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Chapter 20 – I Don’t Care

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The lights flickered, shining upon an extremely heart-startling charming face.

Long hair that reached the waist, a long skirt dress, half of the face blocked by sleeves, but still able to catch a vague glimpse. Those eyebrows were missing a third of what would usually be present, but those eyebrows with the missing eyebrow length was much more extraordinary than those of regular eyebrows. A pair of amorous eyes wandered the audience, concealing unbounded grief and love. Those slightly raised eyes held a trace of playfulness and charm; those slightly curved soft red lips, with soft sighs coming out from between those lips and teeth causing a person’s heart to tremble.

The clothing style was bold, showing one’s shoulders, and there was a thin ribbon tied around the neck, giving off the aura of enticement.

Skin whiter than snow, a beautiful woman with slender and curved eyebrows.

It wouldn’t be excessive to use the phrase ‘beauty like that of an Immortal Fairy’.

As a result, there wasn’t even a peep from under the stage when he showed himself.

On stage, Li De walked to the light box above stage edge, exposed two rows of spotlessly white teeth, faintly smiled, and used a voice ripe with charm and mellow like an oriole to sing:

——“I’m not too able to accept it, to not retaliate even when I’m being wrong like this. I’m not too capable, unable to adjust to the so-called big tide.”

This was a song that he had once heard in his past world.1

It was a song filled with rebellion, passion and unwillingness.

Li De walked towards center stage and seized the guqin from the person who was unsure of how to play the tune. He held it similar to how one would hold a guitar, sat on the seat in center stage, and began singing as he played the instrument.

That voice seemed to hold a magical power.

The song was originally rock and with the addition of the identity of Yunyang’s Fourth Son, it formed a magnificent party. Although the implication of mockery was present behind the term party, it couldn’t be denied that the entire occasion seemed to blow up. The Overlords and sons present were either laughing or having discussions. The younger ones were clinking their forks and knives against their plates, shaking their heads to the beat.

——“Never thought of defending myself, don’t use my external self to explain me. Unwilling to refute misunderstandings, I refuse to talk in that event.”

The Overlord of Yunyang very fiercely slammed the wooden table, shattering all the expensive dishes and utensils. Yunyang’s eldest son Li Yi shook side to side laughing, pointing at the person on stage as he said:

“Quickly look, quickly look, that lunatic is my fourth brother. I knew a long time ago that he had abnormal tendencies, just as expected……”

The Overlord of Yunyang furiously howled:

“Shut up! That *******’s thrown away all of my face, he’s thrown away all of I, your father’s, face! I ******* knew I shouldn’t have let that unfilial son go, I should’ve let those people follow him and stealthily take his——”

He clenched his teeth and the bones of his clenched fists started making crackling sounds, seeming just like bombs that could go off at any time.

The Overlord of Tian Cheng laughed with all his might as he patted the Overlord of Yunyang’s back, mockingly sneering:

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“You’ve given birth to a good son! Hahahahahaha, I reckon it won’t take long for his, Li De’s, distinguished name to spread throughout the entirety of Eternal Heaven State. When that time comes, you’ll be able to benefit from association, won’t you? Hahahaha!!”

Before the Overlord of Tian Cheng could finish laughing, he felt someone pulling on his clothes.

He turned his head and discovered that it was one of his sons. That son happened to be sucking on his finger and looking towards the stage as he said with saliva flowing out of his mouth:

“Dad, I want to marry him.”

The Overlord of Tian Cheng turned pale with fright, hurriedly replying:

“He’s a man! And didn’t you tell your dad that you’d never take a concubine or wife in your life?”

The son gulped and said:

“What’s wrong with being a man. So good looking. Singing is also pleasant to listen to.”

The Overlord of Tian Cheng became speechless. The Overlord of Yunyang took the opportunity to mock back:

“What’s wrong? Getting married? I don’t mind, but your son has to be the visiting son-in-law!”

The two people quarrelled back and forth.

——“Don’t care about what you think, I’m just expressing myself. Don’t care about what you think, my world is what I exaggerate.”

Bai Feng’s eyes narrowed, sizing up the Li De on stage. The Bai Huang sitting by his side changed back into Little Huang’s appearance, the dark clouds swept clean out of her face. Behind Bai Feng, that skin-and-bones old person walked forward on his crutches and quietly whispered into Bai Feng’s ears:

“Noble son. It’s time to decide.”

Bai Feng kept his since for a long time before replying:

“It still can’t be determined as of now……”

The old person used a very penetrating gaze to look towards Bai Feng. Even though the words that came out were slow, it was filled with affirmation:

“It’s certain. Him taking the title of Queen of Flowers isn’t due to how good-looking he is, it isn’t due to how pleasant his singing is, but rather due to his identity as Yunyang’s Fourth Son. Yunyang Territory’s reputation isn’t good and the number of people waiting to watch Yunyang’s joke isn’t few. This identity is too universally shocking. If we allow him to take the title of Queen of Flowers, then it will be the best opportunity to strike Yunyang as it’s down. The more he loses Yunyang’s face, the happier those people will be. Therefore, everyone doesn’t mind stepping on them. In any case, it doesn’t matter which woman is selected; if they’re able to strive for their own benefit, then that would naturally be the best option.”

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Bai Feng softly commented:

“I’ve always thought that the identity of being Yunyang’s fourth son was only a burden to him……I didn’t think it wasn’t that case.”

The old person stated:

“Moon’s level, if given time, will rot in old age. On that day that noble son is ready to scheme against the world using Yun Hai, if Li De has already taken Yunyang at that time, it will definitely become the greatest constraint towards us. I plead noble son to……”

Before the old person finished his words, he was interrupted by Bai Huang sitting to the side.

Bai Huang pulled on Bai Feng’s arm, glaring at the old person:

“Alright you old conspirator, it seems that swindling my brother to not let me go on stage wasn’t enough, you even wish to incite my brother into killing people? Bah. Great aunt doesn’t agree, Li De is my friend no matter what, if he dies in Yun Hai, then great aunt will jump down from here into the river!”

The old person suddenly was unsure of how he should reply.

Bai Huang pulled on Bai Feng’s arm, excitedly saying:

“No, big brother. This person is very interesting!! Can’t you guys get along? Become friends.”

Bai Feng shook his head:

“All are lords unwilling to be left out, how……”

He didn’t finish his words, instead suddenly turning his gaze towards Bai Huang’s face.

Bai Huang didn’t see her older brother’s thoughtful gaze, still applauding and cheering on Li De on stage.

Voice nearly mute.

——“I don’t care how complicated you speak, I don’t want to be taught by anyone.”

——“Don’t care about what you think, even if I’m foolish or laughed at. Don’t care about what you think, stop deluding yourself into thinking that I’ll fall down.”

A delicate face achieved with makeup, wearing beautiful female clothing, singing a strange song.

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He, Li De, felt indifferent to it all.

To him, it didn’t matter how other people looked at him.

This song was also sung by him for himself.

Moon tried desperately to wipe away the tears using his hands, but the tears kept flowing. Finally, he leaned down and started weeping amidst the waves of cheering. A pair of swollen red eyes and tear-stained clothing.

Li De threw the guqin in his hand onto the group and stepped on it, saying with a tender voice:

“Thank you everyone! Next and finally, I’ll give everyone a dance. I hope everyone likes it!”

Thunderous applause.

During the cheering, Li De twirled his body and walked over to the pole.



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