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Chapter 124 – What? Your Mom?

I bid farewell to Fatty Wu, and arrived next to the two girls. I noticed both of them were looking at me with an evil eye. There can’t be any ploys here right?

“Liu Lei, answer honestly, what did you do to Weier-jiejie?” Zhao Yanyan asked sullenly.

“I didn’t do anything?” Saying that, I sent my gaze towards Weier, hoping to find some answer from her, but this girl actually turned her head around without even a glance I me. I could only say helplessly, “Yanyan, what happened here?”

“Didn’t do anything? Weier told me that you forcefully did that to her in the cave!” After Zhao Yanyan finished, she looked towards Chen Weier who was standing on the side.

“Forcefully?” Did I do it forcefully? It’s more like Chen Weier forcefully did that to me! Unless this chick Yanyan got jealous? However even if I forcefully did that to Chen Weier, Chen Weier wouldn’t be dumb enough to run over here to tell Zhao Yanyan right?

“How’s that! You have nothing to say right!” Zhao Yanyan scolded. “Since the thing already happened, shouldn’t you take some responsibility?”

“Take responsibility?” The more I listened, the weirder I found the situation, this chick Yanyan can’t be messing with me right?

As expected Chen Weier finally couldn’t help but laugh, Zhao Yanyan immediately laughed as well, “Of course you have to take responsibility, Weier-jiejie is already your woman, what are you planning to do?”

“What am I planning to do? Of course it’s one in the left, and one in the right, with everyone sleeping together!” I snickered, and hold the two beauty’s shoulders, this was always my dream! I was just stressing about how to talk about the issue of Chen Weier with Zhao Yanyan, I didn’t think that they have already settled it, that did save some breaths for me.

The winter camp was also forcefully stopped due to this accident, originally Weier and I had to record statements as the victims, but due to Jiang Yongfu, they only asked us a little at the scene before allowing us to return. After all, the situation was very simple, and Li Shaojie had also said what happened quite clearly. The next step is to hand Li Shaojie over to the court with the crime of wounding with intent.

The three of us got on Zhao Junsheng’s car, when he saw Chen Weier, he looked at me with a meaningful look. The intimate actions between the two girls and I were all scene by him, however seeing that his daughter not only didn’t get jealous, but held hands and even got intimate with the girl, Zhao Junsheng didn’t feel like it was right for him to say anything.

What I was considering right now was that right now Zhao Yanyan’s relationship with my mother was getting better and better, my mom already treats her as the future daughter-in-law, and even gave her the little jade amulet passed down the family. However, the problem comes here, my mom has asked multiple times that the parents of both sides should meet. Due to handling the situation with Liu Zhenhai, I didn’t have time earlier, now that I’m free, should I find a time for the parents of both sides to sit down and eat a meal?

Therefore, I said to Zhao Junsheng, “Uncle Zhao, my mom said she wants to find a chance to get you and auntie to go out for a meal!”

“What, your mom!” Zhao Junsheng trembled, and immediately stepped down on the brakes, the Hongqi stopped on the side of the road with a “gachi” sound.

If there wasn’t the stuff I said earlier, I would have thought that Zhao Junsheng was swearing. His majestic manner could be felt with just a phrase of “your mom”!

“What is it Uncle Zhao? Yanyan’s relationship with my mom is quite good as well, I think that my mom already decided her us our family’s daughter-in-law. Not to mention the two of us hehe. My mom just hopes that the parents from both sides could meet, what are you getting so worked up for?” I said in surprise.

“No, no! I just feel like you and Yanyan are still young, I’m afraid it’s not very suitable if we meet,” Zhao Junsheng forcefully explained. Even he didn’t believe this reason.

“Still young? Last time Grandpa Zhao was getting impatient to drink Yanyan and my wedding wine! Uncle Zhao, do you not want Yanyan to marry me?” I could tell that Zhao Junsheng’s actions were unusual, and mocked.

“Haha, Uncle Zhao can’t like you enough, how would I object. It’s just… It’s just that this meeting should be put on hold!” Zhao Junsheng said with a painful expression.

This is weird, did Zhao Junsheng had some secret he found it hard to say? From his look, could he be shy? That’s not possible, Zhao Junsheng could be counted as someone experienced in business, what kind of things have he not seen? Is meeting my parents really so terrifying?

Never mind, let’s talk about it later since it’s like this. Since there isn’t much loss for me either way.

“Oh yeah, Uncle Zhao, I heard that the electronics factory has a new shipment of equipment, a director like you should need to work over time right?” I said meaningfully. Although the winter camp finished earlier, we should only be home three days later according to the schedule. Therefore, I didn’t want to waste these three days, although I can easily come out after getting home, but I wanted to spend tonight with my dear Yanyan and Weier. One dragon and two phoenixes, wagaga, it should feel really great right, I thought lecherously.

“About this… Yes, I have to hurry back to the electronics factory later,” Zhao Junsheng scolded silently in his heart, just say it if you brat want to come stay over at my home, I’ll just go out. You just had to find such proper excuse, but there’s no helping it, since this brat is his boss, whatever he (Liu Lei) says to him were orders, the boss told him to work overtime, of course he had to go! However, he still said, “Your auntie also went out these few days, Uncle Zhao is going to work over time later, just stay at my home and accompany Yanyan!”

Although I promised Uncle Zhao that I wouldn’t touch Zhao Yanyan, I turned into his boss in the blink of an eye, so he could only keep an eye closed on this matter. What’s more was that he wasn’t an idiot, and he could tell ages ago that Zhao Yanyan and I already had that kind of relationship.

I laughed madly in my heart, my ploy succeeded, Uncle Zhao has to go to the factory for over time without pay again. However, I still said calmly, “Okay then! When the time comes, Yanyan and Weier can sleep in one room, I’ll sleep in the living room!”

Zhao Junsheng kept swearing in his heart, this damn brat, he actually dared to bring other women to my home! You sleep in the living room? More like the three of you will sleep together right? However, what does this brat have such great luck, this is the dream for all women! Thinking about it, Zhao Junsheng’s saliva nearly started to drip, however he immediately came back to his senses. His thought was also instantly squashed, or else if Yanyan’s mom found out then he was screwed. However, Zhao Yanyan’s personality is so like his mother, how could she allow that brat to do something so ridiculous!

However, Zhao Junsheng didn’t say anything in the end, he drove the car to the mansion in the development area, then said to me, “Go up first, I’ll go directly to the electronics factory later! Oh yeah, Xiao Liu, the car you bought have been placed in the garage at the back of the mansion ever since we took it out. You can take it for a drive tomorrow.” Saying that, he handed me a car key.


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