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Chapter 47 – It’s My First Auction (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

Orty gets off Edim’s back and, with his legs trembling like a baby deer, decides to do a kamikaze on the stage.

You wanna die or what? There are armored mercenaries guarding the venue. That’s impossible even for Rambo. You’re much, much weaker than Rambo, and you can’t even walk right!

“Stop that, Orty. Sit back down.”
“H-, however…”
“I said sit!”
“Y-, yes ma’am.”

I have Orty sit on a chair. I really can’t take my eyes off this guy, damn it.

“Listen. I don’t want to use force.”

Tentatively speaking, I do think of using force.

It will be my last resort, in case I fail to win the auction. I will have Edim use her vampire powers to force them to let the girl go. If we did that, though, we would be picking a fight with this Dark Emperor, and that’s a risk I want to avoid.

“So, we will be participating in the auction?”
“Yes, we’ll win her using money. Sorry, Orty, but I’ll need your help taking care of the fund.”
“Leave it to me.”

Orty smiled confidently…

Is it really okay? He was just one step away from going kamikaze on the stage, y’know?

Hm~m, this gives me nothing but anxiety, but I have to rely on Orty and his financial power.

And then, while that wasn’t much of a strategy, the auction resumed with my strategy in place.

The emcee came up on stage.

“Now, the time is here. The auction is back on.”

These old men cheered the moment they heard the emcee’s voice.

Okay, that’s it. I will bid for the white-haired girl no matter what.

“I have some good news for you good clients. We have additional slaves put up for bid during the break. If any of you missed the chance to win a slave before, this is a good time for that! They’re all first class. And for those of you who are waiting for the white-haired beauty, I apologize for the wait, but let us see the appetizers before the main event!”

Right when the emcee finished speaking, a macho man appeared, pulling a chain.

I lay my eyes at the girl on the other end of the chain.

Ah, it’s that girl that Sleg the slave merchant introduced me to.

I see. So she is going to be sold at the auction too…

Yup, her eyes are vacant, and she has a face that despairs the world. I also thought of asking Orty to save this girl as well after the auction.

“Hey, Orty. Don’t you want that girl?”
“Lady Tilea, she doesn’t look like she has any life in her. I don’t think a weakling like her can serve as a maid in the glorious Evil God Army.”
“Weakling, hu~h?”

I poked Orty’s trembling feet.


Orty screamed, holding his leg and groaning.

“Listen, do you think you have the right to call other people weaklings? You’re the one who’s reduced to this mess after a little bit of running.”
“B-, but Lady Tilea…”
“Well, you’re the one who pays, Orty, so you have the final say. My opinion is nothing more than a guide after all.”
“No, that’s not true! Your opinion is absolute, Lady Tilea. You’re right, yes, by all means, let’s buy her.”

As easy as pushover heroines. There’s a lot I can comment about, but for now, I got Orty’s approval. With that, we can save the girl.

On stage, the emcee began to verbosely provide explanations.

“Jessie, the daughter of a fallen aristocrat, a beautiful, thin-skinned girl who was sold by her gambling-loving father. Of course, she is not a used good. Since it will be her first, training her would be worthwhile.”

The audience licked their lips at the emcee’s explanation. B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲, each one of them. I’m going to win this auction for sure.

“Are you all ready, ladies and gentlemen? Let’s begin the auction, starting with three million gold.”
“Three million and fifty!”
“Four million!”
“Four million and thirty!”
“Five million!”
“Five million and forty!”
“Five million and forty from gentleman number 13. Now, is there anyone else?”

The crowd shouted and raised their fingers in the air. It was as noisy as a fish market. It is too loud. It’s hard to hear their voices.

I see, that’s why they are shouting and raising their fingers. I’ll try not to miss it.

“Six million!”

I use both hands and declare six million gold.


“Ooh, sixty million from lady number sixty-four!”
“Pbfft! Sixty million?! I didn’t mean to—”
“Well, is there anyone else? If not, lady number sixty-four will make the winning bid.”

Wh-, why, why? Was it not six million gold?

“Lady Tilea, it seems you’ve gone up one notch by showing both hands.”
“What?! But then, how do you express ‘six’?”
“Perhaps it’s the order in which the fingers are raised.”
“Edim, you know a lot.”
“I only heard a little about it at the academy. I don’t know much.”

I was stunned.

I messed it up already. To think I used Sixty Million Golds right away.

In the end, no one raised their hand, and I won the bid for Jessie.

“O-, Orty, I’m sorry. I think I put an extra zero in there…”
“It’s no problem, ma’am.”

No problem you said…we could have won her with just 10 million, maybe. We just spent six times that amount, you know?

And you don’t feel anything?

Orty, seriously, you’re going to go bankrupt if you keep contributing your money to me. Yeah, I have to pull my own weight on this one. I should stop borrowing money from Orty. It’s going to ruin him.

Well, I’m helping people this time, so it’s different.

“Next is Daiso the Dragonman. His arms are strong, and he is the perfect man for a war mercenary. How’s that for muscular? He’s a good soldier to use.”
“Lady Tilea, while he isn’t as strong as demons, he does look quite powerful. His face is also good. What do you think?”
“Hmm, you’re ri~ght. I guess he has a good look. I’m sure he’ll live a strong life, even as a slave.”
“Let us bid for the win, then. The Second Division can use a slave like him—”
“What are you talking about? The funds are limited, we can’t waste a single coin.”
“I-, I understand.”

Yeah, the man will be fine. Even if I didn’t release him, he’d be able to live a strong life. Even if his master turned out to be someone unreasonable, he can just use those fangs he’s so proud of to chew them.

After that, a few male slaves showed up, but I ignored them all. Orty wanted to buy a few of them, though.

“Next up is Rita, a wolf beastman. She has a lovely appearance, but she is also a beast and has a lot of power. You can use her as a bodyguard, or you can hurt her. Of course, we keep her chastity, so it’ll be her first!”

This time it’s Rita, a beastman girl. I think she was originally a beautiful, energetic girl. And yet, she lacked vitality. No wonder. She’s a slave now, after all. Yes, I want to save her too.

“Say, Orty, how about her?”

Orty nods like Pavlov’s dog.

This time, I bid carefully so as not to make a mistake.


I won the bid for Rita the wolf beastman girl with 15 million golds.

That gave me the momentum to bid on Cammy, the village girl, and then on Bara, the catgirl.

Oh crap. I could ignore the male slaves easily, but the female slaves are too much for me. I keep on bidding and bidding.

I need to stop now!

There is still that white-haired girl, so we have to conserve our funds.

But the emcee introduces one beautiful girl after another. They all have tear jerking backstories. I can’t leave them behind.

I begged Orty like an evil woman who begs for clothes and jewelry. Orty, on the other hand, agreed with a smile on his face without any hesitation at all.

He far outstripped Richard Gere in Pretty Woman at this point.

I mean, my spending so far is….

Jessie, daughter of a fallen nobleman, 60 million gold.
Rita, a wolf beastman girl, 15 million gold.
Cammy, the village girl, 8 million gold.
Bara, catgirl, 13 million gold.

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