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Chapter 5 – I Had No Other Choice But To Act As The Little Brother

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

You best not think you can do anything you want just because you have money——

Even though I was really tempted to say these words, it was true that he could do whatever he wanted with money.

After mulling it over and over, I realized that there truly was no good solution for this situation.

If it was just my older brother, I could very easily swindle him out of his family property, but things become different if it was Li Neng. Like my dad, although Li Neng was selfish to the extreme, he wasn’t so foolish.

Actually, according to one’s normal thought process, I only needed to crazily buy buy buy and hike up the prices to make then lose all of their family assets.

But reality wasn’t so kind.

First of all, they’re clear on “roughly” how much money I have.

Even if there were some discrepancies in their calculations, their overall calculation shouldn’t be that off. West-Resisting City is a very poor place, so there definitely isn’t much to profit from. From the 2,000 gold coins that I got from my older brother plus my small private stash of gold coins, I have “less than 3,000 gold coins”; this piece of information isn’t hard for them to find out and those people who pay even a bit of attention to me are aware of this fact.

Therefore, they definitely won’t bother starting a bidding war once I bid on things worth more than 3,000 gold coins. Once they ascertain that I don’t have much money on my person, they’ll immediately give up the bidding war and make me fall into debt and lose everything.

The worst part? In reality, I didn’t even have 3,000 gold coins on me, I only had about 1,000 gold coins in total if you counted everything I had.

I didn’t dare to gamble with them at this time.

If by any chance that old man of mine has no scruples in eating his own words and still wants to con me, it would become very easy for me to fall into the situation of calling out prices surpassing how much I have on me. For example, let’s say there’s this 500 gold coin product and I deliberately call out 1,500 gold coins. If they continue by yelling out 2,000 gold coins and I don’t continue the bid war, they’ll be the ones losing 1,500 gold coins. But, if by some miracle, their brains tell them to not call out a price, it goes without saying that I would be in a 1,000 gold coin debt. Furthermore, I would also be in the awkward situation of also “owing 500 gold coins” for something I didn’t want.

Should I place all my hopes on them “most likely not going back on their words” and “definitely increasing the price until I can’t afford it”?

I didn’t dare.

Therefore, I had no other choice but to act as the little brother.

Giving them a smile, I said:

“How amazing. Then, I wish you guys a pleasant shopping experience.”

When I stepped into my room, I immediately heard a peal of discussion behind me:

“How can he be so calm……could it be that he already has some countermeasures?”

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“Be a bit more careful. Don’t carelessly expose our economic strength.”

“Send more people to tightly stare at his every move……”

Countermeasures, hm…

As of right now, I have none.

The difference between our economic situation differs too much. It’s like a person with only a dollar betting against a millionaire. Even if the person with only a dollar has better skills, it’s still very hard for him to win anything. This is because the millionaire has countless chances to lose while the person with only a dollar has merely one shot at success or losing everything he owns.

In that case, the best thing to do is to wait it out.

I’m not in too much of a hurry anyway. Apart from this auction, I still have one more goal this time; it’s to confirm whether or not that Phoenix(Fenghuang) is as eye-opening as the rumors cut them out to be. West-Resisting City truly does lack internal affairs talents, but no major problems will pop up since I’m present, after all.

After I got up on the morning of the next day, I went strolling on the streets. Just as expected, there was someone tailing me.

I tested the waters by trying to buy some small trinkets and the people tailing me increased prices as I expected. But as I continued hiking up the prices to the point where it would be unreasonable to continue, those people started showing expressions of visible hesitation. I immediately gave up increasing the price and chose to slip away, but at least I was able to understand their attitude.

Sure enough, I couldn’t be reckless.

According to my several years of experience in fishing in troubled waters, I had to stay calm during this sort of time.

While it would have been very easy to directly beat them up, it would signify that I was giving up the cooperative relationship with Yun Hai Territory and I would be kicked out as a troublemaker.

The gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

I wandered aimlessly around and returned to the inn at noon to taste Yun Hai’s specialty dishes.

After a whole day of strolling, I couldn’t help but scrunch up my brows.

Not because of those several fellows tailing me, but rather because I discovered another problem.

There’s nothing worth buying.

I intended to buy several people talented in dealing with internal affairs, but when interviewing them, I discovered that they were either idiots with high standards but low ability or long-famous bigshots. The former were useless while the latter, I couldn’t even afford. Even without the disturbance of my brother and them, I would be hard-pressed to select an affordable talent in the short run.

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They were all ugly, talentless……

When asked “do you know of West-Resisting City”, half of them honestly replied “I’ve never even heard of it”.

Then, when asking the remaining half “do you have any suggestions for West-Resisting City’s future development”, 80% of them replied “Resisting the Demons and recover”.

It wasn’t that this was a wrong answer or anything, it was just that this answer was too safe and out of line with my way of thinking. Moreover, with such a dull response, what use would I have for you all.

The leftover 20% gave me some concrete future development proposals, but those able to were basically on the level of bigshots. If I continued asking them, then they would start glancing left and right before telling me that I had to purchase them if I wanted them to continue serving me.

Feeling helpless, I leaned on the balcony railing and sighed. Looking at the sparkling river bathed in sunlight, I felt that my life was lonely like snow.

But when I went back in, I surprisingly discovered a letter on my table.

It was another invitation letter.


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