Chapter 7 – Pulling Over A Partner

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After affirming to myself that I would be attending the dinner party, I decisively went out for another stroll through the streets.

It wasn’t very realistic to pull over Fang Yuan and make him wear drag, but it was possible to pull over a girl with a decent foundation, if I was fortunate enough, during this time in Yun Hai where people converged from all parts of the country. With my knack for makeup and marketing techniques, it would be completely possible for me to transform her into a beautiful young lady who people would fall in love with at first sight——

Afterwards, it wouldn’t be unfair for me to take 50% of the reward as her middleman.

As I was thinking these thoughts, I had already begun seeking a suitable target in the packed main street. The results of making a whole circle around was that apart from several brawny boyfriends of women chasing some people around, there wasn’t much harvest.

“The hell you doin’? Lookin’ at my girlfriend? Beat him up!”

“Not even that old yet already so lustful? I, your father, will play ♂ with you(beat you up)!”

“Want to leave? Then you best keep you to yourself otherwise I’ll bust your balls!”

Left with no other choice, I ducked into an alleyway and began earnestly reflecting on whether it was because one of the steps I took was problematic.

I understood where I had gone wrong after carefully thinking about it. Where was this place? It was Yun Hai’s capital city, the region where Overlords from all over were gathering at. The packed main street were basically filled with aristocratic young ladies and their personal guards window-shopping or bacouples roaming the streets, so I simply had no chance to recruit anyone.1

Right as I was in the middle of worrying, I heard a burst of laughter from deeper inside the alley.

“Aiya. Little girl, why did you suddenly run over here, could it be that you wanted to make it easier for us to begin?”

“Haha, there was no way for us to start our ‘activities’ during the entire time we were following you. Who would’ve known that you’d take the initiative to fall into our hands!”

“With such a perfect opportunity in front of us, there’s no way we’ll let you leave……”

Wait a second!

What do you guys think you’re doing in broad daylight?

And with such an old-fashioned plot too, it can’t be that you’re trying to swindle me, right?

I still remember that heaven-shocking incident that occurred in Yunyang’s Lingyun City last year. A brothel woman who had disguised herself as a young lady from a good family was being robbed when a passing-by social justice warrior helped her out. In the end, the gorgeous woman wished to show her thanks by devoting herself to him. And so, when the two exchanged the cups of wine between bride and groom, the robust man fell onto the ground after drinking and when he woke up, he discovered that he was missing a kidney.

I was extremely stupefied upon hearing this case at the time. ‘This is magical realism come to life’ was my thought back then.

The only thing I could say about this was that ‘the knowledge of the working people is truly boundless’.

Now, seeing such a cliché plot about to unfold before my eyes, I pondered for a moment then decided that it would be better to avoid unnecessary trouble——

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Hold on!

Once I took the time to deliberate over it, I realized there were no downsides to me helping. If she truly was in trouble, then she would definitely gain a favorable impression of me. On the flipside, if she was actually acting, that would explain that she was truly short of money and I would still be able to make use of her. In any case, we would be doing it all for cash, so whether it was by hook or crook, there was no need to be shy about it.

Either way, it should be very easy to swindle her into participating in the Queen of Flowers Election.

With my thoughts reaching this point, I strided over and saw three buff men in the middle of kabedon-ing a woman whose face I couldn’t see from my angle. I kicked the butt of the guy who seemed to be in charge and loudly shouted:

“Don’t move, Yun Hai Convoy is here to enforce the law, place down your weapons and squat down with your hands behind your necks!”

Just like how my dad’s guards were called ‘Yunyang Convoy’, Yun Hai Convoy was the Overlord of Yun Hai’s guards. Within the domain of the Overlord of Yun Hai, I felt that “using” this identity should have some deterrent force……

But it seems like it doesn’t have any.

Just like how the standard plot goes, my two dear friends on the side didn’t obediently follow my words as expected, instead opting to fight back. The result? I easily tidied them up. After settling those three people, I immediately looked over at the young lady leaning on the wall in fright……to be more precise, I looked over in order to examine whether or not she was worth looking at.

The results made me pleased.

Her beauty was worthy of being the girl who was nearly done in by other people in broad daylight. Even though her clothes were plain and simple, it couldn’t hide her lovely appearance. Long, black hair trailing over her shoulders, a skirt featuring scattered flowers, and white boots with a green base. The bangs which would have normally covered her face was being pinned in place with a small hair clip, giving anyone who saw her a refreshed feeling. She seemed to be 17 or 18 and well-developed, her appearance a carbon copy of Athena Tennousu. Regardless of how I dressed her up, she should receive a large amount of favorable criticism.2

I asked with insincere courtesy:

“This young lady, are you unharmed?”

She lifted her head to look at me, then suddenly asked:

“You’re part of the Yun Hai Convoy? I……the Overlord of Yun Hai’s guards? What’s your name?”

Seeing how the clothes she wore were plain and simple, I reckoned that she wasn’t a noble lady and had never seen the Yun Hai Convoy before, so I said whatever nonsense came to my head:

“My name is De Li, I joined last year during Yun Hai Convoy’s selection process. May I get the honor of knowing this young lady’s name?”

She smiled and replied:

“You can call me Little Huang. I’m extremely grateful for your help just now, if you don’t mind……”3

Holy ****, it’s this sort of ‘giving myself to you’ plot as just I expected.

Exactly the same!

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I felt my waist and forcibly interrupted Little Huang’s words, then said:

“In that case, if you don’t mind, then how about I become your middleman. Young lady, I see that you were born with outstanding looks; how does taking those looks to the stage of the Queen of Flowers Election sound? With me present, I guarantee that you have a 70 to 80 percent chance of winning. When it comes time that you win, whether it’s people, money, or anything else, even 10 bodyguards, there will absolutely be no person daring to touch even a single hair of yours ever again. We’ll choose the most expensive item in the auction and split the profits 50-50; we’ll become rich overnight, how does it sound?”


  1. bacouple = baka couple = happy-go-lucky couple is the easiest way to put it, I guess.
  2. Google Image search prevails once more. I was given 可御可萝 and didn’t recognize her as Athena at first because it’s been years since I watched Hayate no Gotoku.
  3. The Huang in Little Huang(小黄) is different from the Huang in Bai Huang(白凰), but I’m guessing you’re thinking what I’m thinking…

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