Chapter 10 – Discussing The Queen of Flowers Over Liquor

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library


Little Huang repeated after me.

“Ah sorry, wrong thing. I mean, call me big brother.”

Little Huang tilted her head:

“Big brother De Li~? Like this?”

I stroked my chin:

“Not enough feeling, I can only give it 3 points.”

“Brother De Li.”

“4 points.”

“Brother De Li!”

“3 points.”

“Big~~brother~~De Li~~”

“0 points.”

“Big big big brother brother brother De Li!”

“Negative points, get out of here!”

After a round of acting, Little Huang sat down on the bed domineeringly and rudely brandished the pillow and hit my head:

“This isn’t good, that isn’t good, what kind of style do you even want??”

I tidied up the cosmetic bottles as I retorted:

“You think the title of Queen of Flowers is that easy to obtain huh. Take a look at those girls in the brothels, which one of them doesn’t have a refreshing spring-breeze-like smile, which one of them doesn’t have a voice as sweet as honey? I’m telling you now, all men love this set of behavior. If you’re unable to learn it, then when the time comes that you’re left behind, you’ll be left waaaay behind, do you understand?”

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Little Huang angrily said:

“You’re still going on? I’m not one of those prostitute girls from the brothels, what would a woman from a respectable family like me need to study these things for?”

I pondered for a bit:

“To increase your interests in life? Well, after you get married, you’ll be able to capture your husband’s heart.”

Little Huang changed positions, crossing her legs as she spoke:

“For what reason would I want to win over their favor, them fawning over me is enough.”

I felt my chin as I responded:

“That sounds very domineering. But I think this isn’t an issue of currying favor or not currying favor; once you start liking someone, you’ll want to show him your best self. Once you think of the other person’s happy face, you’ll also start feeling happy yourself, this is a normal thing.”

Little Huang asked:

“So this is to say that you already have someone you like?”

“Yes, in the past.”

It’s something from my previous life.

Little Huang unforgivingly pressed on:


I felt powerless towards her extortion and was forced to elaborate:

“It’s not something you’ll understand. For good or for bad, I work as one of the Yun Hai Convoy and there are plenty of girls who like me. The girl I like is naturally someone with a high-end atmosphere. You wouldn’t understand even if I told you.”

Little Huang pulled my arm and shook it:

“Come on, let me hear it, maybe I’ll be able to give you some advice.”

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“I’d be truly screwed if I let you give me advice. You don’t even know what a man likes, not to mention helping a man pursue a girl.”

Little Huang hugged her chest with both of her hands as she replied:

“Of course I know, you men like good-looking girls with a big chest and long legs. Money, power, harem are things you men like, what else would you men want?”

“You’re not wrong.”

I helplessly waved my hand at her, indicating that I didn’t wish to continue talking about this topic.

Little Huang pulled on my arm again, asking:

“So, who do you like?”

The nosiness of this woman is really annoying. No, or should I say that it’s just a part of a girl’s nature to be gossipy?

In short, what I should do at this point is create some village head named Liu Cuihua or some other fake character to fool her.

Just as I was about to open my mouth to speak, I caught sight of Little Huang’s intense stare:

“Let’s first come to an agreement, you can’t deceive me, otherwise I won’t participate.”


Who in the world is like this, did you go through professional training or something??

Without a better choice, I forced myself to recall my memories and discovered that I fundamentally didn’t recognize anyone in Yun Hai. The only people who left a little impression in my memories were my several arrogant and haughty little sisters. But if I were to say my little sister’s name, I would feel sick to my stomach. And so, after racking my brains, I finally recalled a name that I had noted down and said to Little Huang:

“How could I lie to you. Bai Huang, have you ever heard of this name?”

Little Huang froze in place.

She appeared completely stupefied, since when I waved my hand in front of her eyes twice, it seemed as if she hadn’t seen my movements. Her eyes were fixed on me and after a good moment, she recovered her bearings and questioned me:

“You’ve seen her before?”

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I blurted out random nonsense I thought up on the spot:

“Of course I’ve seen her before, she’s a beautiful and well-educated good child. She’s practically the ideal girlfriend; from the first instant I saw her, I felt that my heart had been stolen by her. From that moment onwards, no matter what kind of girl was in front of me, none of them could move my heart.”

Little Huang thought for a moment, then very bluntly said:

“I think you should forget about it. She’s too hard to pursue.”

“There’s nothing a determined person can’t overcome.”

I patted Little Huang’s shoulder, then promptly changed the topic:

“That’s why I’m saying it’s also possible for you. As long as you’re determined, obtaining the title of Queen of Flowers will be as easy as pie. When the time comes, we’ll both get rich quick. You’ll live your life as a wealthy woman while I live mine as a local tyrant; we’ll step forth to the pinnacle of life together, isn’t it a beautiful picture? Let’s cut the chit-chat, first learn how to call out ‘big brother’, then learn how to sing. We don’t have much time on our hands so I’ll be cutting out the time for eating and drinking. I’m here to turn you into the next Queen of Flowers. After you make your mark, I hope you don’t throw me away since I’m depending on you for my retirement money.”

Little Huang lowered her head in contemplation for a little while, then stated:

“Okay. But I’m going to remind you in advance, this time’s Queen of Flowers Election has many talented individuals in hiding. Even though you have many impenetrable techniques, you still can’t be careless.”

I once more sat back onto my chair, imploring:

“Are there any popular favorites for the title?”

Little Huang asked:

“What’s the point of asking this?”

I laughed:

“There’s no point, I’m just looking into how I can poison or assassinate them; in any case, making them unable to participate is fine.”

Little Huang grabbed the pillow again and smashed me with it:

“Can you be a bit more ashamed of yourself?”

“What would I need that for……forget it. Anyway, Sun Tzu once said ‘know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated’, understand?”

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“Grand aunt doesn’t care about Sun Tzu or Sun Tsu, you just can’t use those vulgar methods!”

“Fine fine fine……”

After repeatedly guaranteeing her that I wouldn’t, Little Huang told me her analysis:

“I heard that Jadeite Pagoda’s top card can sing, play chess, play instruments while singing, and has skin as white as snow. She’s probably a candidate for Queen of Flowers?”

I replied:

“Jadeite Pagoda’s top card lost her maidenhood a long time ago. This world is one where virginity is the most sacred, so Jadeite Pagoda’s candidates have to be maidens as well.”

Little Huang continued her analysis:

“It’s said that the Overlord of Tian Cheng has a maid who was raised in the lady of the house’s bedroom without knowledge of the outside world. She’s amazed the world with a single brilliant feat, suppressing the 4 seas, is she a possible candidate for the Queen of Flowers?”

I answered:

“What bullshit maid, I’ve never even heard of her. She is much more inferior compared to you, so no, not a candidate for the Queen of Flowers.”

Little Huang said:

“Then what about Joyous Courtyard’s Hostess Purity, her smile is a priceless treasure that can’t be sought for. Even without cosmetics, she can make the mob rush crazily for her, is she a possible candidate for the Queen of Flowers?

I responded:

“What nonsense garbage is ‘her smile is a priceless treasure that can’t be sought for’! Nobody wants trash that’s too aloof, not a candidate for the Queen of Flowers.”

Little Huang paused for a moment, then asked probingly:

“Then, Yun Hai’s Bai Huang, she is proficient in both civil and military affairs, she’s shrewd, she’s quick-minded, her intelligence surpasses others, her learning is both from the past and present, she’s quite the model heroic female, she fights for justice, she’s born with innate country-toppling beauty, and those who see her are ashamed of their inferiority. Is such an amazing woman suited for the title of Queen of Flowers?”

How can this person use so many modifiers, damn.

Ah, I understand. It’s because I mentioned Bai Huang just now, perhaps this made Little Huang feel a sense of inferiority? This is unacceptable, for someone participating in the Queen of Flowers Election, how could it be fine to be lacking self-confidence?

I heavily slammed on the table and shouted:

“You think that ugly is suitable for that damn Queen of Flowers title?!”

Little Huang grabbed the pillow, stood up on the bed, then heavily slammed it down onto my head.

This nutjob!


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