldn’t even crash it if you let me! Do you know what my car is? Honda! Imported original! Can you pay for it?” The teenager with the cigarrete said angrily.

****, isn’t it just a trashy Honda? Imported original? Duh, Quangqi doesn’t exist yet, did you make it if you didn’t import it?

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“I have limited patience, I hope you will understand!” This sort of attitude looking down on others was pissing me off to the max. If it wasn’t for me intentionally controlling my emotions, I would have already wacked his head off.


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