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Chapter 50 – Edim and the Auction (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

After that, Lady Tilea continued to bid on female slaves.

But goodness, the weakness of these slaves is too much to bear. It doesn’t incite any purchasing desire. They lack strength and beauty—none of them are suitable to be Lady Tilea’s or Lady Camilla’s slaves.

Yet Lady Tilea is persistent in bidding on such slaves. And every time, she would seek advice from Ortidiot. Why is that? With me, she asks about the rules of the auction. But with Ortidiot, she seeks his judgment on which slave to choose.

Ugh, it’s almost like Ortidiot is more trusted by Lady Tilea than I am.

Ortidiot must know that too. Whenever Lady Tilea seeks his advice, he smirks and looks at me, seemingly boasting about it.

Ugh, damn it. So annoying. So annoying.

As I was accumulating stress from Ortidiot’s actions, a pair of humans had the audacity to provoke Lady Tilea. Most likely, it’s out of spite because they couldn’t successfully bid on slaves at the auction.

What fools. Despite being weak, they don’t understand their place.

“Should I kill them?”

Immediately, I tried to propose to Lady Tilea to exterminate those nuisances. However, she stopped me.


Ah, I see! If I were to kill them here, the auction would be canceled. It would ruin Lady Tilea’s enjoyment of the game she was looking forward to.

While I was embarrassed by my own short-sightedness, the emcee brought mercenaries to handle the situation. His approach relied on the Underworld Emperor name value, which was quite laughable. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Damn Ortidiot! He’s giving Lady Tilea such a foolish alias!

Wait, this might be just right. Foolish as it is, depending on how you read it, it could be interpreted as a rebellion against Lady Tilea!

I immediately tried to inform Lady Tilea about Ortidiot’s signs of rebellion. However, she put her finger to her lips and said “Edim, hush” and before long, she scolded us with “Shut up, both of you!”

Ugh, I deserved that.

That’s right. Lady Tilea is indifferent to such matters. I’ll have to think of another way to bring Ortidiot down.

And then, the bidding for the white-haired girl, whom Lady Tilea desired the most, began.

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The white-haired girl appeared, chained.

Indeed, she’s quite…

Undoubtedly beautiful. Though not on the same level as Lady Camilla, her beauty surpasses the other slaves. Her blood seems delicious. Yes, this slave is suitable as Lady Tilea’s plaything.

A beautiful doll with white hair, her eyes reflecting nothing. It reminds me of an empty glasswork. A peerless beauty, and the last survivor of the Gulda tribe.

Gulda tribe…

I only know about them through rumors; they were supposedly a minor tribe in the Zauz region. Seems like a mysterious and enigmatic tribe. I don’t know the details.

I’ll ask Jayjay later. He was an authority in history studies, he might have some information.

And the auction reaches its climax.
It turns into a one-on-one battle between Lady Tilea and a man called Bowzen.
The result…

Lady Tilea emerges victorious. However, the winning bid exceeded the amount of money she had, so we had to rush back for Ortidiot to get the funds.

With Ortidiot on my back, we hurried back to the Underground Empire.

As we ran like the wind, I communicated with my subordinates through telepathy… But that damn fool on my back is particularly annoying.

“Hey, what are you running so slow for! Hurry up! We can’t keep Lady Tilea waiting!”
“I apologize. But I assure you, I’m running as fast as I can!”
“Slowpoke! I raced all the way from the town of Canoda to here in just a few minutes. And you’re taking so long for this short distance!”

Th-, this idiot….

That’s literally the reason why I’m forced to carry you! You want me to imitate your stupidity or what?

Don’t joke with me. What if, after we return, Lady Tilea gives us a mission to carry out? Are you going to tell me to charge in with trembling legs like yours?

Haah, haah, F̲u̲c̲k̲, I really want to kill this b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲—!!1

Ortidiot was also urging me on, banging my head while he was on my back. It’s a small thing, but it really gets on my nerves.

And then…

After arriving, I had my subordinates prepare the remaining funds. I received the money from them at the designated meeting point and returned to the auction venue.

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I want to praise myself for enduring the whole way without knocking that idiot on my back.

I had plenty of trouble with Ortidiot. But as soon as we arrived, I was warmly greeted by Lady Tilea with a big smile. Thank goodness. That alone makes all the effort worthwhile.

And then, I handed over the funds to the auction staff, and soon after Lady Tilea and I headed outside the venue. As soon as we stepped outside, I felt scornful gazes on us.

Hmph, is that Bowzen or whatever his name is? Probably his subordinates. Most likely they’re planning to attack us along with Ortidiot’s group of slaves.

What should we do? Should I tell Ortidiot to have the members of the Second Division take care of them? No, there’s no need to share the credit with Ortidiot and his group.

I used telepathy to convey the task of guarding the female slaves to Dalf and his team.

Hmm? That’s it! Maybe I can take advantage of the chaos of the attack to get rid of Ortidiot?

I could secretly give orders to Dalf to do it — No, killing allies is against military regulations. I can’t go that far — No, wait. Isn’t this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Now, Ortidiot’s magical power is at zero. His body is worn out from the magical backlash. There’s a good chance that even a mere human could catch him off guard.

Killing allies is against the rules. But if a human does it, then it’s the foolish one’s fault. I’ll prioritize the protection of the slaves with Dalf and the others. While Ortidiot, I’ll leave him be.

Ku-ku, this might call for a feast tonight.



  1. Syl: I can’t help but feel like Mab has infused some of his true feelings when translating this line xD.
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