Chapter 35 – My Fear and Dryas’ Anger (Part 2)

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Liomad

——Dryas’ Perspective

Dryas runs. He just runs, and he keeps running.

Aah, it hurts, Lady Tilea! My dear Lord, why must you captivate my heart so?

With my brain running at full capacity, I head to the meeting room where the army members are.

It all started with the military meeting that had just taken place. Everyone’s morale was high because Lady Tilea was to attend the meeting for the first time in a while. As the general counselor, I should have remained calm, and yet I couldn’t deny that I was elated.

And after the military meeting…

Lady Tilea denounced Edim. Indeed, Edim has been passive in the meetings. She doesn’t express her opinion and keeps it to herself. However, I had assumed that it was an action that she took in consideration of her own position.

Lady Tilea also knows that Edim isn’t speaking outside of her position, and she’s usually fine with it. What is happening with Lady Tilea today?

Come to think of it, she seems to be worrying about something throughout the meeting.

Hm. As her military strategist, it is time for me to step up. I guided Lady Tilea to my own office.

I served her tea with the tea leaves that I had been treasuring dear. It was a cheap tea with a market value of only a scant several tens of millions of gold, but I had no better option. Ortissio’s abysmal money management skill and my own busy schedule regrettably leaves me with only this.

No other way then, I must cover the fault of having such inferior tea leaves with a superior brewing method. I am well aware of Lady Tilea’s preferences. I must have brewed the best tea on this day, at this temperature and humidity.

And the result is Lady Tilea drinking the tea with satisfaction.

Thank goodness…

I passed a satisfactory mark. After that, Lady Tilea slowly opened up to me about her worries. She was reluctant at first, but I insisted. I understand it is impious to urge my Lord’s words as her vassal, but I couldn’t restrain myself. I want to help Lady Tilea with all of my being.

Lady Tilea’s worries are also about Edim. She suspected that Edim might be plotting treason.

Aah, my dear Lord!

To think you would be worried about a rebellion by such a fragile speck of dust!

I knew it, Lady Tilea’s previous life must have had a significant influence on her. Lady Tilea once belonged to this elite group of “Niit” in “Jyapan” who fought every single day, in and out. I had heard how she was betrayed by all of her former subordinates; weak people who didn’t want to fight together with Lady Tilea, but rather chose to be enslaved by the “Companee”. That must be why, even in this life, Lady Tilea is extremely cautious of betrayal.

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How unforgivable! The possibility of Edim rebelling is next to zero. My logic as a military strategist understands that, but that is not the point. It is Edim’s attitude that makes Lady Tilea uneasy which is unforgivable.

Why don’t you work harder and reassure Lady Tilea of your loyalty, Edim?!

Oh how I want to execute such a piece of dullard immediately. However, Lady Tilea is a magnanimous being who does not approve of such a thing.

Very well, then. I shall re-educate her, including Ortissio who has a rebellious spirit. It is obvious that both of them are seeds of trouble for Lady Tilea.

When I returned to the conference room, Lady Camilla and the other executives were still continuing their hounding towards Edim. Ortissio, for his part, played innocent and was hurling abuse at her mercilessly.

“Heed my words!”
“What is it, Dryas? Don’t tell me, something happened to my dear sister…”
“No, Lady Tilea had no say in what I’m about to say. This is my judgment as the general counselor of the Evil God Army.”

The whole room stopped punishing Edim and turned to me.

“Forgive me for the suddenness, but I believe that there are people among us who are not worthy to be under Lady Tilea’s command.”

The room, which had been quiet, is once again abuzz.

“Nn, is that true, Dryas? Did my dear sister say anything…”
“No, Lady Camilla, this is only my opinion as a military strategist. As I said before, Lady Tilea has nothing to do with this.”
“I see. Since it’s coming from you, Dryas, then it must be true. So, who is the one unworthy of being under my dear sister’s command?”

Saying that, Lady Camilla glared at the surroundings with murderous intent. Her supreme king aura quickly covered the room.

Tension flared.
The army members watched with bated breath.

The silence was a stark contrast to the previous day. Everyone was paying attention to my every word.

To oust these names is my duty as the military strategist, not Lady Tilea’s. I shall be the one to bear the blame.

“I shall be candid: It is Edim and Ortissio.”
“”Why put me with him/her?””

Hah, look at you two, so harmonious! Two disloyal dullards singing the same song.

“I can’t accept this, General Counselor. I don’t know about Edim, but I am proud to be Lady Tilea’s most loyal retainer!”

Ortissio stood up and loudly refuted my accusation. He acted exactly as I expected he would. Is he not aware of how many scandals he has been rousing?

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“What loyal retainer, have the two of you forgotten that you suffered such embarrassing defeats at the hands of mere human beings?!”
“Th-, that’s…”

The two of them were at a loss for words.

That should’ve given them a reality check. After all, they had to struggle against mere humans. That is the same as leaving a stain on the war record of the glorious Evil God Army. Know some shame!

“The only reason why you two burdens have been in the Evil God Army all this time is because of the generosity of Lady Tilea. Don’t tell me you don’t feel that blessing!”
“O-, of course I do. Even if sir Ortissio is not, I am always grateful for Lady Tilea’s kindness.”

This time, it was Edim who leaned forward to refute.

“Y-, you, how dare you say that?! It is me, me, who’s always thinking of Lady Tilea. Come to think of it, you seem to be neglecting Lady Tilea all the time, Edim.”
“It-, it’s you who’s saying nonsense. All you say is baseless bullcrap!”

And the two of them started cursing each other.

How unsightly. They need to be educated as soon as possible.

“You dare to make a racket! You are in the presence of Lady Camilla!”
““M-, my deepest apologies!””

They are in perfect sync after all. These two disloyal garbages simultaneously rubbed their heads on the ground and got down on their knees.

“Hmph. You are right, they are unworthy of my dear sister. So, Dryas, how will you right these fools’ wrongdoings?”

Camilla stared at them with contemptuous eyes. I understand by the look in her eyes; Lady Camilla is telling me to have them executed immediately.

“Yes. I would like to execute them as soon as possible, but Lady Tilea is exceedingly generous towards her vassals. Thus, I will give them a chance.”
“A chance?”
“Yes, to make a spectacular achievement that will regain Lady Tilea’s trust within a week. That is the condition for forgiving these guys.”
“U-, umm… A-, a spectacular achievement in just one week?”

Edim, who had raised her head from her kneeling posture, asked me appealingly. Her expression was filled with discomfiture. Of course, I have no sympathy for this disloyal fool. “Yes,” I said firmly.

“If, if possible…”
“Say nothing further.”

I hand the pale-faced Edim a dagger.

Figure out the rest on your own!

Yes, the problem is that these guys are the source of Lady Tilea’s anxiety. Try to do enough to solve Lady Tilea’s worries. Normally, it would be easier to execute them without giving them that chance, but Lady Tilea’s generous heart would not allow it.

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I will give a last chance to those fools who imposed on Lady Tilea’s generosity to try to regain her trust. Should they compromise Lady Tilea’s trust again, I will personally hand them their last breaths.


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