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Prologue 1 – The Return

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): Crash, Aria Red, Silva

On that day, it was snowing. Stains of blood similar to a rose dyed the pure white snow. Steel beams that were loaded onto the back of a running truck collapsed right in front of my eyes, I got caught and before I realized it I was dying. Just the red blood that flourished in the snow remained as my consciousness vanished. Suddenly, in my last moments I thought about my character “Hiyuki” whom I considered the other half of my body.

…Yeah, if I disappear she will also no longer exist.

While being saddened by the simultaneous loss of both me and Hiyuki, my consciousness faded and melted into the darkness…


I then woke up in a luxurious coffin, with roses spread around inside.


Instinctively knowing this for some reason, I instantly put my hand on the lid and pushed it open with all my upper body’s might. It opened unexpectedly easily and from there I leaned outward, and looked around in a hurry.

-Where is this? Since I was in a coffin, that means this is a funeral house or crematory right!? If I woke up when they had started cremating that wouldn’t be funny at all!

However, contrary to my expectation, it was a medieval castle. There was a huge splendid canopy bed which I didn’t know the size of if I counted it in tatami, but it seemed to be used by royalty, also there was large, elegant furniture aligned in this bedroom.

“…Heh? What is this place??”

The voice that I used to mutter to myself was strangely high and cute.

Also apparently what I was wearing was a silky luster dress that mainly composed in black and decorated with a gorgeous red rose corsage.

On top of that there was a long black hair shining like a velvet hanging down, which certainly was mine. When I turned my gaze down and looked at it, what I saw was a slightly bulged chest and a waist so slender that it might break, and then-


While trying to make sense of the loss at my crotch, I tried to crawl noticing that my own fingers were thin yet flexible, like those of child. The symbol of a man that I was familiar with was gone, instead replaced with an unknown slit.

While I was stunned, there was a sound of someone knocking at the ebony door of the bedroom.


I swallowed my words in an instant as I was going to say “occupied” on reflex.

“Excuse me.”

There was a voice of greeting amid me being in this frustrating situation. The heavy door which was around 3×2 meters was pushed open easily, and a good looking man with golden eyes and stunning blond hair came into the room.

The man appeared to be around 20 years old and was dressed neatly with a tuxedo; it was enough to amaze me. He was beyond good looking and put a big smile on me. No-no, I will not go over that line. Up until now the pretty guy was floating a full throttle smile, it was almost like a weapon. If I was a girl this is where I would fall in love, huh… but I am a girl now! Theeen… am I having a crisis now?

Thinking such foolish things, in front of me the pretty guy placed his right hand on his chest, and genuflected like a knight. He brought down his head deeply and placed one foot forward.

“Your Highness has resurrected, to be the first to witness it, I, Tengai, am filled with immeasurable joy. Everyone in this territory has been hoping from the bottom of their heart for this day.”

A pretty guy takes different shapes and forms I guess~ but wait I remember something, suddenly, the word that I was sure I didn’t mishear; I arbitrarily raised a hysteric voice.

“…Hu-huh. Did I do something, princess?”

He didn’t answer my question and seemed dubious, so I pointed toward that pretty guy.

“Golden Dragon {Naga Raja}??!”
“Hmm? Yes, that’s me…?”

Instantly, something like a transparent pop-up menu appeared at the place I pointed at, its display was covering the pretty guy.

Race: Golden Dragon {Naga Raja}
Name: Tengai
Owner: Hiyuki
HP: 556,800(Human Form)/1,948,800(Half Dragon Form)/61,234,800(Dragon Form)
MP: 767,800(Human Form)/2,303,400(Half Dragon Form)/53,746,000(Dragon Form)

Golden Dragon {Naga Raja} was originally arranged as the boss for an event of ‘Eternal Horizon Online’, a game I was playing. Then it was released as an SSR (Super-super rare) class item for a gacha prize in a limited event.

At the time I also attempted it, but it wasn’t easy at all; I got it by exchanging every one of my precious assets and a large amount of rare items. It was probably an ultra-high level monster, not even totaling five of them on the server. And then I put the name of the Golden Dragon {Naga Raja} that I got as Tengai but, don’t tell me he’s this person?! He’s that dragon?!

While I was confused, apparently I pointed my finger at myself, a semitransparent pop-up menu floated in the same way.

Race: Vampire Princess {Ancestor God}
Name: Hiyuki
Title: Graceful Lady of the Sky

It was definitely my character name and status in ‘Eternal Horizon Online’


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