Chapter 125.5 – The Scene in the Bathroom / Peerless Girls (NSFW)

I quickly stripped off all my clothes, pushed open the door to the bathroom and dashed inside. The result was me seeing a scene that nearly made me spit out blood! Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier, one standing up while the other was squatting down, Chen Weier had her legs open, the tummy slightly raised, and Zhao Yanyan was squatting on the floor, looking carefully, and could occasionally use her hand to touch it a bit with a face full of curiosity.

Chen Weier shut her eyes in embarrassment, pursed her lips and said, “Okay now, Yanyan-meimei, have you looked at it enough!”

“Wait a bit, let me study it a bit more!” Zhao Yanyan said, her voice full of excitement. “Weier-jiejie, your spot is so weird, it’s not quite the same as mine!”

“Aiya, what’s the difference! Please Yanyan-meimei, this is so embarrassing!” Chen Weier said coquettishly. Suddenly she remembered that that person also said that her place was a little different, and couldn’t help but blush.

“Don’t move, don’t move, your place is so interesting!” Zhao Yanyan reached out a finger, and starting flicking it back and forth.

“Ah… En… Don’t—— Don’t move, I’m begging you Yanyan-meiemi, this feeling… is so weird…” Chen Weier’s body started wiggling with the pace of the movements of Zhao Yanyan’s finger.

How could Zhao Yanyan give up seeing Chen Weier’s expression, she continued to slide it up and down.

“Ah… Yanyan-meiemi… I can hold it anymore! I can’t stand it, don’t… don’t move!” Chen Weier called out coquettishly, her beautiful body wiggled endlessly.

“Weier-jiejie, what happened?” Seeing Chen Weier’s expression of suffer and enjoyment, Zhao Yanyan thought it to be really weird.

Although Zhao Yanyan was very familiar with the thing between men and women, it was only limited to love and intimacy between them. Now that she saw Chen Weier’s expression and moan, Zhao Yanyan couldn’t help but link it to the scene of her having sex with Liu Lei on the bed. She couldn’t help but get suspicious, could girls touching teach other also bring pleasure? Thinking to that point, her hands started speeding up. Her little hands moved back and forth on Chen Weier’s lower body.

“Don’t… En… Ah…” Chen Weier’s lewd moans echoed in the bathroom.

“Ah——!” Chen Weier suddenly screamed out, then her body immediately slacked. She only felt like she was about to go to the bathroom, when a lower body squirted out a transparent liquid uncontrollably, it shot out about a meter and hit the bathroom wall.

Zhao Yanyan looked at Chen Weier in shock, her pair of hands covered in the liquid Chen Weier squited out.

“Yanyan-meimei, you… you’re terrible, you actually made me pee, if hubby knows, then wouldn’t I be embarrassed to death!” Chen Weier clenched her teeth. However the feeling justl now was great, it was like she was about to fly into the sky.

“Why is this thing so sticky?” Zhao Yanyan played around with the liquid that was accidentally stuck onto her hands, it doesn’t look like pee.

“En?” Chen Weier said after hearing what Zhao Yanyan had said, then she looked down, and looked at the liquid on Zhao Yanyan’s hands.

At that moment, I was already dumb-shocked by the two girl’s actions! The lesbian scene I saw in **** had occurred live in front of me! Not only that, what made me even more excited was that the chick Chen Weier actually *********! This was best among women, I actually got it! I gulped, and swallowed a large mouthful of saliva.

Although the sound of water I the bathroom was very loud, the two beauties still heard by gulp, and turned around in surprise.

“Hubby?!” Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier called out at the same time.

The feeling of two beauties calling me hubby at the same time was great, I walked over with a smile, and teased Chen Weier, “How is it, did Yanyan make you feel good?”

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I didn’t lack enjoyment of Zhao Yanyan’s little hands, in this period of time, whenever Zhao Yanyan was on her period, she would always use her hands to help me. Although this was the first time Zhao Yanyan touched girls, but I still had confidence in the speed of her hands.

“Ah!” Chen Weier immediately used her hands to covered her face, and said embarrassedly, “You.. You saw everything just now?”

I smiled and nodded, and asked, “Yanyan, what exactly were you doing?” Although as the incident developed, it turned into Zhao Yanyan using her hands to help Chen Weier climax, but this definitely was not their original intential.

Chen Weier had already turned around then, she blushed so much that it had already reach her chest. I think that if there was a hole in the ground right now, she would definitely crawl into it without hesitation.

“I just feel like Weier looks different to mine down there…” Zhao Yanyan didn’t care, she had been with me a long time, and has done a lot of embarrassing things, so she didn’t’ had a hint of Chen Weier’s awkwardness.

I sweat… So she was researching about this! This little chick Zhao Yanyan actually also have curiosity about these things!

“Then let me help the two of you see exactly how you are different!” I said lecherously, then subtly gave a queue to Zhao Yanyan. Chen Weier had just become my woman today, although she has already accepted me mentally, she would definitely not agree servicing me with Zhao Yanyan. Therefore, I had to slowly breakthrough the last line of defense in her heart, and the first step is to get rid of the embarrassment from within.

How could Zhao Yanyan not understand my perverted thoughts, she glazed sideways at me fiercely. However, the best part about this chick was that she would pay attention to the bigger picture, she still giggled and said, “Hubby, then… look!” Saying that, she said to Chen Weier, “Weier-jiejie, turn around quickly and get Liu Lei to help us see!”

How could Chen Weier expect Zhao Yanyan to say that. She stomped her feet and said shyly, “Yanyan-meimei, how could you agree with his unreasonable request! This is too embarrassing!”

“Hai… Hai…! Weier, this is where you aren’t right! Didn’t I also say that your place is different from other people’s? This is with a scientific spirit and not with any other thought!” I said shamelessly.

“That’s right, Weier-jiejie, I didn’t notice anything just now either, so let’s get Liu Lei to help us -look! What’s more, both of us are his people, what’s there to be embarrassed about?” Zhao Yanyan added. However, she glared at me. Then -whispered beside my ear, “I’ll help you pervert this once, but I will not let you go if you bring any other women home.”

Although Zhao Yanyan had said it strictly, I wasn’t that afraid. At least there is a Xia Jing that has been authorized.

Zhao Yanyan was still very unwilling, -she had just washed with Zhao Yanyan, she never would have thought that Yanyan would insist on looking at her lower body. She refused, but then Yanyan used the authority of the first wife. She even said that she (Weier) has to listen to her at home. Weier couldn’t help it, and thought that since they were both women, looking was fine. However, Zhao Yanyan actually did that to her, she didn’t push her away, but even enjoyed it. Thinking about it made her feel ashamed, what’s more was that the appearance just now was all scene by her loved one, he must that of her as a slutty woman. How would Chen Weier dare to turn around!

However, Zhao Yanyan still pulled Weier over, pushed her on the side of the bathtub, and sat down on the side. Chen Weier couldn’t help it, so she closed her eyes. Yet her legs were shut tight.

I leaned down, and get close to Zhao Yanyan’s sweet bud. Her eyes unconsciously looked up, and saw that the chick Yanyan was also blushing. So she wasn’t as daring as I imagined.

I lightly kissed down. Zhao Yanyan’s body shuddered, and shouted, “Hubby, no… it’s dirty!”

I didn’t stop the movement of my mouth at all, and starting sucking on Yanyan’s place…

“Hubby… Heh…. En…” A faint moan passed out from Yanyan’s mouth.

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I started licking more furiously, and full immersed myself in Yanyan’s fragrance of a teenage girl.

“Ah…!” The powerful stimulation caused Zhao Yanyan to shut her legs tight unconsciously.

At the start, Chen Weier could still peacefully close her eyes, but then hearing Zhao Yanyan’s wail of enjoyment, she couldn’t help but look over. She was immediately shocked by the lewd scene! He was actually licking Yanyan-meimei’s place! Chen Weier originally got so shy that she wanted to turn around immediately, but it was like her eyes were glued to there. She couldn’t even leave.

Looking at Yanyan-meimei bite her lips, and the happy expression of her licking her lips, her heart was a bit moved. Was she like that just now? Is she feeling what she (Weier) was feeling just now? Thinking about that, Chen Weier’s body heated her, the tightly shut legs couldn’t help but start rubbing against each other.

The more she rubbed, the worse Chen Weier felt, she felt as if infinite ants were crawling over her body, the suffering was really hard to stand. How good would it be if he also licked my own place. However, the moment this thought was made, it was refuted by the logic in Chen Weier’s heart. How would I be so shameless, already wanting it after being finished by Yanyan. Chen WEier quickly closed her eyes, and tried to suppress the lulst in her heart, but that lewd scene still spiraled in her mind.

“Ah—— Hu!” Zhao Yanyan shouted, then let out a long sigh. I know the chick reached her climax. However this chick Yanyan’s body was too sensitive, it wasn’t even ten minutes.

Although it was something exciting to have a girl’s body be sensitive, it can’t be too sensitive! Ever since I noticed that I have superpowers, my ability on the bed on better and better. Zhao Yanyan, who was originally my equal, was gradually unable to keep up. Every time it would be to the point that I am unable to bare to continue on with the chick. But Zhao Yanyan would stubbornly work with me until my final burst.

This was also one of the reason why I wanted to get Chen Weier in here as quickly as possible.

“Weier, it’s your turn!” I said to Chen Weier with a naughty smile. I have seen all of Weier’s expression just now, although she acted really calm in front of me, I knew that she couldn’t wait in her heart!

As expected, Weier’s body shuddered after hearing what I said, but she didn’t say anything extra.

I know Weier was rather shy, and trying to make such a pure girl act like a **** in front of me was worse than killing her. I lightly separated Chen Weier’s legs, Weier resisted a little, but I still pushed it open.

This was the first time I observe Weier’s secret garden in such close proximity, my breathing hastened, and I kissed it without hesitation.

“Hubby… Ah…” Chen Weier wanted to push me away, but the waves of pleasure from her lower body caused her to just enjoy it. This was a pleasure that would make her seem like she was flying when it reaches it’s peak.

Chen Weier hated herself, she actually just wanted this moment of enjoyment! What’s the difference between that and a ****, but even though she knows that, she still full into it and could not pull herself out. Chen Weier felt like she was like a ****.

At the start Chen Weier could still suppress her lust, preventing herself from calling out. But as she was stimulated more and more intensely, she finally let out loud moans.

“Ah… En!” Chen Weier’s face was peach red, her body wouldn’t stop trembling, suddenly she pushed me away, “Hubby, I can’t hold it…”

I was pushed by half a step by Chen Weier, and before I could react, I saw Chen Weier squirt out a pillar of transparent liquid, although it wasn’t as far as what I saw just now, it all sprayed on top of me.

After squirting, Chen Weier continue to tremble and didn’t calm down from the excitement just now.

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I have seen plenty of scenes like this in **** during my previous life, but that were mostly fake. I also found similar information on the internet, and found out that very little women would squirt when having their ******. However, this type of girl was not more plentiful than giant pandas, and you would be lucky to meet one. I didn’t think that one would appear before me.
“Did… Did I pee onto you?” After a long while, Chen Weier calm back to herself from the happiness just now, seeing that I was covered all over, she said nervously to me.

Chen Weier couldn’t face herself anymore, she couldn’t hold it in twice, and this time she got it all over her loved one, would he dislike her?

“Hubby, do… do I have some sort of sickness. Why… why am I unable to resist peeing every single time!” Chen Weier looked at me worriedly.

“Sick? How could you have some sort of sickness, Weier! This is a normal biological reaction!” It seems like sex education was really lacking in this era! If it was a few years alter, a lot of girls would know about female ***********.

“But… but why doesn’t Yanyan-meimei!” Chen Weier still didn’t believe it.

“About this… not every girl would do this!” Thus I told Weier about what I read on the Internet in my previous life. “Actually in 1982, in a book “The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries about Human Sexuality” published by the Americans Ladas, Whipple and Perry, it is mentioned that certain females would squirt out a large amount of transparent liquid from the urethra, this is a normal biological reaction, commonly called ***********.”

Zhao Yanyan also paid close attention and listened on the side. She stepped on me and asked, “Why do you so much about this?”

“I… I read it in a book store!” I answered casually. Don’t mention that this book isn’t in bookstores within the country, even if there was I wouldn’t go and look.

“Then… that means I’m not sick?” Chen Weier was still not relieved, she then frowned, “Hubby, I have this issue, would you dislike me?”

Dislike? What a joke! I can’t even wait to treat her as a treasure. I’m afraid that in a few years, this sort of girl was worth even more than virgins.

“Weier. How should I say it! Actually I not only not dislike it, but would feel even more excited!” I answered with a honest expression.

“Really?” Chen Weier finally released her tensed eyebrow, and showed a long awaited smile.

“Hubby…” Zhao Yanyan suddenly called coquettishly, and her body wrapped over here, and said to me, “Hubby, do me again, I want to try if I can… shoot that thing out!”

I chuckled, tapped her head and said, “This sort of thing is just a coincidence, why are you trying it!”

“I just feel like you seem to really like it, I’m scared that you won’t like me in the future!” Zhao Yanyan said like she was wronged.

“How could I! Our family’s Yanyan also have her virtues!” I laughed.

“What virtues?” Seeing that I said she also had virtues, Zhao Yanyan immediately got happy.

“En… such as your body is much more sensitive than Weier’s!” I said that as my pervert hers climbed onto her breasts.

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“Hmmph! Take it away!” Zhao Yanyan hit my hands coquettishly. Then she said to Chen Weier, “Weier-jiejie, let’s go and wash. Don’t care about this bad guy. He made our lower body so wet, it feels so terrible!”

But how could I just let them go? My little brother was standing up straight a long time away! I hugged Zhao Yanyan from behind, and took the chance to push my little brother in fiercely.

“Ah…!” Zhao Yanyan moaned. “Don’t mess around, I’ll let you have enough after washing!”

I didn’t care so much, let’s talk about after washing after washing!

Zhao Yanyan’s spot was made infinitely wet by me, I moved forcefully without any foreplay.

“Ah.. Ah Weier-jiejie… Quickly come and help me…” Zhao Yanyan warbled.

However, Chen Weier stood on the side. She turned her head around, without making any move. Actually Chen Weier also wanted to help. The problem was that she couldn’t help at all.

“Heh!… Ah Weier-jiejie, don’t get cocky, it’ll be your turn later!” Zhao Yanyan clenched her teeth and said lying down on the stone steps.


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