Chapter 4 – Money Really Does Let You Do What You Please

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

When Fang Yuan finished speaking, I instantly understood his meaning.

He didn’t wish to see his brothers and I didn’t want to meet my dad and older brother, we had this bit in common. But for him to say these words at this time was a bit thought-provoking.

Should I join him in this self-pity party, or should I just laugh it off?

My current relationship with Fang Yuan was very simple; he’s one of the rare people in Zhao Chen Territory that don’t hate Yunyang and I’m one of the rare people in Yunyang Territory that bear no ill will towards those in Zhao Chen. It’s just for this reason, the fact that we’re simply not treated well in our own territories, that we both don’t have a sense of belonging to them and consequentially, we don’t care about the hatred that our parents fostered for each other.

What we have is merely an ordinary friendship.

What would going one step further be?

Would I need him to help me take care of my several older brothers, and would he need me to help him take care of his brothers?

To a certain extent, I would be helping him clean up his path and he would be helping me do the same, so it would be a win-win situation for both of us.

But after giving it some thought, I shook my head.

Yunyang’s problems should be solved by someone from Yunyang like me, it’s not worthwhile to call someone over to help with private matters.

I placed both my hands behind my neck and teased:

“No need. The one who’ll win still isn’t determined, why mess things up.”

After a moment of distraction, a trace of astonishment flashed past Fang Yuan’s small eyes as he replied:

“No way, boss. As far as I know, you also haven’t been living a good life either, right? This time, you’re bound to be sneered at again and lose face.”

I indifferently smirked:

“Ai, Fang Yuan, I really envy your simple-minded appearance.”

Fang Yuan laughed foolishly in response.

And so, we cheerfully spent another day together.

When it was time for us to part ways, Fang Yuan patted my shoulder and told me:

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“Boss, did you know? When I was very small, none of the people in my family liked me. There was a day where I was plucking an apple from a tree and one of my older brothers came over to steal it from me. But because I was too fat, I was no match for him, so I threw the apple into the river nearby.”

I didn’t speak.

Before he continued, Fang Yuan showed a nostalgic expression and smacked his lips:

“But from that day on, I began regretting my action. I should’ve hurried to take a few quick bites out of that apple, so that even if the greater half of the apple was stolen by him, at least it wouldn’t have benefitted those smelly fish and spoiled shrimp. It took me many years to understand this lesson; that a person shouldn’t angrily discard something, a person should always be taking actions that benefit their own life.”

He smiled at me, his smile devoid of that silliness when losing money or visiting a brothel, and his two small eyes gazed at me:

“Boss. Look out for Bai Feng. Sooner or later, there will be a day……where you will understand. I’ve only seen him twice and I can tell you that he wouldn’t be scary if he was just a noble son from Yun Hai, but……when you see him, you’ll understand.”


So you’ve learned how to keep a listener in suspense, little fatty.

I smiled at him faintly, then trampled him off of the carriage.

“Done speaking? Then get the hell out of here, sitting with you in the same carriage on such a hot day makes me short of breath.”

Seeing him rubbing his back as he stood up, I shouted at him:

“If you have time, come take a tour around my West-Resisting City. Stay alive, don’t die in Zhao Chen.”

Fang Yuan turned his head and waved at me:

“See you later, boss! Remember, we patronized prostitutes together……we’re brothers!”

Brother, my ***.

We haven’t even done anything substantial together, alright. All you did was bring to me the pleasure quarters to listen to some music and satisfy our hand’s cravings while you were at it.

I shook my head and didn’t bother replying.

The carriage unhurriedly took me to the inn.

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Just as I got off the carriage, I heard a familiar voice.

“Li De——!! I didn’t think I would see you again so quickly!”

I lifted my head and caught sight of Li Yi placing his hands on his waist with an extremely irate smile.

I returned a smirk to him:

“Ah yes, I didn’t think your wound would heal so quickly.”

“You *******——”

Before Li Yi could finish his sentence, a cold voice rang out from behind him:

“Stop it.”

Li Yi obediently shut up.

I glanced past Li Yi and raised my eyebrow upon seeing the Overlord of Yunyang coming over.

While I was at it, I took note of the man standing next to my older brother Li Yi. Although I hadn’t seen him for several years, I was able to barely recognize him.

He was the one with the fiefdom to my east, the selfish City Lord who wouldn’t allow the impoverished people from West-Resisting City into his fief, my third brother Li Neng.

Haah……so the entire army’s present.

The Overlord of Yunyang looked over to me, then coldly said with narrowed eyes:

“Le De. Return to your fiefdom. There’s no place for you in this time’s auction.”

I shot back:

“You’re not the one in charge of whether or not I have a place. If you have the ability, then display your overbearingness to the Overlord of Yun Hai.”

My dad shook his head.

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He calmly responded:

“My meaning is. Don’t bother thinking of winning anything. The things you want will ultimately end up in my hands……Yunyang, is much richer than you think. And now, not a single coin that Yunyang possesses has your name on it. Hurry up and get out of here, don’t continue disgracing yourself.”


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