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Chapter 47 – It’s My First Auction (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

We entered the auction hall again.

This time there is no introduction by the slaver Sleg, so we have to pay the entry fee.

It is two million gold for each of us. A single person could live for a year with that amount. The average person could never afford the entry fee. The people in the hall were truly bourgeois.

I asked Orty to pay the money and we went inside.

Inside, the atmosphere is as hot as ever.

Lecherous old men were hanging around in swarms. They are dressed in luxurious clothes, but they are ugly.

Bowzen, the moneylender, is also thumping in his chair and acting all high and mighty like a king. A lowly laugh occasionally echoes from the crowd, making my hackles flare. I am sure he is thinking about what he will do after he wins the bid for the white-haired girl.

But that is not going to happen. I, or more precisely, Orty, will win the bid for the girl!

I look at the clock. The auction is about to start again soon. The auctioneers have stopped talking and more and more people are watching the stage.

Okay, this is where the real work begins. I’m going to defeat this cunning crowd and win the auction.

I moved to table number sixty-four, which was my entry number, and sat down in one of the chairs set up.

The venue is filled with less than a hundred members. Among them are skilled negotiators, individuals with no regard for money, those who resort to intimidation, and various types of villains.

Even if I have Edim with me, if I let my guard down, I will be stripped of my clothes and thrown in the sack. Something I learned in the battle with the fiend is that even a vampire could be taken off-guard facing a strong human opponent. A momentary lapse could be fatal.

“Orty, Edim, we are in enemy territory. We must be very careful.”
“Lady Tilea, this is no enemy territory. This is my—the 2nd Division’s garden!”

Orty leaned over Edim’s shoulder and declared

Phew, this guy is getting a piggyback ride from a middle school girl because of a leg injury, and yet he still comes up with such a bull-headed line. Even in a place like the underworld, where slaves are bought and sold, his attitude remains the same.

Orty, you could say that with your low battle level…you know what, I will respect your baseless confidence.

“Orty, I know this is your garden. So, are your legs OK now?”
“Yes, ma’am. As shameful as it sounds, I’m finally catching my breath. I am currently repairing the inside of my shredded legs.”
“I see, so you are repairing it. Meaning you can’t run for a while, then?”
“Y-, you are most correct.”

This guy can’t escape on his own if something goes wrong. He needs to be taken care of by Edim.

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“Edim, take care of Orty, will you?”
“Yes, ma’am. Leave it to me. I am ready to bear any burden the moment I heard Lord Ortissio would be coming. Even if I have to carry some baggage, the mission won’t be interfered with.”
“Wha?! Edim, you think I’m your baggage?!”
“You are, aren’t you? Am I right?”
“Y-. you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!”

Orty and Edim tried to fight each other in their piggyback.

Well, aren’t you guys very dexterous?

“Stop fighting.”
“B- but, ma’am, Edim is so rude and arrogant—”
“I’ll take that line right back at you.”
“Enough from the two of you, or perhaps my words have no weight for you?”
““N-, no-, not at all. I understand. Lady Tilea.””

The two of them then obediently bowed…

Geez, I’m worried about the future. Now’s not the time for a quarrel. We need to be united.

But when did these two get so bitter with each other? It’s like watching some cat-and-mouse cartoon. I thought they got along quite well when they went to defeat the fiend together.

Oh well. We’ll get through the auction now. That’s the most important thing.

“Orty, I think Edim’s kin told you, but how much cash did you bring?”
“About 500 pieces of platinum.”
“F-, five hundred?”
“My, my deepest apologies. It’s not enough, is it? I’ll get you some more money as soon as—”
“No, enough. I don’t need more.”

His monetary sense was still broken as always.

Five hundred pieces of platinum…that’s about a billion gold. I was in such a hurry at the time that I forgot to tell him how much I wanted him to bring.

I looked in the bag Orty pulled out of his pocket and found a jumble of platinum coins.

Yeah, he really brought a billion gold coins.

I don’t need to spend this much—no, wait. It’s an auction, so you never know how high it goes. Even if you don’t use all of it, it wouldn’t hurt to have at least that much as insurance.

Okay, we have enough operation funds.

Next, I need to get Orty’s approval to buy a slave and hire her as a maid.

“Orty, honestly, don’t you want a maid?”
“A maid? No, I would rather have a fighter. Our 2nd Division has been forced to reduce its strength. If possible, the Demon King’s army prisoners of war—”

Kgh, his 8th-grade syndrome even now?!

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“Eey. We have enough combatants (idiots). Think about it. You want a maid, don’t you? Of course I want a maid. Say you do!”

I pressed on, shaking Orty’s shoulders.

Oy, oy, If I can’t get Orty to nod, this whole operation will be out the window.

“Coff, coff. I-, I understand, Lady Tilea. Yes, I do want a maid. So, please forgive me. It-, it hurts…”
“Ah, sorry, sorry. I just got a bit passionate…”

I separated my hand from Orty’s shoulder.

No good, no good. Violence is strictly forbidden for the frail and weak Orty. Rather than sending him a maid, I was about to send him to the underworld.

Anyway, I got Orty’s permission. Now we can save the girl.

“Lady Tilea, shall we collect the female slaves here for the maids then?”
“Collecting? …O-, Orty, are you asking Edim to forcibly abduct the girls?
“No, there’s no need for abduction. I just need to order my men to collect them. After all, this is my garden.”
“I don’t want to talk about the garden anymore, Orty. I’m serious!
“I-, I understand. So we go with rough, I see. If so, Edim alone is enough for something as trifle as this place.”
“Of course. Unlike a certain someone, I’m not a fool who rendered himself immovable on the mission.”
“Who are you talking about, Edim?”
“Well, I wonder? I’m sure there’s no one in the Army of Evil Gods who can’t walk by himself and who’s dumb enough he has to be carried around.”
“F-, fine! I will not accept your protection. I will do my duty to Lady Tilea!


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