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Chapter 51 – Edim and Where the Reward Goes (Part 1)

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Liomad

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There goes another plan to dispose of Ortidiot.

By Lady Tilea’s order, I provided Ortidiot with some escort. She was right, the money Ortidiot was holding was the Army’s funds. It would be humiliating to have the funds of the Evil God Army taken away by mere humans.

I contacted Dalf telepathically and instructed him to add some additional guards for Ortidiot.

Once I was done, Lady Tilea and I walked down the main street. My steps came to a sudden halt as I descended the southern staircase of the main street.
There was a shift in the gaze that had been following us. Bowzen brought his crooks to jump on us.
What fools.

Following Lady Tilea, we led them into a deserted alley. A smug grin was on Bowzen’s lips.

Now then, how should I cook them?
Small fries like them aren’t worth Lady Tilea’s time. I will kill them myself.
I will release my mana and wipe the floor with them all at once. However, Lady Tilea was in the middle of a verbal fight with Bowzen. I shan’t interfere with her.

Then, after some time…
At the end of the verbal fight, Lady Tilea asked me; “How long will it take you to take these guys down, Edim?”
Finally, the okay was given.

That was an order from Lady Tilea to exterminate these bugs. I couldn’t help but smile. This is what they get for their huge attitude for such an inferior species. I will rampage to my heart’s content and make them taste fear!

I declared to Lady Tilea that it wouldn’t even take me a minute.
Perhaps angered by my words, these insolent humans decided to attack me.
This marked the signal for both parties to commence attacks.
I leaped forward all at once.

“Ku ku, slow. Too slow—!”

I grabbed the ones coming at me and tore them apart, scattering their bodies apart.
The rest of these cockroaches were frozen in fright. Their knees trembling.
It’s too late for them now. Who do they think they were aiming their blades at?

And so, as I had declared, I exterminated all these small fries within a minute. All except for Bowzen.
Now, Bowzen was all alone. This monkey had been too blasphemous, I can’t kill him right away. Lady Tilea will want him tortured first.

As I was thinking about how to treat Bowzen, he took out a crystal from his pocket that he immediately slammed on the ground.
Could it be, is that…?

I learned about it in the Magic Academy. It was an item that sealed transfer magic, I think. Supposedly, upon breaking the crystal, mercenaries that were contracted in advance would be summoned.

That Bowzen, quite the interesting tool he had. If that thing was real, then he would have reinforcements teleported here.

As expected, teleportation formation showed up, and from within, a new batch of mercenaries appeared in droves.
Hm, they’re at least a stage above the previous ones.
The last ones were small fries with mana that amounted to 2,000 to 3,000 at most. These new ones had around 5,000 to 6,000.

Generally speaking, in the human world, those with mana above 5,000 were classified as experts a cut above the rest. Seeing that everyone that was teleported had mana of 5,000 or above, that crystal must be a very special hidden gem.

Though, as much as I was concerned, they were just another bunch of small fries.
That damn racoon, does he think he has a chance of winning with insects of this caliber?
Hah, ridiculous. Isn’t that right, Lady Tilea—err, why are you looking at me like that?!

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Lady Tilea looked at me all worrisome-like. She thought I might be defeated by these small fries.
And sure enough, Lady Tilea voiced her worry.

“They sound strong, are you going to be okay Edim?” As much as I appreciate her words, the fact that she was concerned at all was a shame on my part. Does Lady Tilea still think that my strength is lacking?

Kgh, the fallout of my blunder in the mission to defeat that fiend is still lingering. I lost the trust of those around me because of that. To have been bested by mere humans is the height of regret. However, truth to be told, around 80 percent, no 90…100 percent of that was Ortidiot’s fault.

“Lady Tilea, you’re worried because I lost to that Fiend before, yes?”
“Yeah, well, I guess so.”
“Lady Tilea, I have a lot, and I mean a lo———ot that I need to say about that incident. However, in summary, sir Ortissio is the fault of it all. However, I wish not to make excuses, so I will work hard from now on to clear my name.”

Because of that Ortidiot, Lady Tilea questioned my strength. I absolutely must regain her trust. The only way is to demonstrate my power by swiftly defeating these humans who have surrounded us.

Upon a quick survey, there are just under thirty of them surrounding us. They wield weapons like axes, bows, knives, a ragtag group of adventurers, or rather, a group of assassins.

Their posture, their mana, they must be professionals in what they do.
But they’re nothing.
Not that I was letting my guard down, but as the leader of the bloodsucking unit, I shan’t be defeated by people of this caliber.

The moment they’re all finished teleported, I’ll jump in and cut them to ribbons. With that in mind, I put strength into my limbs and leaned forward.
As I was measuring my timing, another person appeared from the teleportation formation.
It was a swordsman with a sword on his back.

The swordsman stood there silently, his face obscured by the backlight. His physique seemed to be that of a rather large human being.
Hm?! This man, he has no opening.
Quite the strong fighter. He is a world apart from the other crooks.

His mana is at 8,000 — wait, he’s suppressing it. I also suppress my mana daily, so I know. His true strength is far beyond 10,000.
Interesting. Now, let’s start the — wait, Lord Mühen?!
The last person to step out of the teleportation formation was Lord Mühen, the commander of the first division of the Evil God Army.

Lady Tilea was also surprised by Lord Muhen’s appearance.

I-, I see. Lord Mühen was infiltrating the guild after all. Given his ability, it wasn’t surprising that he would have a contract with the guild.
Hm. Then, wouldn’t my slaughter hinder Lord Mühen’s infiltration mission?

What would Lady Tilea do?
Would she continue to act as though Lord Mühen was an enemy?
Or would she have Lord Mühen give up on the infiltration and leave?

In the end, Lady Tilea called Lord Mühen over. It seemed she had abandoned the infiltration into the guild. As a matter of course, Lord Mühen also headed for Lady Tilea. Now, the infiltration has become even more difficult. After all, Lord Mühen’s act was a clear violation of his contract with the guild.

Well, he would have to turn his blade against Lady Tilea for his mission, even if it was just an act. Lord Mühen must have understood that, which was why he decided to receive the punishment from the guild and violate the contract instead.

That’s good. This means I don’t have to fight against Lord Mühen, even if it was an act. Against mere human beings, I could fully demonstrate my power.
Right when I was thinking so, Lord Mühen started to slay those humans one after another.
Lord Mühen sure is amazing. Those humans died before they could even scream.

However, now my turn was completely taken over…
Uu, I wanted to join in the battle too. But, if I joined the battle now, it would be seen as me taking Lord Mühen’s credit for myself.
Well, there’s always another time to clear my name.
Besides I still had the task of killing Bowzen, that trash who had foolishly disrespected Lady Tilea.

I readied myself to take Bowzen’s head. However, he started another verbal battle with Lady Tillea. She didn’t back down either. It seems they are vying to outdo each other with words. I’ll wait until Lady Tillea finishes her verbal assault before proceeding further.

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Bowzen then had the gall to call Lady Tilea as “that Ortidiot’s mistress” and “a cheapskate who doesn’t pay me and Lord Mühen.”
What a load of bullcrap!
For the love of God, or Evil God, what an imbecile. Such arrogance, it made me dumbstruck instead.

Lady Tilea’s face turned bright red, seemingly filled with anger. Oh no, Lady Tilea would strike him in anger first before I could lay my hand on him.
Or so I thought, before Bowzen tried to bribe me out of the blue. And he wanted me to turn on Lady Tilea for a mere five million gold.
Five million, he says…

What an utter idiot! As the leader of the bloodsucking unit, I’m in charge of managing the funds to a certain extent. I could move hundreds of millions of gold at will. Five million is even less than Jayjay’s pocket money.

Besides, I’m not interested in money at all. It doesn’t matter if he offered me with hundreds of millions, trillions, or even all the money in the world, my allegiance wouldn’t change.

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