Chapter 123 – He Got Lucky

So Fatty Wu had already sent the news of finding my through wireless communication. Hearing that I had arrived on the helicopter safely, Zhao Yanyan immediately contacted me through the phone on the helicopter.

“Liu Lei! Are you okay? You freaked me out!” After the “hey” that I said, Zhao Yanyan’s sopping and anxious voice immediately passed over from the other side of the time. Clearly it was like she had just cried.

“I… am alright!” I said, all of a sudden I felt a lot of things, the period of time that I blanked out felt like a century.

“It’s great that you’re alright! What about Weier-jiejie? Is she with you?” Zhao Yanyan said caringly.

“She’s with me,” I said. I wonder how Yanyan would feel if I tell her I XXOO’d Weier right now.

“That’s fine! See you later,” Seeing that I was fine, Zhao Yanyan’s voice became cheerful again.

I handed the walkie-talkie to Fatty Wu again, after receiving it, Fatty Wu talked into it for a few more phrases, clearly the other side has already changed people, the things Fatty Wu talked with him about where all about where to land later.

“Say Fatty Wu, aren’t you driving for your dad? Why did you change to piloting planes?” I asked weirdly.

“Who knows what my dad things, but piloting planes is for more interesting than driver cars. You have to be afraid of crashing when you’re driving cars, you never have to worry about such issues when piloting a planes,” Fatty Wu said.

I chuckled in secret, stuff like plane crash does happen quite a lot inn the future! However this was only a joke right now.

Half an hour later, the helicopter landed on a flat clearing on the top of Xixing Mountain.

When I got off the plane, Zhao Yanyan immediately came up, and hugged my tightly, ignoring the fact that Zhao Junsheng was there. Zhao Junsheng only smiled, and dind’t say anything, I found it natural. Which subordinate would dare to pick on their boss.

“Liu Lei, I thought I would never see you again!” Zhao Yanyan said with happy tears.

“Your hubby I is fortunate, how could I die to easily,” I caressed Zhao Yanyan’s back and said with a smile. However, I admire myself quite a bit, my luck was truly through the roof.

After that, Zhao Junsheng, Jiang Yongfu etc. all came to greet me. I just acted with courtesy, expressing my thanks. The one who did the most work was naturally Fatty Wu. Logically speaking Chen Weier, Zhao Yanyan and I should treat him to a meal, but I really am too tired today, so it’ll have to be another day. Thank god Fatty Wu didn’t say much to us, and only told me to study hard, then looked at Chen Weier, who was holding hands and chatting with Zhao Yanyan, with a meaningful smile, then sighed, somethings in the world are really too strange!

Actually Chen Weier has her own issues, the moment she got off the helicopter, he was pulled to the side by Zhao Yanyan, who passionately asked her tons of questions. Chen Weier had wanted to avoid Zhao Yanyan initially, since she had just done something that would have wronged her (Zhao Yanyan) with her boyfriend. However, seeing Zhao Yanyan’s passion, she wasn’t sure of what to say, and could only force a smile.

“What is it, Weier-jiejie?” Zhao Yanyan also noticed that Weier was different from usual.

“No-Nothing! I’m fine!” Chen Weier freaked, and immediately smiled. Although she already knew form me that Zhao Yanyan didn’t seem to oppose her being with me, she still felt unease.

“Why do I feel like you have something troubling you! Did Liu Lei bully you?” Zhao Yanyan stared at Chen Weier, wanting to find some sort of answer from her face. This Weier was too weird, all her answers seemed to be perfunctory. Every three sentences would only get answered with one, and this one was actually “what did you say just now?” Too unusual! A woman’s instinct tells Zhao Yanyan that Chen Weier must be hiding something from her, but what was it? Does it have something to do with Liu Lei!

“What… troubles could I have! How could Liu Lei bully me!” Chen Weier quickly shook her head, but when she mentioned “bully”, scenes of the two of them playing the “Help” game flashed across her mind, she couldn’t help but blush.

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“Weier-jiejie, I open my heart to you normally, and tell you everything! Now you are hiding everything from me, I had missed you so much just now!” Seeing that the soft approach wasn’t working, Zhao Yanyan immediately used a strong one. And said solemnly.

“I…” Seeing that Zhao Yanyan actually got angry, Chen Weier clenched her teeth! It would be better to be honest with her! Just let it happen, the worst would be a scolding, saying that she was a woman that didn’t care about her face, it would be better than holding it in.

“Yanyan-meimei, I’m sorry! Liu Lei and I already… already had skinship!” Chen Weier had wanted to say had sex, but then felt like words like that shouldn’t come from a girl’s mouth.

“Ah! You two have already done that!” Zhao Yanyan pretended to be shocked and said. Actually when she noticed that Weier had a bit of trouble walking just now, she already had her suspicious, then seeing her hesitation in speaking, she (Zhao Yanyan) thought that she probably was on point about it. As expected, scaring her like this, she immediately spilled everything about.

“I… It’s my fault, I seduced Liu Lei! Sorry…” Seeing that Zhao Yanyan is angry, Chen Weier’s heart fell. Actually she could feel that although he had said the love for the two of them were equal, the one he loves most was still Zhao Yanyan. If it was because of her that Yanyan and his relationship was destroyed, then she was willing to back out. The instantaneous happiness was already enough for her.

“Heh! You think I don’t know about the huge pervert Liu Lei? There’s no need to make excuses of him, he was dripping saliva about you ages ago, finally getting the perfect opportunity after all the trouble, he wouldn’t be Liu Lei if he didn’t take the chance to eat you!” Zhao Yanyan said. However from the tone, she didn’t seem to be blaming Chen Weier.

“Yanyan-meimei, don’t get me, isn’t-isn’t it fine if I back out!” Chen Weier said nervously. The more Zhao Yanyan didn’t seem to care, the more uneased she fell.

“Back out? If Liu Lei knows that you backed out because if me, wouldn’t he divorce me!” Zhao Yanyan giggled.

“Yanyan-meiemi, what —— do your words mean?” Seeing that Zhao Yanyan suddenly laughed, Chen Weier asked in confusion.

“Weier-jiejie, congratulations on becoming Liu Lei’s second woman!” Zhao Yanyan held Chen Weier’s hands intimately and said.

“You—— Yanyan-meimei, what do you mean? Do you really not blame me?” Seeing that Zhao Yanyan didn’t get angry, but instead seemed happy, Chen Weier asked.

“Am I so petty! Ai! That huge pervert just got lucky!” Zhao Yanyan sighed.

“Thank you, Yanyan-meimei. I… I also truly love Liu Lei!” Chen Weier said with a face full of happiness. The rock in her heart finally sank, and the result was so perfect.


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