Chapter 21 – The New Queen of Flowers Is This Humble One

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Ice-cold steel pipe, passionate red lips.

Short breaths, long breaths, titillating blurred eyes.

The silk gauze covering lay scattered on the floor.

Scallion-white fingertips softly pressed against the corner of his mouth, his smile suffused with seduction and charm. Just like a kitten, noiselessly approaching, then nuzzling your stomach, begging for your gentle caress and stroking. Climbing, hanging, hanging upside down, all highly troublesome movements flowing smoothly. One leg wrapped around the pole, the other leg stretched out straight, both arms opened wide, seeming as if within an embrace.

Amidst the cheering and whistling, Li De jumped down to the stage, reached his hand out to the steel pipe and raised it off the stage which it was embedded in. After performing a set of stick techniques to the audience’s remaining excitement, he threw the steel pipe into a corner of the stage, placed an index finger on his lower lip, and shouted:

“Tonight, I want to hear your cheers!”

Sounds of clinking plates, stomping feet, clapping, shouting.

All sorts of sounds filled the air.

With a smile, Li De raised his hand and pressed downwards, then said once the venue became quiet:

“Actually, forget it. Because this way, I won’t be able to hear your pulsing heartbeat.”

Another onslaught of fanatic cheers burst out.

Li De picked up the fallen silk gauze and wrapped it back around his body, then blew a kiss to the spectators, saying:

“Thank you everyone~ All of you big brothers, remember to cast your vote to me!”

It was better than Little Huang’s lacking imitation by an infinite amount of times.

Apparently, the master who taught the apprentice still hid a card in hand.

Bai Huang rocked back and forth laughing, pulling on Bai Feng’s sleeve, constantly saying:

“Hahahaha, I’m going to die laughing, this person’s really too interesting!! Big brother, how about you recruit him onto your side, it’ll definitely be super-interesting.”

Bai Feng chuckled and rubbed his younger sister’s head.

There was already no suspense in the competition.

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After experiencing Li De’s unbounded flirtatious expressions, after Li De’s identity was exposed, all the competitors that were to go after him already were incapable of arousing the audience’s passion. Why do good programs usually have a finale? Because once the ‘finale’ appears a bit too early, then it’ll severely attack the other programs going after it. Those unfortunate competitors that went after Li De were unable to lift a candle to his programme, so their results were clear and easy to see.

It could be said that along with Li De’s leaving, the entire Queen of Flowers Election became insipid.

Not even an exclamation was raised.

When the entirety of the great number of lights were re-lit, the entire stage was once again covered by flames. Although there weren’t modern electric lights on the decorated pleasure boat, it was still quite delightful to see the innumerable lights going off and being relit through the use of magic. The gorgeously dressed female host once again entered the scene, standing in the center of the stage, smiling as she declared:

“This year’s Queen of Flowers Election has come to an end. Thanks to every competitor’s marvelous display. However, I believe that after watching today’s competition, there should be a candidate for the title of Queen of Flowers in everybody’s heart. Now let’s loudly shout out his name. 3, 2, 1——”

“Li De!!”

“Yunyang’s Fourth Son!!”

“Hahahaha, can he still even be called a ‘son’?”

“In any case, it’s Li De!!”

“Li De——!!”

Countless voices created a ruckus.

Within the noise, Li De walked on stage, still wearing women’s clothes, and walked to the center of the stage.

He amiably waved towards everyone.

“Thank you! Thank you all! Muah~I love you!”

The whole venue roared with laughter. The host asked Li De:

“As a man, in particular, with your identity as Yunyang’s Fourth Son, how does it feel to receive the rare honor of ‘Queen of Flowers’?”

Li De pondered for a moment, then replied:

“I would like to thank the King for educating me and thank my parents for their kindness to me. But the one I would like to thank the most has to be my older brother. If not for catching sight of him wearing his mother’s skirt when I was 8 years-old, I definitely wouldn’t have ever thought that a man could dress up so prettily.”

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The utterly discomfited Li Yi lifted up the table and stood up, pointing a finger at Li De as he rained curses:

“You bloody mouth spraying——”

Before waiting for him to finish, the people in his surroundings hastily pulled some distance away from him, using a gaze as if showing concern to a ****** to watch him.

Li De sighed:

“Sigh~. In addition to this, I would like to thank Yun Hai Territory for giving me this opportunity to exhibit my talents and thank everyone who gave me their vote. This kindness, I, Li De, will always keep in mind. I’ll always love you all!”

The applause was intense.

The host smiled:

“In that case, we invite today’s official host, the Overlord of Yun Hai, to confer the award to Li De. Everyone, please give your warm welcome!”

Li De looked towards the edge of the stage.

Treading up the stairs one by one was a middle-aged man with graying temples. He and Bai Feng had a 50-60% resemblance, just appearing a bit more mature, even a bit older. His smiling expression was also brimming with amiability, his countenance warm and affable, but his eyes were still a bit penetrating and sharp as he examined the womens-clothing-wearing Li De.

The two people shook hands.

After the Overlord of Yunyang gave a brief speech, he asked Li De:

“Li De. According to our Yun Hai’s customs, you can choose any item in the auction after taking the title ‘Queen of Flowers’. Is there anything that you’ve set your heart on? If not, I can help and give you advice.”

Li De smiled:

“No need.”

He stretched out his hand towards the bottom of the stage, saying with deep emotion:

“When a man wears female clothing, it means that the person requires a bit of assistance. Walking down this road, the one who can help me the most is my very good same-sex friend of many years Moon. Thus, what I want to choose is……”

The Overlord of Yun Hai interrupted:

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“Don’t rush your choice, it isn’t too late to wait a moment.”

Li De smiled in reply:

“I’ve already decided, this is my choice.”

The Overlord of Yun Hai:

“Oh. Actually, the most expensive thing in this auction are the twelve cities that Tian Cheng over there put up……”

Li De took back his hand:

“What did you say? Wait a moment wait a moment, we can talk this over……”

Under the stage, Moon loudly ridiculed:

“You damned fellow! Can’t your willpower be a bit firmer!”

Li De chuckled, squatted down, and pulled the sulking Moon with puffed cheeks on stage. Standing side by side with ‘her’, he gave the Overlord of Yun Hai a profound gaze and used a voice that only the three of them could hear:

“Hahahahaha, actually forget it. Let’s not speak about these twelve cities; even if the entirety of Tian Cheng were to be offered to me, I would dare not want it. Because sooner or later……I’ll be seizing it myself. The entirety of Tian Cheng has been bound up; all the sins done there can’t be pardoned. Receive those careful thoughts of yours and look at the Overlord of Tian Cheng a few more times. That egregious fat on his body won’t be staying there for much longer.”

The Overlord of Yun Hai stared into Li De’s eyes and Li De returned a tranquil and calm smile.

The Overlord of Yun Hai serenely commented:

“The era of youngsters……will have to wait for our old bodies to die first before arriving.”

There was no smile on his face.

Moon opened ‘her’ mouth, but not a single word came out.

Instead, ‘she’ deeply hugged Li De’s arm and placed ‘her’ stunning face on Li De’s shoulder. Li De hugged ‘her’ back and used his pitch-black eyes to look back at the Overlord of Yun Hai as he whispered:

“Your cold blood disease has penetrated deep into your bone marrow. You have a year at most. Who to give Yun Hai to, have you thought it through? The one who has a reputation for being a virtuous person but has the same cold blood disease as you, Bai Feng, or that mediocre healthy eldest son? His territory is still too trivial……managing it is too difficult.”

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The Overlord of Yun Hai clenched his fists so hard that the bones started crackling.


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