Chapter 10 – Things That History Won’t Record

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

I took a step back and the slime that had just jumped up out of anger, fell straight onto the ground and changed into a puddle of viscous liquid once again. Afterwards, the viscous liquid slowly gathered back around the core and recovered its former appearance. I sat in front of it and said:

“You can’t say it like that. It’s not as if I didn’t give you any benefits for acting as bait. The Demons that Aleya killed, weren’t they all basically eaten by you? If not for that, would you be able to become what you are now? At that time, you were pulling on my trousers like a beggar dog so that you could act as bait. Yet now you’ve changed your tune in a blink of an eye, how could you be so heartless?”

The slime’s imposing manner instantly dropped and it stopped talking.

I continued:

“Furthermore, you’re clearly a problematic element. According to a normal train of thought, I shouldn’t be demanding you to be like other slimes that can transform into what they eat. When we were in Demon Race Territory, you’ve eaten at least two Level 6 Demons and one Level 7 Demon. As for the other lower level Demons, you’ve consumed a countless amount of them, but the result? You’ve evolved into such a weakling?”

The slime argued:

“This king is a late-stage……”

I ruthlessly interrupted it:

“Late-stage my ***. With your speed of evolving, I reckon it’d be of no use even if all those Demons in the west were eaten clean. I advise you to tell me what you know otherwise I’ll consider selling you off as a rare commodity. Eating you is a bit wasteful, but there should be quite a few people interested in you as a specimen.”

The slime cried out with great alarm:

“Bijii!! H-how can this be!!”

I didn’t continue speaking any further and instead gazed at it in silence. A while later, the slime dejectedly said:

“Fine……honestly, this king also isn’t too clear on it. It’s just that when this king was born, this king could see fragments of vague recollections from long ago. A bunch of fellows with halos on top of their heads and wings on their backs and a crowd of grotesquely shaped creatures fighting. Afterwards, this king opened mine big mouth and smothered those grotesquely shaped fellows with one bite. Ah~that scene~is amazing just to remember! Afterwards, those fellows with halos on top of their heads said that this king was one of the weapons that they researched and developed in order to deal with those grotesquely shaped creatures. In the end, one of the women in that group of halo-bearing fellows thrusted a scepter into this king’s body and said, ‘But we don’t need you anymore. Many thanks for your contributions. Goodbye,【God Era Weapon】. ‘ And then, nothing.”

I frowned:

“People with halos on top of their heads?”

The slime nodded and responded with resentment in its voice:

“Bijii——!! Yes.”

.Halos on their heads, wings on their backs; that’s naturally the symbol of the Ancient Spirit Race. One of the top three races and the race that dwells above the world, separate from the earth. It’s said that they have countless links with the human race and are the object of a typical human’s prayer.

As for those grotesquely shaped creatures……

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I looked at the slime and remarked:

“No wonder you’re regarded as the public enemy of the entire Demon Race; they regard you as the biggest threat in the deepest level of their subconscious. Legends say that the division of the upper realm and the earth is a result of the war between the Ancient Spirit Race and Demon Race. The once top-notch race, the Demon Race, was knocked down a rung into medium. If the things you saw are real, then you should be a weapon that the Ancient Spirit Race prepared for the Demon Race. Since you swallowed so many Demons, you casted a psychological shadow into the depths of their minds.”

The slime whispered:

“What does that have to do with this king. This king just has a bit of memory, but those things weren’t done by this king. This king is merely a variant slime and isn’t so powerful.”

I continued:

“‘Return to your roots’……I think that’s what it’s called? Even though slimes can devour other Demons to increase their strength, their upper limit is very low. While you’re not that different from a good-for-nothing right now, your upper limit is much higher than the average slime. If you are provided with many Demons to eat, it’s very possible that you will grow into an extremely terrifying level. You were born by accident and inherited a portion of the【God Era Weapon】’s blood, thus naturally also inheriting a portion of its memories. If I indulge you, perhaps you really will become an existence worthy of this title.”

The slime puffed out its chest……no, accurately speaking, it puffed out its stomach and pridefully said:

“It’s good that you understand. Young man, if you raise this king, this king will certainly live up to……”

I kneaded its head and lifted it up. After weighting it in my hands, I reckoned that it was around 4 catty and immediately changed my face to one of despise:

“Who do you think you’re trying to deceive? With this growth rate of yours, I won’t be able to raise you even if I lost my entire family fortune. Moreover, even if you do become strong, what use is that? From the view of your memories, you have committed the highest sin and are worthy of death to the point that even those brainless low-level Demons know to kill you upon being born. And this is just the instinct that flows in their blood. Don’t get me started on those high-level Demons either; if you eat so many of them at once, they will instantly react. When the time comes, masses of Level 14 to Level 15 bigshots will run over to West-Resisting City; do you think I’d be able to protect you then? Besides, those group of Ancient Spirits also probably don’t want you. Think about it, what use do you have even if you went to the upper realm as a slime?”

The slime was stunned for a moment.

Just when I thought it was going to vigorously rise up and retort, it melted in my hands and cried.

Very small droplets of viscous fluid dropped from its body, pitter-pattering as they made contact with my arm.

“Bijii!! This king!! This king……definitely has a use……”

Now isn’t this an embarrassing sight to see.

There was nothing I could really do to help it, so I placed it onto the ground and stroked its shiny head and comforted:

“Now now, don’t cry. Tell me, do you know anything else?”

The slime lifted up its head, thought for a long while, then replied:

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“This king still remembers a vague memory. Apparently it takes place when this king was just born as the【God Era Weapon】, still wasn’t able to open his eyes, and the environment was still a piece of darkness. There was a muffled voice of a male saying, ‘the new【Divinity Selection Ceremony】will be starting, the【God Era Weapon】matter can be put to the side for now’, then said, ‘we’ll let them go this time’. This king tried his hardest to open his eyes and saw a line of bare-backed girls. Their backs were facing this king, motionless, as if they were dead people; they had extremely complex tattoos on their backs that contained feathers, halos, wings, clouds, an ocean, stars, the sun……and the strange thing is, they were all like humans. They were wingless and had no halos on their heads. The contrast between them and the people next to them was very distinct. But at that time, this king probably didn’t have much strength since that scene only appeared for a brief instant before everything faded to darkness.”

I frowned:

“Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake? I’m not trying to badmouth you or anything, but you don’t have eyes at all, so you can’t even open or close your ‘eyes’. Moreover,【Divinity Selection Ceremony】, human women, and those tattoos you speak of, I, Li De, during my idle years in Lingyun City, have heard and seen many accounts of true history and unofficial history, but how come I’ve never seen even a word of mention in any of those books and diaries I’ve read through?”

The slime on the floor bounced twice and argued:

“It’s impossible for this king to have made a mistake! That scene really was very scary!”

I patted its head:

“Alright, alright. Even if it really was true, they’re events that happened before the decisive battle between the Ancient Spirit Race and Demon Race, things that happened unknown countless millennia before it. I reckon they’re already long gone.”

The slime shrunk its body as if the scene it had recalled still casted a psychological shadow on it.


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