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Chapter 9 – Let Me First Hear You Say ‘Onii-chan’

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Cleanser, skincare, foundation, beautycare, moisturize.

Skin-use, hair-use, beautification, hair removal, breast enhancement, fitness exercise, eliminating smells, freckle removal, sunscreen.

Liquid, lotion, moisturizer, face powder, vaseline.

Hairdressing, skincare, makeup, manicure and pedicure, lip gloss.

Facial cleanser, body wash, shampoo, skin toner, perfume, skin cleanser, quintessence liquid, pure essence, hair conditioner, essence milk, moisturizing facial cream, foundation cream, hair-washing ointment, concealer, hair-steaming ointment, essence cream, pre-makeup cream, face powder, loose powder, skin-cleaning powder, anti-shine powder, pressed powder, lipstick, hair wax, baby oil, hair oil, essence oil, eye shadow, cooling agent, eyebrow pencil, mascara, cosmetic contact lens, face-lifting cream, lip gloss, lip liner.

As well as all sorts of accessories. All sorts of clothing.

All sorts of shoes. All sorts of bags.

Is beauty so easy to obtain?

For much of the female population, yes. Being born good-looking, what could you do about it? For example, Aleya or Felita would naturally grow into outstanding beauties with their solid foundation as long as they didn’t seek to destroy their own beauty by doing things like staying up late or unreasonably eating and drinking.

Little Huang was also a natural-born beauty.

But how would you be able to tell who’s the most beautiful between all these beauties?

When it comes time to judge, everyone’s flaws become infinitely magnified.

Whichever girl has the slightly bigger mouth, whichever girl has the slightly more spherical face, whichever girl has the slightly worse skin, whichever girl’s face has freckles……these are all problems that could have you lose before even reaching the final round. In my opinion, cosmetics and artificial beauty is fine; it’s not something to be ashamed of, but rather a way of adapting to society, a result of natural selection.

If you wanted to survive in a beauty-seeking world, how could you be without these things?

After classifying all the cosmetics in the chests, I began blending them non-stop.

It was impossible for me to completely replicate the cosmetics in my previous world since there were many chemical compounds that weren’t available in this world.

However, there were many things in this world that could substitute for those chemical compounds.

Bottles and jars littered my surroundings, all kinds of liquids became stains on the floor.

Little Huang had already retreated herself to the most inner depths of the bed, with the look of a poor lamb to be slaughtered.

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“Don’t come over here! Even if you beat me to death, I won’t put these things on my face!”

Facing her scolding, I approached with an evil grin and first permed her hair curly.

In this era, long black hair was too uncharacteristic.

Afterwards, I forcefully cupped her face and began touching up and mending her eyebrows.

Then, I helped her orderly apply all kinds of makeup products and adjusted her looks little by little.

This process took approximately 4 to 5 hours.

By the time I was finally finished, I collapsed onto the bed in tiredness. But just a moment later, I slowly pushed myself off the bed and began hurriedly making her clothes. The clothes in the current era were all similarly plain and simple, so I planned on mixing in some modern elements. By means of sight, smell, asking, as well as ‘touch’, I helped her determine her three sizes and began cutting out her clothes. Little Huang sat on the bed cross-legged as she curiously watched me:

“You sure can do everything.”

“No, I only know a little bit. I learned this from my mother in the past.”

In my past life, my mother told me that girls don’t want to become old, so using cosmetics was a natural result. Back then, my thought process was that the more I learned about cosmetics and such, the more I would be able to help my girlfriend once I got myself one. Reality proved that I had thought too much since I simply did not catch myself a girlfriend.

Little Huang asked:

“Can I look in the mirror now?’

I replied:

“No. You need to wait until I’m completely finished. After wearing the clothes I’m making for you, you’ll receive the greatest shock of your life when looking into the mirror.”

Little Huang leaned on the bed side and became engrossed in curling her curly hair tips with her index finger.

After another two hours, I finally finished cutting out her clothes.

But after Little Huang put them on, she placed her hands on her waist and asked me with an angry face:

“What the heck is this! How come so much is being exposed! And how come half of my chest is being exposed? This is t-too……too s-shameless.”

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I righteously stated:

“Comrade Little Huang, don’t take my words the wrong way, but isn’t your way of thinking a bit too conservative? Exposing just a bit of skin means that one is shameless? Then in that case, you might as well tell all humans to cover themselves in sacks and just expose their eyes. What this is, is beauty, it’s art, it’s the necessity for human development, it’s cultural open-mindedness. Sigh, you can’t be stuck in the old ways. Come, take a look at yourself in the mirror.”

I took out the huge copper mirror from under the bed. Little Huang walked over with her hands still on her waist, but in that instant she saw herself in the copper mirror, all of the anger on her face vanished like smoke.

She stood still as stone as she looked at the copper mirror. After a long time, she asked in pure disbelief:

“This is……me?”

It’s definitely you, or what, you think it’s me?

I unhappily retorted:

“Right? If I told you I wouldn’t deceive you, then of course I wouldn’t deceive you. Even though I’m the one who personally put on the makeup, I myself feel a bit moved. Your original foundation is very good; you’re a beauty with 90 points, all the makeup did was make up for the last 10 points.”

Not trying to boast or anything, but if Little Huang went on stage right now, she had a 70 to 80 percent chance of winning the title. The reason behind that is very simple: I had transformed Little Huang in accordance with the aesthetics of this current time, incorporating a certain degree of face-thinning and so on. The current her could be considered this current time’s “internet celebrity face” and not the type that everyone was tired of, but rather the type of face that was in line with the aesthetics of the vast majority of people. Furthermore, she truly was stunning: thin eyebrows, large round eyes, slightly blushing cheeks, wide forehead, curly black hair, and trembling up-rising eyelashes. Two sweet dimples would appear when she giggled, something loved by all, her appearance lying between one of an onee-san’s and a loli’s. Paired with the low-cut evening dress, it has both the freshness of youth and the charming grace of a mature woman.

I called it simple perfection, the perfect lover of the people born through my hands.

Little Huang still spoke a bit incoherently:

“But, I usually don’t. Those sisters of mine also put on makeup, but they’re all……no……this is too inconceivable. This is magic, right? You used magic, right?”

“To a certain degree, this can be considered magic.”

I put away the copper mirror and pushed Little Huang back onto the bed, then continued analyzing:

“It seems that makeup is no longer the problem. What’s left is learning the skills.”

I fixed my gaze onto her eyes and solemnly said:

“Let me first hear you say onii-chan.”


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