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Chapter 8 – Allow Me To Let You Gain First-Hand Experience On Asian Sorcery

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Little Huang sized me up with great interest and asked:

“You’re really a part of Yun Hai Convoy?”

I patted my chest:

“Of course! You can go ask any one of the Yun Hai Convoy, I have a bit of a small reputation. Have you ever heard of Bai Feng and Bai Huang? I’m able to joke around with them. Don’t worry young lady, I have some internal connections. Although I dare not vouch for myself, I do have a bit of surety.”

Little Huang remained superficially smiling.

Seeing her not particularly hurried appearance, the judgement I had for her in my heart became even firmer.

With just a single glance, one could tell that this person was one of those female swindlers in JiangHu, disguising herself as the victim to make people drop their guards around her. And with her multiple questions about whether or not I was really part of the Yun Hai Convoy, it should be because she’s anxious about her three companions——those three people that were now lying on the ground before us. She was most likely worried about whether or not I would be inviting them to the law enforcement office to drink tea.1

Based on my numerous years of experience, I should be dropping her some hints at this time, so I opened my mouth:

“As long as this young lady is willing to participate in the Queen of Flowers Election, these three’s fate is up to this young lady.”

Little Huang glanced at the three people lying on the floor, then said to me:

“In that case. Break their legs and throw them out of Yun Hai.”

Holy crap!

A swindler like you actually exists? Isn’t this a bit too heartless? How could you sell out your teammates so easily?

While I may have been silently despising her in my mind, I wore a smiling expression as I inquired:

“Then, sister Huang, the matter of the election……”

Little Huang nodded:

“Sure. No matter what, you’ve saved me, isn’t that so? But I want to first experience your methods……you should know that participating in the election requires a sum of money, moreover, there are many other people who look way better than me. Let me say this first: I don’t have any talents in performing.”

Frankly speaking, you have no confidence.

In order to avoid my dad’s informers as much as possible, I brought Little Huang with me and rented a hotel room outside. Even though my dad’s informers still saw this in the end, it wasn’t their business if I brought a girl with me and rented a room outside. It wasn’t like they could go up to her and ask ‘Young lady, however much money Li De gave you, we, with the backing of the Overlord of Yunyang, will give you double’——it was fine to say that you robbed things from your own son, but robbing a woman from him, my dad probably wasn’t shameless enough to do that.

Now that we were in a peaceful environment, Little Huang confidently sat on the bed.

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Once I moved over a chair and sat before her, I asked:

“So, young lady Little Huang, would you mind introducing yourself.”

Little Huang raised her eyebrow as she queried:

“You’ve never seen me before, right?”

I nodded.

She thought for a bit, then replied:

“My name is A’Huang. I’m 18 years old as of this year and I’m a daughter of an ordinary family. We might not be considered wealthy, but at the very least, there’s no need for me to help out for the family finances. Today I went out to buy a few things and didn’t expect to encounter this situation.”

“Girls need to be careful when they’re out alone, there are many bad people out there.”

——For example, me.

After silently ridiculing myself in my mind, I said:

“En, young lady Little Huang. The current situation is roughly like this: as I said before, I am part of the Yun Hai Convoy and have a bit of personal connections, so it’s very likely for you to obtain the title of Queen of Flowers. But the issue now is that you have no talents. If you do take the title of Queen of Flowers, other people won’t be able to accept the result. At that time, if by any chance any of them investigate us, it’s very probable for us to be exposed, do you understand me?”

Little Huang nodded.

I continued:

“Therefore, starting right now, I will teach you a few things. It will consist of learning the way of speaking, gaining a voice for singing, and getting a feel for dancing. It’s basically a crash course. Of course, in order to make you convinced, I’ll first put on your makeup. After I’ve applied the makeup, you can look at yourself in the mirror and more or less understand whether or not I’m speaking the truth.”

Little Huang nodded again, seeming to say, ‘begin your performance’.

I probed:

“Little Huang, have you ever put on makeup?”

Little Huang cooly replied:

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“No. I only wear a bit of lip rouge during the new year celebration, otherwise I look just like this every day.”

“Then have you ever done skin maintenance? I feel that your skin is in very good condition.”


While I was making some small talk, I called over the hotel’s waiter and gave him 10 gold coins to buy some common cosmetic products on the market, which were to be brought to my room one by one. Afterwards, I ordered him to buy me a set of props that actors use as well as some multicolored cloth from the tailor’s store. The rest was to be his tip.

The waiter left pleasantly surprised.

Little Huang wrinkled her forehead and questioned:

“It requires this much money?”

I poured a cup of tea and unhurriedly drank it before answering:

“You’re inexperienced, Little Huang. Makeup is like a war for girls, women will do anything to look good. But in my opinion, the amount of cosmetics on the market is too lacking. Rouge, lip rouge, flower ornaments, it’s only those types of things again and again. The core idea of the things sold on the market is for applying on the face, applying on the mouth, and applying on the forehead; this is no good, it’s too primitive. Next, I’ll allow you to understand what true makeup is.”

After approximately half an hour later, the waiter brought over 8 robust men carrying 2 gigantic, fully packed chests into my hotel room.

For the very first time, the expression of fear appeared on Xiao Huang’s face; it was the expression that didn’t even appear when she was facing those three men in the alleyway.

I clapped my hands, closed the door, then laughed evilly as I walked towards the bewildered girl.



  1. Drinking tea can also mean “being warned to behave ‘responsibly’ ” in this case.
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