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Chapter 22 – Moon’s Assistants

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Rich, I’m rich.

Jars and basins filled, returning from a rewarding journey.

Even though I came across various kinds of outlandish things during this trip to Yun Hai, I’ve nevertheless perfectly fulfilled my original goal in coming here. Naturally, for there to be a harvest, there must be a sacrifice. I’ve lost the number one thing that’s most important during one’s life……reputation. As the proverb goes, one’s reputation is like a tree’s shade; the bigger one’s reputation is, the bigger the shade of the tree is and many people will come under the shade to enjoy the cool air. This is the reason as to why so many present age figures just need to say “My name is ***” and can attract an innumerable amount of subordinates.

Unfortunately for the current me, if I proclaim “I’m Li De”, I’m sure that there will be a multitude of morons that would drop everything they’re doing and come over to propose marriage.


Actually, I didn’t have such complex thoughts before the competition. After Little Huang stood me up combined with Bai Feng telling me that he was saying sorry for his younger sister, I had already guessed where the root of the issue was. Thinking about how I had already exaggeratedly boasted about myself while chatting with Moon, even if I was crying inside, I had to act cool to the end, so there was already no other road for me to walk.

From now now on, I’ve resolved myself to wash my hands in a gold basin and not touch those things.

During the auction period, I originally wanted to buy Felita a magic staff, but Moon requested my help on another issue.

Moon’s auction price was 9,999 gold coins, but it was nevertheless basically a damned 100 million. But Moon’s theatrical troupe, after excluding Moon, wasn’t worth too much money. Once Moon left, the remaining people lost the backbone of the troupe, so Moon suggested that I directly purchase this theatrical troupe from the brothel.

Altogether, there were twenty people; 10 males, 10 females. The oldest was about 30 years-old while the youngest was a mere 11 years-old.

In the beginning, I thought Moon didn’t have the heart to abandon his past companions and wanted to bring them with us to return to West-Resisting City.

If this could make Moon happy, I certainly wouldn’t care about this sum of money.

The twenty people were purchased for a total of 500 gold coins. It might sound a bit expensive, but it has to be remembered that this place is Yun Hai’s capital city, so the scale of money being spent here is vastly different from everywhere else. Besides, once you calculated the bill, twenty people for 500 gold coins meant each person was worth 25 gold coins. This price to buy their slavery contract for my own use was equal to handing over their entire life to me, so to a certain extent, it was already quite a conscientious price.

Another factor in the price was probably the brothel believing that these supporting roles were basically worthless without Moon……

But Moon didn’t think this way.

In the past few days, Moon lead me to meet them and explained:

“For a single city’s internal affairs, if you merely require someone to plan the future development, then I alone would be enough. But policy implementation cannot lack manpower. In my opinion, those capable of meticulously executing commands are equally rare talents. To me, these people have exactly that kind of talent.”

I roughly understood Moon’s meaning.

One hero, three helpers. As my current chief internal affairs cabinet minister, if Moon went to West-Resisting City without any backup, then he would fall into the situation of being a figurehead commander, just like my situation at the time. He needs, no, requires some easily commanded people in order to successfully carry out various tasks in West-Resisting City.

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The big uncle standing behind Moon scratched his head, saying:

“Talent or whatever, we don’t really understand. All of us here are poor people and boss Moon gave us a road to walk, so we followed him. The things that he’s taught us, we’ve carefully learned and memorized them. In that rotten place, there ain’t much joy. Boss Moon’s explained those things to us very finely that even a pig ought to learn it.”

After waiting for a time when it was just me and Moon, I asked:

“Are you planning on using these people as the core to prop up West-Resisting City’s administration?”

Moon grinned:

“This depends on whether or not you trust them.”

I tilted my head and helplessly replied:

“Sigh, these are the people that you’re recommending. How can I not trust them. For you, I’ve dressed up in women’s clothing, so what do you think.”

The smiling expression on Moon’s face gradually turned cold and he said with a lowered voice:

“The current me is your top advisor. As far as I’m concerned, your benefit and interests are my top priority. Even if they are my previous companions, as long as they do something to let you down……I won’t be merciful.”

I patted his shoulder:

“I’m happy you’re able to think this way, but there’s no need to give yourself too much pressure. These here are their slavery contracts, you keep them.”

Moon took the stack of slavery contracts and placed them into his arms.

I casually took out another contract and handed it over to him:

“Ah, there’s also this one, this is your own contract.”

Moon looked down at it dumbfounded for a moment and didn’t go to receive it. ‘She’ lifted her head and looked at me with complicated face as ‘she’ asked me:

“You’re not afraid that I’ll run?”

“I am.”

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I patted his shoulder again, saying:

“You’re different from other people. When I was recruiting soldiers in West-Resisting City in the past, I also gave them payment in advance. However, this was because they had no other place to run to and nobody wanted them. But you’re different; not even speaking of Bai Feng who’s very fond of you, with your talent, it wouldn’t be a problem being hired no matter what territory you go to.”

Moon inquired:

“Yet you’re still giving me my own slavery contract?’

I answered:

“Aren’t I handsome for being this way? If this were a movie, you would be dead set on me for this.”

Moon grudgingly said:

“What kind of logic is this. But for me, didn’t you accept my request to conquer Tian Cheng? I’ll accompany your side and be witness to this scene. I hope you won’t let me down.”

I placed both my hands behind my neck and yawned, dispiritedly replying:

“That’ll depend on how much effort you put in……”

Before my words fell, a soft sensation flashed past my right cheek.

Moon’s gentle and soft voice rang out beside my ear:

“Thank you……I think you’re really handsome.”

I rubbed my cheek and said without turning my head:

“Restrain yourself. Half-male not female pervert.”

Moon placed a hand on my shoulder and laughed:

“It doesn’t matter……I can act the girl’s part. I don’t mind.”


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