Chapter 23 – Is It Not Okay For Two Men To Hug Each Other For Warmth?

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

It was almost time to leave Yun Hai Territory.

I stayed in Yun Hai for several more days in order to avoid scenes of farewells from and with other City Lords, Overlords, and royal ministers. The consequences for wearing women’s clothes to the Queens of Flowers Election, I was very clear about how serious they were. I went from a nobody to someone known by nearly everybody, with the negative assessments of me representing what kind of person I am.

It could be said that the current me has a reputation of notoriety. In the upper echelons of society, apart from my reputation as a “reckless go-getter” hedonist, I now have an extra title; “ignoring my proper occupation” pervert. Even though this didn’t have much influence on me, it wasn’t necessary for me to expose my shameful side and let everyone hit my face.

As a result, I decided to stay in Yun Hai for a slight bit longer.

What made me feel unwell and angry was that even up until now, comrade Little Huang still hadn’t come to find me.

Come!! Come confront me!! You *******!!

Every time I remember what happened, I get a belly full of anger. You could’ve stayed perfectly alright since you’re the damned Overlord of Yun Hai’s daughter, so why the hell did you decide to go out for an idle stroll in your free time and even execute some entrapment schemes? The result ended up with me unluckily running across this matter. If it were other people, they probably would’ve ignored it and you would’ve still ended up fine.

I fundamentally didn’t need to carry out this sorrowful and merry women’s clothing plot, alright?

Shouldn’t she come meet me and tell me even the simplest ‘sorry’??

In the end, up until the very last moment, I still hadn’t even caught a glimpse of Little Huang.

Instead, it was Bai Feng, that *******, the older brother who came out to meet me.

He remained cultured and refined with this smile of his, but those flashy guest officials of his weren’t behind him this time. However, the outside of the hotel was already surrounded to the point where not even a drop of water would get through. Therefore, although Bai Feng had come to see me alone, those guest officials of his weren’t willing to be too far away from him, so they’re more like bodyguards in a sense.

I made Moon go out for a stroll and similarly met Bai Feng alone.

The first thing that came out of Bai Feng’s smiling mouth was:

“Congratulations, congratulations. This time, it truly was……not just me, but also the person by my side, a conclusion that neither or us would’ve been able to guess.”

I replied:

“Congratulations my ***, call your younger sister over, I have some words I need to say to her. For such a young woman to learn how to stand someone up, who knows what will be next in the future.”

Bai Feng smiled as he waved in disapproval, saying:

“This time is my family’s little sister’s fault. Of course, I, as the older brother, also play a part. In the future, I’ll send over a gift to West-Resisting City; you can treat it as our apology. I’ll be bothering you to find the heart to forgive us and not mention this matter again.”

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I snorted.

Bai Feng changed the topic, asking:

“Li De, what’s your view on the state of Eternal Heaven State?”

I answered:

“In what way? As for how I feel? Or just asking in general?”

Bai Feng said:

“It’s a mere inquiry.”

He explained:

“During this time’s auction, there was a person who questioned my father. They said that Yun Hai Territory was too far away and that it was very inconvenient for other Overlords to come over whenever there was a gathering, especially for those northeastern Overlords who had to make long and difficult, as well as dangerous, journeys. Therefore, those several dozen Overlords from the northeast weren’t able to attend this time’s auction. That person asked whether or not it would be possible to host the next Yun Hai auction in the middle of Eternal Heaven State.”

Oi oi, the meaning behind this advice is a little too obvious.

Yun Hai Territory itself is situated in the southwest corner, so it’s impossible to hold an auction in the middle of Eternal Heaven State.

Unless……it goes on an expedition from the corner of Eternal Heaven State and annexes every other territory along the way. But if Yun Hai is truly allowed to lay claim to one-fourth of Eternal Heaven State, then royal power will basically exist in name only and the country would quickly fall into a chaotic free-for-all power struggle.

I questioned:

“So? What does your dad plan to do?”

Bai Feng said:

“My dad doesn’t agree.”

He paused for a moment, then continued:

“But he also didn’t explicitly refuse……his attitude on this, I haven’t been able to make clear the entire time. In the past, there was once a doctor that said my dad’s body was steadily deteriorating. He probably won’t brave this danger.”

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I narrowed my eyes.

I have a bit of medical expertise since even though being a despotic noble is a comfortable occupation, it’s also one with high danger. Every year, there are countless despotic nobles who die due to kidney deficiency, overwork, overexcitement, poison, prostitutes, and so on. The number of them when gathered up is easily more than 3 times the total population of Earth…… alright, actually it’s not that much, but it’s absolutely not a small number. In order to ensure that I live longer, it was necessary for me to learn some medical skills.

The Overlord of Yun Hai’s illness, I was roughly able to make out. He was someone who trained in martial arts, but the aura he had was in absolute chaos, so at the time I had already surmised that his situation was hopeless. I just didn’t expect Bai Feng to take the initiative to tell me a grave matter like this.

What’s he trying to do, make me his friend?

I sighed and replied:

“If he won’t, there’s still someone who will. The royal family depends on Overlords fighting one another to weaken themselves, but they can’t prevent powerful Overlords from using this as a pretext to continuously expand their influence. Adding on the extreme disequilibrium between territories, the not-small-amount of stupid sluggish Overlords, how often the situation of the masses not having enough to get by, and all sorts of other occurrences, things are a-brewing. There’s bound to be a time when the conflict between the royal family and Overlords explode, and it won’t matter who wins or loses in the end; this period of time should be what you people call the ‘world of great struggle’, right?”

The corner of Bai Feng’s lips turned upwards and he remarked:

“Just as I expected……then, what do you plan to do? If that period arrives, we’ll be like a strand of duckweed within a powerful current. This being the case, how about we hug each other for warmth?”


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