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Prologue 2

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): Crash, Silva

The door that was left open was knocked on for courtesy. Wearing a maid outfit, a beautiful platinum blonde-haired woman with dazzling icy eyes and three pairs of wings enters the room. There is a sense of familiarity from the woman coming this direction. Of course I observe her.

She sends a gaze toward Tengai who came in before and was now genuflecting, then she spoke with a slightly respectful tone.

“Lord Tengai, it’s sad that you made a rude entrance into a woman’s bedroom. No matter what, shouldn’t the leader of the Four Heavenly Evil Kings not be acting rudely?”

“…Uh, my bad Mikoto. I felt that the Princess’ magic had awakened, so I couldn’t just stand still…”

Thinking that he replied remorsefully, but without having a regretful tone, she shook her head helplessly. Then once again she turns toward me, straightens her posture to show her dignity and bowed to me.

“Princess, for you to awaken, there is no greater joy for this servant.”

As I thought, it’s that Mikoto huh.

I try to check the pop-up window by pointing toward her just in case.

Race: Seraphim
Name: Mikoto

…Well, these ability levels are not something to laugh at. By the way if I click on the “▼” icon, more detailed statuses or skills would be displayed, but I skipped it since it was just dozens of trivial lines. I mean, I know Tengai’s ability level earlier was ridiculous, but for Mikoto it was already so insane.

She is the first SR (Super Rare) class prize that I hit in gacha, therefore she was used as pet longer than Tengai. The level base had been maxed, same as Tengai long ago, but her ability base would be nearly the same as me, the number shouldn’t be up this high.

Generally if the pet ability is drastically higher than the owner, it doesn’t make sense in the game. Therefore, even the Golden Dragon {Naga Raja} had it’s ability level significantly nerfed when it became a gacha prize. Though it had turned into a half fashion item, the level which the Golden Dragon {Naga Raja} originally appeared as an event boss, took a group of 150 max-level 3rd-reincarnated-class1 including me to defeat. Even then it took us over 2 hours to fight and defeat it while lagging. Aren’t it’s levels the same as back then?

Also, seraphim is at the top of the angel race. Although it hasn’t appeared as a mob, from what I see, her stats are 40-50 times higher than the two-winged Fallen Angel at the top of “Tower of Fallens”, perhaps it would become something like this if seraphim were implemented as a mob?

I don’t know for what reason, but the pet limiter which had been set is gone. Either way at this rate, I will be killed instantly if they were against me. …Yeah, let’s behave carefully so I don’t offend them.

“Excuse me, both of you; I have a little something to ask…”

As soon as I spoke, both the pretty guy and woman stood up straight at once and their face became stunned as if they were getting struck by lightning.

This.. this is bad! Did I do something wrong…? What should I do…?

“Princess! For beings like us, we aren’t worthy of such polite speech.”
“Princess, perhaps you have lost your memories because of your eternal sleep…?”
“Eh?! Ah-…no, I remember. Mr. Tengai and Ms. Mikoto, you have helped me very much as DPS and Healer.”

After I said so, I could see those two showed relieved faces. Hmm? I wonder if this is a commonly recognized occurrence within the game…

“Even so, please somehow throw away honorifics when calling our names.”

Although being told so by Mikoto who bowed at me… in the first place there was no speaking with pets in the game! Ah, wait. Certainly there was. When I was in combat, the voice actor was screaming ‘Go!’, ‘Falter!’, ‘Eliminate it!’ towards the pet… In other word, perhaps something like that…? Using the feeling of giving an order without mercy??

When I timidly look at them, they are waiting for my words with strangely sparkling eyes. If they were dogs, they would be sitting while wagging their tails.

I wonder if it’s all right… talking arrogantly like that. There may be something like a hidden favorability parameter that they have that I didn’t know about which would go down and then they would rebel. To be honest I think I would get blown away in one hit…
Th-there is no other way. It’s dangerous if I make them wait much more.

I spoke again with those two while trying to maintain the tone of Hiyuki within the game.

“Yea, both of you have been troubled. You have done very well to arrange my slumber without hindrance. I appreciate that.”
“YES, we are very grateful for your gratification!!”

Ah – this is somewhat good.

“…What happened while I was deep in my slumber? I would like to hear the situation.”

After I said so, Tengai fixes his posture from the genuflect position and pointed toward the direction of the door.

“Yes, about that matter, while it’s imprudent of me, we will invite your subjects into the throne room.”

“Starting from us the Four Evil Heavenly Kings, the Seven Beasts of Calamity, and the Thirteen Demon Generals, all of us were eagerly awaiting for your return, Princess.”

Mikoto happily added the words. Although I reply them with a composed nod, my head is full of questions.

The Four Evil Heavenly Kings? The Seven Beasts of Calamity?? The Thirteen Demon Generals??? …What was that?

Tengai gracefully served his hand, I feel my hand drawn into his and he escorts me gently from the coffin like he was handling a fragile object. When I stepped down to the floor, Mikoto approached and quickly retrieved a comb and skillfully started to comb my long hair.

“Well then princess, shall we go?”

Saying so, Tengai lead us out of the room while Mikoto followed from behind so that I left the room being sandwiched between those two. I seem calm but on the inside, I am shivering and likely about to piss myself. With that feeling of a calf being led to slaughter, I begin to walk blindly into the broad corridor.



  1. TL: well I could describe it like you went to 99 and go back to lv 1 with more stat or something, I play one like that in, instead it’s 110
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