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Chapter 24 – You’ve finally made me angry

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

The gangsters began to do something. Flame gangster fell back, while Dragon gangster and Tiger gangster stood to my left and right.

Huh? Huh? What’s about to happen?

They’ve begun to take some sort of formation.

I-, I’m kinda getting a bad feeling about this…

“Elder sister!”

Apparently Timu also noticed the abnormality of whatever they were doing because she ran over to me, worriedly.

“Timu, it’s dangerous so stay back!”

Timu can’t be placed in danger. I stopped Timu from approaching. These guys are planning something. But I don’t know what, exactly.

In that case, I need to make the first move. Shall I have you taste my nunchaku again!? Only, the nunchaku are too powerful. If Dragon gangster didn’t have regeneration powers, it would’ve turned into a huge incident.

Damned Loser (Bizef). It’s only at times like this that he’s oddly hard-working!

If I hit the wrong place with this weapon, it’ll kill somebody. Once I considered this, I hesitated in attacking the gangsters again.

“Evil God, I really didn’t think I’d hafta use this technique!”
“Yes. It was supposed to be our trump card against the Demon King.”

The gangsters mumbled some chant.

I-, It can’t be…

Every one of them can use magic?

It was the same in my last life as well, but there were a lot of delinquents with high specs. It looks like that rule applies in this world too.

Honestly, if you have that much ability then try contributing to society a little!

Paying no attention to my displeasure, the three of them completed their magic.

And then…

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“““Triangle Hells Attack!”””

The very instant that they finished chanting their incantation, hundreds of magic arrows appeared all around me in every direction. And all of them were pointed at me.

“Wai-, this isn’t a jok-, OWWWW!”

I-, It hurts. It really, really hurts!

Dozens of the arrows ruthlessly stabbed into my body.


Am I going to die?

But, t-, there’s no blood…?

―only, what happened instead was that the shiny black arrows began to sparkle and particles of light began to float about.

W-, What is this?

Anyway, for now I need to pull out the arrows!

H-, Huh? For some reason my arms feel weak.

I grabbed the magic arrows and tried to pull them out of me, but my arms were losing strength.

“GAHHAHHHAH! How do you feel, Evil God? Feeling your body grow weak?”
“Ku ku ku. Those black arrows are special, yanno; they’re mana absorbing. Just a graze from one of those is enough to suck out ten normal demons’ worth of mana.”
“Huhu. This was a good test for our battle with the Demon King.”

The three gangsters smiled with joy.

Mana absorbing?

So it was like those drain spells that appear in RPGs!?

W-, What a terrible thing to do. I’m just a normal person you know!

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A dangerous spell like this is normally supposed to be used on magic beasts.

I see. With a spell like this you can laugh and enjoy yourself as the other person loses their strength and panics. It sounds like something those low-life gangsters would come up with. But these guys don’t understand at all. Even if these arrows aren’t fatal, there’s a chance that a spell like this could kill an ordinary person.

There were a number of instances in my old life when gangsters messing around caused people to die. I don’t have the slightest intention of dying for such a reason.

Once again, I tried to muster my strength and pull the arrows out. But as expected, I couldn’t find the strength to. The hand wrapped around the arrow was trembling.

This is bad. My strength is leaving me. I can’t send any power into my limbs at all. This is bad. Really bad. I’m growing noticeably weaker.

“I’m coming, elder sister!”
“Y-, You can’t. D-, Don’t come……”
“Oop. Camilla, we ain’t gonna let ya through.”
“Please be quiet and watch.”

Flame gangster created a curtain of flames between Timu and I. The roaring curtain of flames flared so high that they seemed to reach the skies.

UOHHH, what a crazy flame pillar!? You could make a living with your magic. Stop wasting your time on being a delinquent and go get a proper job.

“Kuh-, YOU!”

Timu tried to break through it somehow, but the flame curtain stopped her― or rather, stop that already. If you try and break through that it won’t end with just a burn.

“He he. Well then, Evil God. In return for this arm of mine, gonna pay you back a few times over.”

Dragon gangster swung his blade with crazed eyes. I desperately blocked with my nunchaku.

Even though I held myself back earlier so that I wouldn’t hurt these guys…

Now that I was weakened, the gangsters happily tormented me.

Now that it’s come to this, I can’t hold back anymore. Discarding my earlier hesitation, I attacked. But whenever I tried to, the gangsters would skilfully dodge, and retaliate with hit and run tactics. I was trapped.

Kuh-, if I don’t defeat them while I can still move…!

My anxiety grew, but I couldn’t find a way to change the situation. The biggest problem was definitely my mana being drained. Whenever I tried to attack, my strikes were weak, and I never hit. At this rate, things are only going to get worse.

“HAHAHA! Take this!”
“GAHAHAHA! Have a roar!”
“Hu hu, where are you looking? You’re going to get burnt to death, you know.”

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Hahh, hahh, the three gangsters all continued to attack in their own ways. Dragon gangster was swinging his Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade about. I don’t know if it was magic or some power specific to beastmen, but Tiger gangster was hitting me with roars of spirit bullets. On top of that, Flame gangster was using Kafrizzle-class1 flame magic…

If it wasn’t for Loser (Bizef)’s rare equipment, wouldn’t I have died?

And, finally, the rare equipment was starting to form cracks. Even rare equipment would obviously break if it continued taking attacks like this.

Mn!? Which means that I’ll have to deal with the power of the next attack with my own defense?

This is bad, this is bad. T-, This is definitely bad!

I-, I’m scared. I’m so scaredd…

I really shouldn’t have picked a fight with gangsters. They cross the line without even blinking.

…If I prostrated myself and cried, would they forgive me?

I took a peek at their expressions. All three of their faces were warped in joy. They were drunk on violence.

I know that look.

In my past life, sometimes I had been surrounded by gangsters and beaten up like this. This scene right now was just like in my memories. They looked on with fun when they saw that I was afraid.

These three are the same!

If you ask for forgiveness from people like this, all it does is spur them on. In my previous life, I just gave them all the money I had, and desperately apologized to escape from the pain.

But this time that won’t work.

Are these guys aiming for money?

They’re not. They’re aiming for women. If it was just me, it would still be better. But these guys even planned to turn their poisonous fangs on Timu. That alone is something I have to stop.

It’s different from the times in my old life. I absolutely can’t lose this time!


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With my fighting spirit blazing again, I swung my nunchaku. My whole body felt like lead, and I felt like I would fall even now, but I mustered all my willpower and continued to attack with the nunchaku.

“Oop, that was close. Ya still had that much power!?”
“I’m shocked. Even a high-class demon would have died long ago from the mana absorption.”
“Heh! Gonna be taking this!”

Dragon gangster received the blow of my nunchaku with his Azure Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, before snatching the nunchaku away from me.

S̲h̲i̲t̲, he avoided it!

My vision was getting blurry, and of all things, even my weapon was in their hands. Without it, I had no way to resist. For now I need to move, or else I’ll just be a target for them. I ran left and right.

“HAHAHA, she can still move that well? This chick’s mana is like bottomless or something!”
“But her mana should reach its limit soon. I’m looking forward to when that happens.”

Dragon gangster and Flame gangster were chatting impatiently. To stop me from escaping, the three of them maintained their formation while carefully working together. At this rate, things will just go the way they want.

“Elder sister!”

At that moment, Timu broke through the flames. Her clothes were burnt here and there, and that wasn’t all. I’m sure she was burnt somewhere herself.

“Timu, how could you do something so dangerous!”
“My deepest apologies, elder sister. It took me a long time just to activate a defensive magic that could break through her flames.”

Timu, so you can even use defensive magic…

You’re amazing. You should feel proud of yourself. But it’s dangerous here. Those three are scumbags that would have no qualms about tormenting us even if we were already seriously injured.

“Timu, hurry up and run from here.”
“Elder sister, I will remove those arrows this instant.”
“Just listen, and hurry up and―”
“Elder sister, please endure for a little while. I will hit you with Star Freya.”

Ah, the spell from that time. The magic bullets from Timu’s hand collided with the arrows buried in me. Because they were firm and tough, they wouldn’t disappear unless they were hit by dozens of magic bullets.

“I shall not allow you!”

The gangsters noticed Timu and showed their intent to attack. Tiger gangster took the pose that he used for roaring. This is bad. He’s going to attack with his roar bullet!

“W-, Wait. Stop it! Timu, I’m fine so hurry up and run!”

Completely lost, I screamed at Timu. Tiger gangster’s roar bullets were quite powerful. The only reason my injuries are this light is because I’ve been wearing rare equipment. If somebody took that with their unarmored body, I think even a large adult would be seriously injured.

“J-, Just a little more.”

Timu ignored my words and continued removing the arrows. I see. Of course. There’s no way a girl who cares about her older sister this much would leave in a pinch like this.

I tried to cover Timu, but I couldn’t really find the strength.

“Camilla, DIEEE!”

Tiger gangster’s roar bullet rushed towards Timu. That loud roar bullet sped towards her like it was being guided in.


N-, No way…

It was a direct hit. She might be seriously injured. I immediately rushed towards her side.

“Hahh, hahh, e-, elder-, sis… T-, Thank goodness. It seems the curse… removed.”
“Yes, thanks to you, Timu. I’m completely fine now. My strength is back.”
“T-, That I could be… o-, of use to you, makes me… happy, elder sister.”
“Sorry, Timu. Because I was useless I made you force yourself. Just rest here. Leave the rest to me.”

After giving a nod, Timu collapsed on the spot.

She’s breathing normally. Thankfully there didn’t seem to be any danger to her life.

Phew~ Thank goodness.

A sigh of relief escaped me. She mentioned defensive magic covering her body, so that’s probably why. But because of me she was hurt, and experienced something scary. I hope it doesn’t become a trauma, but…

S̲h̲i̲t̲, if I knew this was going to happen, I should have had Timu borrow equipment as well. I made a horrible slip-up. When I went to borrow equipment I hadn’t planned on having Timu fight directly, so I didn’t take it into account. I really am too naive. Even if she was on standby in the backline, situations like this presented plenty enough chances for her to be hit.

“GUHAHAHAHAHA! The first is down!”

Tiger gangster laughed heartily.

What an unbelievable b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! He doesn’t feel even a little guilt for hurting somebody. And a child like Timu too!

I can’t forgive them anymore. I’m not mature enough to stay quiet after my precious family has been hurt.

I dashed over to the unconscious Loser (Bizef) and borrowed a certain item from his pocket. Right. The item that he said I could even use to kill a magic beast with; the dangerous weapon “Bracers of Burst Earth”.

Loser (Bizef) is an untrustworthy and unreliable guy, but when it comes to weapons, you can believe him. Even without my nunchaku, using this is plenty.

B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ gangsters! How dare you do something as brutal as directly hitting somebody with your roar bullet!

You guys might have thought of it as a bit of fun, but if something went wrong, Timu might have died, you know! I’ll let you know what it means to hurt somebody. I’ll play this game the way you do. Don’t regret it if you die!

I equipped the bracers, and immediately closed the distance to Tiger gangster.

“Evil God!? What are you―”

This is payment for hurting Timu. With all my strength, I threw my right fist forward and gave Tiger gangster’s guts a taste of my straight.


Tiger gangster gave a scream loud enough to echo in the mountains, before throwing up blood and collapsing. He was twitching on the ground now.

…D-, Did he die?

“Guh… Gi… Gah…”

No, it looks like he barely made it. It’s definitely a heavy wound but… No, I don’t care. They had a great time doing me in, so I’m angry. It’s my turn now.

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