Chapter 6 – Countrywide Queen Of Flowers Election Competition

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

I gave the invitation letter a quick look over, then placed it to the side.

This was an invitation to all Overlords and City Lords to participate in Yun Hai Territory’s first ever large-scale formal dinner; it was also something I had knowledge about in advance. To use an analogy, it was a little like the so-called upper class gathering. Those Overlords who usually never met due to the long distance between them would get together and royalty would also dispatch some ministers over.

The event would start with the Overlord of Yun Hai’s address, then afterwards all the Overlords could walk around with a wine cup in hand. If there were any inconvenient topics, the people conversing could always move to a wine table and have a pleasant exchange there. This is how many territories achieve cooperation with other territories.

But there was probably nobody who would want to discuss some business deal with me, the City Lord of West-Resisting City.

Therefore, when I first started looking it over, I felt no courage flowing through my veins.

However, when I took a look at the reverse side of the invitation letter, I was surprised to discover that there was a list of after-banquet activities.

Yun Hai Territory’s Queen of Flowers Election.

If it were merely a Queen of Flowers Election, it wouldn’t be worthy of my anticipation. But when looking down at the introduction underneath——

“The Queen of Flowers Election’s contestants are not just limited to courtesans in the pleasure quarters or specially groomed beauties from the pleasure quarters. All ordinary women, maids, and female slaves within Yun Hai Territory are eligible for participation. Daughters of Overlords are equally eligible for participation. Delicate and pretty gigolos are also eligible. The woman who becomes the ‘Queen of Flowers’, apart from receiving the honorable title, may arbitrarily take any one of the items in the auction.”


So generous?

If I had known this earlier, I would’ve brought Aleya or Felita along! Even though everybody has different concepts towards beauty, I still would have had a shot at winning the title with the knowledge of one of the four great sorceries, makeup. But currently I was in a bit of an awkward position; there was nobody by my side that I could use this talent on.

I calculated the odds of whether or not I could cheat the recently acquainted Fang Yuan into wearing womens clothes in my mind, but after giving some careful thought to it, I really didn’t have the confidence to turn him into the Queen of Flowers. After all, it was hard to late-stage improve a bad foundation.

But this competition still needs to be witnessed.

It’s not that we over at Yunyang don’t have any good-looking girls. Regardless of whether it’s my dad or my older brother, they both have harems of several good-looking women. Unfortunately, whether it’s due to unscrupulous in-fighting because of jealousy or compromise between the harem members, I haven’t even seen a single one of them. However, they should have that aristocratic aura on them that gives them bonus points since ordinary women don’t have it.

Or perhaps it’s my several younger sisters that seem to be up to standard.


I utilized my rusty memories and recalled that last year around this time, it seemed as if my dad mentioned something about the Queen of Flowers Election when he returned from Yun Hai. If I recall correctly, it seemed as if some female Overlord obtained the title of Queen of Flowers, but that female Overlord managed a territory too far away from our Yunyang Territory, so he wasn’t familiar with her since there simply wasn’t any communication between the two territories. According to convention, last year’s Queen of Flowers can’t compete again for the title this year, so I’m curious as to who will win the title this year.

In essence, it was fundamentally different from an ordinary Queen of Flowers Election. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this a countrywide competition.

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Moreover, “may arbitrarily take any one of the items in the auction”……

This sort of condition was rather too good. It must be known that the most expensive item in the auction is worth upwards of 1 million gold coins. If the purchasing power of 1 gold coin is 10,000 RMB, then 1 million gold coins is 10 billion RMB. This isn’t just any small target, it’s a hundred small targets! As far as I’m concerned, this is an astronomical figure.

If a poor family’s woman is able to take the title of Queen of Flowers, then she’ll be able to instantly get rich to an unimaginable degree. And if the item chosen in the auction is the auctioneer’s, that means that Yun Hai would have to purchase the item from the auction and present it to the Queen of Flowers. So ultimately, this sum of money would have to come out of the Overlord of Yun Hai’s own wallet.

Yun Hai……is truly wealthy.

I prudently put away the invitation letter.

In brief, I need to first prepare to participate in the upcoming dinner party.

Maybe I’ll be able to come across someone like Fang Yuan and rope him in. Ever since the ‘Pushing Order’ has been in effect, every Overlord family has come face to face with dividing and conferring land to their sons, so there will inevitably be some unfair situations that have occurred. If suitable, it’s very probable that I’ll be able to find some foreign aid for West-Resisting City.

However, eating a meal while sitting at the same table with the rest of my family……

My head hurts just thinking about it.


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