Chapter 8 – It’s Not As If It’s Impossible

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Strictly speaking, amongst the people within West-Resisting City, apart from Aleya, one of the most worry-free people is Felita. The addition of Fang Thirteen into West-Resisting City has brought some friction along with it, which is especially prominent when the eager-to-prove-herself Fang Thirteen immediately went over to the front line and didn’t bother to assimilate into West-Resisting City. It was no wonder that Moon and Bai Huang would lose their tempers and even though Aleya didn’t say anything, her action of stealthily adding another week of eating stewed radish with cabbage didn’t escape my notice.

Only Felita is still as clever and cute as before, though she’s never been like this to anyone else. After Fang Thirteen came, Felita’s lips have been sealed and she hasn’t said anything about this matter. But behind my back, she’s been putting her disciple Yama thorough devilish training while watching on callously like an iceberg that hasn’t melted for the past thousand years.

Apart from giving the pitiful Yama a day off to celebrate his birthday, he’s been forced to train his magic regardless of whether it’s day or night, so his power has risen by a considerable amount.

After placating the moodiness of these several people, there are only two things left to deal with on hand.

The first pertains to Lugh. Strictly speaking, there exists a direct conflict of interests between this person and Fang Thirteen. As the former elected leader of “dwarves”, the greater part of his authority has been handed over to Fang Thirteen even though he’s still within the army.

The other night, Lugh was holding a jar of wine in hand as he sat in my City Lord’s mansion next to me and talked to me for the greater half of the night.

He mentioned that he really disliked Fang Thirteen, mainly due to that time Fang Thirteen brought soldiers with her and approached West-Resisting City. Lugh organized a resistance, but it ended up with Fang Thirteen quite a few of the men. Then, she used her army to obstruct West-Resisting City’s entrance and prevented Lugh from retrieving the bodies of the deceased. Just like this, Lugh had to watch on helplessly as the bodies of his fellow putrefied and pecked on by vultures. This bit of resentment had always been accumulating in his heart over time.

But he also told me:

“While I’m still extremely angered by those events even up until now, it just shows how inferior my capability is compared to Fang Thirteen when I give it some more thought. If she was in my place at that time, then perhaps those city guard brothers wouldn’t have died. I’m willing to hand over the authority in my hands over to her not because I’ve forgiven her, but because I know that she’s brought an army with her and will do her utmost to reduce our casualties.”

I looked at his deeply depressed appearance and said with a smile:

“When I handed over authority to the troops, it could be considered you taking on a leadership role in a time of crisis. The sacrifice of the soldiers isn’t your fault. Rather, it was because West-Resisting City was still weak back then. All that you’ve done is already very good. Besides, I’m not the type of person to burn the bridge after crossing it; since you’ve taken the initiative to hand over the authority to Fang Thirteen, I’ll make it up to you by fulfilling one wish.”

Lugh drank a mouthful of wine and didn’t respond, just pondering over my words in silence.

I remarked:

“Name it and you’ll get it; money is fine, a position without much work to do is fine, I’ll consider anything you desire.”

Lugh clenched his teeth and answered:

“I wish to become an unregistered disciple of sir City Lord.”

I raised an eyebrow.

Lugh continued with these words:

“I once asked sir Aleya. Sir Aleya said that you were the one who taught her swordplay. I am 26 as of this year, a full ten years older than sir Aleya, yet my realm is three levels lower than hers, still hovering around Level 2 Bladesman even to this day. I don’t have talent, so I won’t advertise myself as your disciple outside so as to not shame you. I only hope that you can give me some pointers in your free time.”

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I changed my position to a more comfortable one:

“Your blade, what do you learn it for?”

Lugh answered with a heavy tone:

“For revenge.”

I didn’t feel like asking him who he wanted to take revenge against since there were too many situations like this happening in this world. I couldn’t exactly solve each and every problem. Since he wanted to learn and I owed him one, then I may as well teach him.

Seeing me agree, Lugh finally let out a sigh of relief. To be fair, I also let out a sigh of relief since this situation could be considered a peaceful transition of military authority. All that’s left is for Fang Thirteen to perform and conquer 5 of Li Neng’s cities as soon as possible, that way I can straighten my back and act with integrity. Otherwise, my life will keep resembling a scumbag who takes his wife’s money to raise a mistress, someone who’ll make the people and even God angry.

The other thing on hand is the issue of the Demon Cultivation Farm.

When I returned, I made Aleya inform the Charm Demon duo Charm and Devil to stop harming Fang Lita. That child’s current complexion is deathly pale and his hands are cold, both pointing towards signs of kidney deficiency. On the other hand, the duo have eaten their fill. When I went to see them personally, the duo’s strength didn’t differ too much from the previous time I saw them, but they did get stronger by the tiniest sliver, the kind where you can’t notice it with the naked eye.

Once the female, Charm, saw me, she immediately put on a flattering smile and said:

“Sir City Lord, we’ve done a good job dealing with this time’s matter right?”

I highly praised the duo for their contributions.

After obtaining my praise, the male, Devil, kabedon-ed me while using his other hand to pull open his top, exposing his sturdy pecs. He smiled evilly as he said:

“But for us, sir City Lord is the most arousing goal……AH!!!”

Devil covered his pants and slid onto the floor after eating my knee. I moved over a chair and sat down before I commented:

“Anyway, it seems like you two won’t have food to eat soon. How long will you two be able to last without eating this time?”

Charm resentfully replied:

“About half a month for me, he has about one month.”

“Why is he more than yo-……****.”

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I was just about to ask why Devil gained more essence than her, but I suddenly felt a chill when thinking about it, so I felt that I’d be better off not asking.

Charm looked like a love-struck fool as she ran her white finger across her glossy lips and softly sighed:

“Ahh……sir City Lord. When will we be able to taste your essence?”

Using the principle of drawing a big picture without paying anything, I answered:

“Rest assured, as long as you work hard, that day will come. Probably.”

Devil held his lower body with one hand while extending the other out towards me and asked with a trembling voice:

“A-and me?”

I resisted the chill going down my spine with great difficulty and exposed a glittering smile:

“I-it’s not like it’s impossible……”

The duo shed tears of gratitude upon hearing my words. I gave them some money that was specially allocated from West-Resisting City’s funds. The duo had, after all, made outstanding contributions to this time’s operation. It’s a pity that though Charm and Devil have a similar exterior and intelligence to humans, they don’t have a clear-cut concept to money due to having lived over in Demon Race Territory.

I explained:

“You two are creatures with intelligence so I don’t plan on treating you like those low-level Demons. Starting from now, you two can go out and stroll the streets. If you see something you like and you have enough money to buy it, then buy it. But the premise of this is that you don’t attack the people of West-Resisting City. I believe I don’t need to explain this bit for you two to understand, yes?”

I gave both people one gold coin each, then some silver and copper coins. I then taught them some common sense regarding money and told them that they shouldn’t spend all their money in one go because their next payout and bonus was still unknown.

After saying goodbye to the two of them, I went to the Demon Cultivation Farm.

When that colorless slime followed me and Aleya to Demon Race Territory, it ate quite a few formidable Demon corpses so when we returned, it was extremely sleepy. It’s been one month since then, so I’m assuming that there should’ve more or less been some change.


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