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Prologue 3

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): Crash, Silva

Splash splash splash ―Hot water spews vigorously from the mouth of the lion statue at the four cardinal points.

How did it come to this…?

Within the cloud of steam, sitting down on the stepped marble at the edge of the bath, I submerged into the hot water until my waist level. Well, to talk about myself… my skin is white yet complex (It was pretty hard to adjust this skin color during character creation!), the same as yuki (snow) from my name, Hiyuki (Scarlet Snow). While dropping my line of sight on this slender figure, I realize that I was asking a question to myself an unknown number of times.

Back then I thought that I was going straight into the throne room, but instead I was brought into the bathroom.

At first I was not able to comprehend it. The hallway width, the length, the details of design; they differ greatly compared to what was inside the game, although there is a resemblance in design. Anyway, I thought ‘The size at best is about the size of a school’, but the scale of this castle is splendorous to the extent that it made the Palace of Versailles looks like a dog house and it easily fit into 23 wards.

Therefore, since I was brought over here earlier, I was unable to grasp this place is the throne room or the bath. While I stood dumbfounded, Mikoto stripped me nude in the blink of eye (The top and bottom underwear, my final line of defense was easily slipped off eh.. unlike in the game) and guided me into the bath.

Somehow after all of that she said, “Since princess had been a long sleep, you need take a bath and change your clothes right?” ―However.. you should consider saying it earlier! You don’t know how to be considerate at all! That was what I wanted to shout on the spot, but it’s scary to mess with her so of course I wouldn’t say it no matter what.

“―That’s right. It’s time to relax myself after such a long time huh?”

To conceal my fearful mind, I walked toward the bath (Although I called that, the white hall made me think ‘What kind of temple is this?’ since it used a plentiful of marble) by myself alone… well I tried to, but finally my patience was at its limit so I turned around and asked a question.

“…Why did you come along too?!”

The person in question ― or more precisely this Tengai dragon, for a moment made a blank expression, being completely nude without being embarrassed, he replied honestly.

“Of course, to help you bathe, Princess?”

…Well… for some reason I knew it. While I was being stripped, there was an additional rustle sound to the side. Then he appeared standing by Mikoto completely nude, and when I walked out, he came to accompany me.

But it isn’t normal right?! I still understand if a Maid or Mikoto accompanied me to the bath. However, normally when a very young girl (Not me, I’m talking about Hiyuki!) goes to a bath, something like a young, muscular man accompanying her is improbable right?!

Even if I am not Agnes, I am sure she will say ‘stop’ somewhere!

“…No, I don’t need you. I mean, it’s embarrassing!”

After I bluntly reply like that, Tengai laughs out loud.

“Hahaha, what is it now at this late hour? Isn’t bathing with Princess a daily ritual?”

That was when you were in the dragon form! Besides, it was because soaking in the hot water here for 1 minute gave a 3% auto HP recovery bonus, and a 15% all elemental resistance bonus for 30 minutes, and I just bring in pets with me before going to battle!!

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I want to make some noises by stamping my feet as hard as I can, but no matter what it’s pointless right~.

How should I put it, it was an anger toward a humble act. Besides, if he gets angry at me, I will die.

“Come come, taking forever in this dressing room will make your body cold, please make your way toward the bathroom.”

While wondering what I should do, my shoulder was pushed by Tengai. Uwaaaah. When I felt his skin on my shoulder, my whole body went numb…or rather my hips seemed to become looser. Remaining like that, I was escorted toward the bath.

“Well then, excuse me for being rude―”

I finally sit down on the steps of the bath. The only other one who is present is the rude naked man knelling down in the hot water. Although I want to avoid seeing it as much as possible, what is with that size, is it a beer bottle? Furthermore he is shaking some bottle filled with something with both hands, and it’s foaming… aah, it’s body soap.

Since a bath towel with soap could damage my skin, washing with your palms is the best right~…

As I absent-mindedly escaped from reality, the moment when his hand touch my body,


Although I reflexively raised my lovely voice, Tengai just care-freely asked, “Are there any itchy places, Princess?” with an ignorant face.

That feeling from the end of my hair to the tip of my toes, on top of that my belly button and up to the interior part that even I still haven’t checked yet, all of it was being kneaded thoroughly. In the end I feel like I became a r̲a̲pe̲ victim. Unconsciously, I finally sob inside the bath.

After I leave the bathroom feeling dizzy, Mikoto was there waiting for me. In her hand, there’s a dress with similar design from the dress earlier, even so the skirt is more spacious. She made me wear it. Finally, this time we faced toward the throne room.


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