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Chapter 9 – S-Can Speak-lime

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Arriving at the Demon Cultivation Farm, it was still Hunter who came out to welcome me.

This earlybird who’d started out as a butcher still had fatty muscles, large upper arms, and a round waist. Right after seeing me, he foolishly guffawed and greeted:

“Hello sir City Lord.”

I gave him a nod, then walked shoulder to shoulder with him and asked:

“Tell me about what’s been going on recently.”

Hunter cracked his fingers as he pointed here and there:

“With sir Moon’s help, the Demon Cultivation Farm has expanded again. The surrounding residential area has been completely demolished and there hasn’t been much conflict over this. At the same time, we’ve established a special【Horned Rabbit】cultivation farm on a barren hill outside and the yield of quality rabbit meat and horn has clearly risen. At the present time, we already have some preliminary experience in rearing Demons and eliminating the aggressive nature of domestic Demons. Next, we plan on introducing some new Demons, to attempt to capture and domesticate some higher level Demons.”

As Hunter spoke, he exposed a proud smile:

“I don’t dare brag, but when it comes to raising Demons, the current us can be considered second to none. Just, catching and domesticating Demons will require sir Aleya and sir Felita’s help. We can only put forth an application and carry out this plan once the two sirs have time.”

During this period of time, Aleya and Felita have been running over to the front lines as West-Resisting City’s main military power fighting in the east. I reckoned that it would take until mid-winter before West-Resisting City went into idle mode. I just hope that Demons don’t have the habit of hibernating.

“That colorless slime?”

I asked.

Hunter clapped his forehead and replied:

“Well shucks, I forgot to tell you. According to your request, we’ve given it a better room. But it’s recently stopped liking to eat things and it’ll get cranky whenever someone approaches it. It’s been a long time since the several of us have gone to check up on it. In any case, it’ll eat up the food that we throw into the room every day. Do you want to visit it? I’ll lead the way.”

As he spoke, Hunter brought me over to a room. This room was relatively far away from the rest of the demon’s cultivation rooms. I took the keys from Hunter and sent him away before opening the door and walking in by myself.

The inside of the room was dark; the moment I walked in, a kind of chilliness whooshed at my face.

Just like those horror movies, the door behind me quietly closed.

There was only a small window in the room providing a minute amount of light. I looked left and right, but wasn’t able to find that familiar figure.

While I was puzzled, an ethereal voice suddenly sounded in my mind:

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——Who’s that? Who is it? Who is it?

——It’s slime, slime! Slime!

——Bearing the name of “uncommon colorless”, giving up everything to live, slime!

——Slime’s body is sticky!

——Slime’s heart is shiny!

——Slime’s words are sweet-sounding birdsong!

——Slime’s shine is a splendid gold!


——With “engulfing force” to create a body!

——The hero of justice! Slime!

When the singing voice fell, I suddenly heard the sound of wind from behind me and for a split second, there appeared to be countless murderous intents hidden within the wind.

I ducked to the side and right after, a fellow came from the back like lightning and smashed into the wall with a “bang!” Then, I heard the voice say “ouch” in my mind. The colorless slime slowly slid down the wall and onto the ground. Afterwards, the viscous fluid gathered to the core and changed back into a round slime again.

“Bi——jii! Sir slime is——alive!!”

Again, this voice rang out in my mind. With the help of the light the slime was emanating, I observed it and noticed that it hadn’t changed too much from the last time I saw it. It’s body was still colorless and there were still six small curry-fish-ball-like spheres floating around inside it.

The slime whirled around, its core flickering as if it was looking at me.

The voice in my mind spoke again:

“Bijiji……to actually dare treat this king as bait……I’ll return this humiliation to you today! My body’s already become stronger, all in order to accomplish my revenge sometime in the future! The current me is already unlike the past me! Prepare to experience this king’s anger, the overwhelming power I’ve gained from swallowing several big potatoes, enough to make stupid humans shiver! I’ll! Let! You! Experience! It! BIJII——”

After it finished its words, the slime stretched its body taut and launched its body over with a “swoosh”, throwing itself at me.

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I caught it with an expressionless face and shot it at the ground.

Despite all the nonsense that it had just spewed just now, it’s actual strength was weak beyond recognition.

“Bijii——!!! How can this be!! How could this king lose so easily!! Who are you??”

I squatted down and looked at it with the corners of my mouth twitching due to anger:

“Are you not aware of what level you are right now?? At best, you’re a Level 2 at greater perfection, not even a Level 3. What gave you such self-confidence? Furthermore, did nobody tell you that you’re not supposed to talk if you want to mount a sneak attack? Have you ever seen a fellow speak for a half-day before sneak attacking?”

The slime melted and “laid paralyzed” on the floor as it downheartedly said:

“Biji~biji~you may kill me. This king already has no face to live in this world.”

Even though it had gained preliminary understanding of language, it wasn’t able to get rid of it’s habit of saying “biji”.

I sat by its side and asked:

“So you were in that weakened state for so long just to evolve and gain the ability to talk?”

The slime hmph’d twice and responded:

“This isn’t what this king wanted. Evolution and what not is completely out of the control of this king. All this king can do is follow the instincts of this body. Biji……I originally thought that after becoming stronger this time, I would be able to defeat you, you *******, and smoothly escape. This king didn’t expect to be defeated like this! Dammit! Biji!”

After listening to its voice carefully, I noticed that its voice is fairly neutral, the kind where you can’t determine if it’s a male’s voice or a female’s voice. In terms of age, it’s like a child’s voice. It also clearly doesn’t have any vocal organs and seems to be directly relaying its voice into my mind. I picked it up and squeezed it, smooshing it back and forth. The slime immediately protested discontentedly:

“Stop it! Biji……you actually dare play and beat this king, are you planning on trampling on this king’s last remaining strand of self-esteem! Bijiji……after this king truly turns into a god era weapon……”

The slime’s voice spontaneously stopped.

But the title of【God Era Weapon】had already appeared clearly in my mind.

I held the slime up before my eyes and grinned at it.

The slime whistled.

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I slowly said:

“Little Colorless, I think I told you in the past? If you try to escape, I’ll do something cruel to you. If you don’t want to become a food ingredient, then don’t hide anything from me. Look me in the eyes, aren’t we ‘friends’?”

The slime suddenly bounced up:

“Bijii! Who would want to be friends with a ******* like you! You didn’t treat this king as a friend when you used this king as bait! When this king was hung up on the tree, this king nearly dissolved in fright while you were in the thicket laughing, this king still remembers it very clearly!”


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