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Chapter 19 – Who Is The Ruler of Women’s Wear

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

If you asked Moon how he felt towards men’s wear, Moon would reply that he didn’t hate it.

If you asked Moon how he felt towards women’s wear, Moon would also reply the same way.

Then what did Moon hate?

The correct answer is——

He hated being ridiculed as an improper girl when wearing men’s wear and a boy who had abandoned himself when wearing women’s wear.

His gender identity had always been an unsolved mystery.

But to him, it didn’t matter what sex he was, he cared not for it.

It was fine as long as he could be met “head on”.

It didn’t matter who the person looked like or how the person sounded. All he wished for was someone that he could treat as a real friend, someone who would treat him as an equal and chat with him as such.

But unfortunately for Moon, this very minor request hadn’t been achieved in these past 20 years.

In his childhood, he was sold as a woman into the Overlord of Tian Cheng’s residence. He understood his parents, he understood that they were poor, he understood that they didn’t wish for him to become like those other poor people in Tian Cheng Territory. He understood that his parents didn’t want him to turn into a pile of plump meat being stewed in a pot. Of course, it was very possible that his good looks played a factor in being sold, otherwise if it were anyone else, they would have most likely already died.

But after being sold into the Overlord of Tian Cheng’s residence, he dressed himself up as a man.

Whether it was because he was originally male or because he didn’t wish to turn into a plaything for the Overlord of Tian Cheng and his family, it was unknown.

In short, for years to come, Moon always lived his identity as a male.

Although there were many people who questioned his true gender, Moon could pinch his throat and speak with a rough voice, showed obvious resistance to the thought of wearing a woman’s skirt, and would go to the male restroom regularly——so everyone started accepting the fact that “Moon is just a boy with good looks”.

Moon indeed looked like a boy.

At that age, girls liked dolls and foreign skirts and all kinds of jewelry and all sorts of glittering things. Meanwhile, Moon was already working his hardest to plan out his future in Tian Cheng Territory.

Wealthy people are rich enough to bleed oil, poor people are poor to the point of eating dirt.

This is no figure of speech, this is no exaggeration; this is a fact.

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The Goddess of Mercy’s dirt, otherwise known as kaolin clay, is something that’s used to appease one’s hunger, but is without any nutrition. People who eat it are able to satisfy their stomachs, but will eventually die of abdominal swelling. Those who have children are able to change them into food; those without children, even brothers will cripple each other. It’s no exaggeration to say that whenever the smell of meat wafts from some family’s house, it means that someone has died.

Eating people is just this cruel of a reality.

The Overlord of Tian Cheng’s residence was one of extreme extravagance, with all kinds of beauties emerging. Every day, the Overlord and his family would eat all types of exotic delicacies, use fancy glass wine cups, wear embroidered satin clothes, and spend first and deal with the expenses later. In short, they lived a life that a celestial would live, a life above the clouds.

Moon had once asked the Overlord of Tian Cheng, ‘Is this truly okay?’

The Overlord of Tian Cheng replied, ‘Do you have some advice?’

Moon answered in a low voice, ‘Reform.’

That day, the Overlord laughed heartily and patted Moon’s frail back, saying, ‘You don’t need to go to the mines and dig ores, you’re not suitable for it. Just do this thing for me and I’ll support you.’

At that time, Moon was overjoyed.

Finally, there would be no person to die by their own relative’s hand.

Finally, there would be no person being sold to the brothels.

Finally, there would be no person eating dirt to the point of bloating to death and vomiting blood.

Moon never had thoughts about whether he himself could obtain happiness, he only wished for Tian Cheng to improve.

Those soul-stirring scenes of desolation, those bloody scenes of corpses lying askew on the fields, they would never appear from then on under his leadership.

But as Moon investigated the root cause of the territory’s problems, he ultimately discovered that all the problems lay on the Overlord’s family.

A son who’s fond of eating human flesh, another son who’s fond of playing with women.

These two practically made up two-thirds of Tian Cheng’s problems.

As a result, after Moon hesitated over and over, he finally decided to speak out.

That day, after the Overlord of Tian Cheng listened to his report with all smiles, he gave Moon a slap to the face.

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“Saying these things, is there any use? My sons deserve to enjoy glory, splendor, wealth and rank, it’s something my family deserves! We are the Overlords, we own the entire territory, understand? Haah? To even plan against I, your father, who gave you the courage, who gave you the confidence? When I permitted you to reform, I was letting you look into how those old aristocrats earned their money, how to make those people helping those shitizens make less trouble! Who allowed you to care about our family’s matters; consider carefully about how much you’re worth and open your dog eyes wide and look, are you worthy!”

Moon stood up clenching his teeth, his hands dangling by his side as he said:

“If Tian Cheng continues on this path, then it’ll……”

The Overlord of Tian Cheng didn’t allow him to finish.

He kicked Moon in the stomach, kicking him dozens of steps away, then angrily cursed:

“You truly think I take you seriously? How dare you spout nonsense as I’m speaking?”

Moon kept silent.

The old butler by the Overlord of Tian Cheng’s side showed rejoice at Moon’s misfortune, saying:

“Moon, you, oh, you. Our Overlord has been so kind to you, yet look at how you’re repaying his kindness, even thinking of getting money out of our Overlord’s money bag. Tsk tsk, we’ve truly raised a thankless wretch.”

Moon hoarsely appealed:

“I simply wish to make Tian Cheng continue to exist.”

“Frightening words to scare people! You still think you’re truly being taken seriously? Haha, ‘continue to exist’, fancy that you say that!”

The Overlord of Tian Cheng pointed at the tip of Moon’s nose:

“I’ll tell you this now, Moon, your theory will eternally never be accepted by anyone because it’s a ******* pile of ****. Your head is filled with ****, do you understand my words?”

The butler echoed:

“Moon, are you performing an opera? Look at your surroundings; the country is prosperous and the people are at peace, how could there be a matter of life and death?”

Moon opened his mouth.

But he eventually didn’t say anything.

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The Overlord of Tian Cheng guffawed:

“Performing an opera. This actually reminds me. Moon, you can go start performing from today onwards. I might not have any interest in men, but there’s definitely someone out there who is. You can go tell your theory to whoever chances upon you, see if there’s anyone who’s willing to purchase you, see if there’s anyone who wants you!”

The Overlord of Tian Cheng left after saying his piece.

The blabbermouth butler speedily ran out and told these things to the Overlord of Tian Cheng’s two sons.

“There was a lackey who conspired against you, noble son”——This piece of information passed through the two sons’ ears. They were not people to be reckoned with, so after pouring salt water into the lash wounds that Moon received, they threw him into a theater and set his selling price as 9,999 gold coins. Not only did they do that, they also intentionally spread the word that Moon was a male. The rumors were spread to the point that those who fancied his charm and wished to buy him stopped in their tracks.

How long had it been since then?

Singing the aggrieved melancholic tune same of a woman’s, watching the audience’s teasing expression.

Living the life as if a monkey in a zoo, being treated as an object to watch for pleasure.

When Bai Feng appeared, Moon became incomparably happy.

If it’s that Yun Hai’s Bai Feng, then he’ll definitely be able to bring me away.

But all that he saw in Bai Feng’s eyes was indecision.

In that instant, he understood; they were bound to be people of different worlds. One was renown the country’s most elegant noble son, while the other was a bigshot that abandoned his dignity to wear women’s clothes. Under the circumstance of having such a wide gap between them, how could Bai Feng possibly bring him away? Unless Bai Feng planned to have a falling out with Tian Cheng Territory, otherwise it was absolutely impossible. Because the price of doing so was too heavy.

Bai Feng’s reputation would suffer damage, his companions would start questioning him, and he would garner hatred from Tian Cheng……these factors were all very real.

It would also be so for Li De.

When hearing Bai Feng mention Li De, Moon once fantasized that it would be Li De to bring him away.

It was due to Bai Feng telling Moon with a laugh:

“That Li De is quite a strange fellow. It’s no secret that West-Resisting City has a half-demon sorcerer, but no one dares to hire her. Demons are a group of uncivilized monsters; everyone thinks so. Recruiting a half-demon sorcerer, besides having your reputation take a big hit, you would also have to guard against her backstabbing you. I can’t tell whether that West-Resisting City’s City Lord is someone reckless or competent. In short, he’s not so good to deal with.”

When Bai Feng was speaking such, Moon was already thinking.

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If he can bring me to leave……West-Resisting City, currently lacks talented people the most. Otherwise why would that Li De brave dangers and take a trip to Yun Hai.

But he’s different from Bai Feng.

Bai Feng can buy whatever he wishes, but he has too many misgivings.

Li De has very little misgivings, but doesn’t have money.

Besides, even if he could fork it over, would Li De be willing to spend 10,000 gold coins to purchase me? In these times when West-Resisting City needs money the most?

It’s impossible……

That day, before running into Li De, Moon and Bai Feng had their final conversation.

Bai Feng said:

“Speaking of, my younger sister ran into Li De yesterday. You should be aware of my younger sister’s temperament, she’s always loved fighting against injustice ever since she was young. So yesterday when she dressed up as a commoner girl to lure some lawbreakers, just as she was about to dispose of that group of fellows from endangering public security, Li De ran over acting as a ‘hero’ to save the ‘beauty’ and even tricked my younger sister into participating in the Queen of Flowers Election……if he wins, he can select any item in the auction. My guess is that he’ll choose you in the end.”

Moon’s heart jumped.

Bai Feng lifted his head without a smile on his face for the first time.

“But personally, I really don’t want to see this situation occur. You understand?”

Moon forcibly held back the tears in his eyes.

He smiled at Bai Feng and replied:

“I understand.”

Bai Feng still wished to say something, but as it so happened, Li De came by, so he greeted Li De and left.

From that point onwards, Moon knew that Li De would never win.

His partner Little Huang——to be more precise, she should be called Bai Huang.

With the “Huang(Phoenix)” of Yun Hai’s Bai Huang, Bai Feng’s younger sister.

It was impossible for her to participate in the Queen of Flowers Election for an outsider, and it was even more impossible for her to send off the prize to an outsider.

As a result, from then on, Moon had no expectations.

He had long since accepted his fate.

10,000 gold coins, something that couldn’t be earned even on his deathbed.

He would have to be a performer entertaining the people for a lifetime.

He would have to be a lunatic that allowed people to ridicule him for a lifetime.

But Moon still came to the Queen of Flowers Election, sitting as an audience, sitting in an area far, far away.

He could see Bai Feng and his group sitting in the front row and sitting by Bai Feng’s side was the one who originally should have been on stage, Li De’s partner……Bai Huang.

This was Li De’s final hope as well as his, Moon’s, deepest despair.

After all was done and said, it was like missing a move in chess, finally leading to……no chance in being involved.

What’s the use of having this stunning appearance? What’s the use of having such extraordinary talent?

Moon recalled that summer day from long, long ago. That day when he, wearing shabby unlined garments, was sent into the Overlord’s residence.

That day, he held his head high and his chest out, biting his teeth tightly, firmly clenching his fists, vowing that he would change this world.

Vowing, to change this oppressive world; vowing, to change this unjust world!

But now?

Moon’s hand tightly grasped his face, using the pain to counteract the desire to weep.

Bai Huang was equally somewhat sulky.

Bai Feng gazed at his younger sister and asked:


Bai Huang grumbled:

“No way. I and Li De have only known each other for how many days? Not even three days. I’ve been with you for ten years and counting, and it’s very normal to help your relatives handle affairs. I just feel a bit like I’ve let him down. It’s not in my character to do so.”

Bai Feng didn’t smile, melancholically saying:

“I’m also aware……but compared to this mild “despicable” action, I would rather do it than let Li De bring Moon away.”

Bai Huang didn’t speak.

It was at this time that the host’s clear and sunny voice sounded out.

“Thank you for the wonderful performance of the previous girl! The next competitor for the Queen of Flowers Election is……”

Her tone of voice suddenly became one of doubt.

She looked over the list of names, glancing at it over and over for a very long time before finally tentatively announcing the name:

“Yun, Yunyang’s Fourth Son? ……Li De?”

She glanced back at the list of names in her hands, as if to make sure, before continuing:

“The programme of the performance is……‘pole dancing’. Haha, it’s a dance that I’ve never heard of before. In brief, let, let us welcome——!!”

Moon loosened the hand gripping his cheek, suddenly opening his eyes wide in disbelief.

Within the darkness, a sweet demonic whisper sounded from the center of the stage:

“Wu wu~, so many people are looking, I feel a little embarrassed~”

The lights once again lit back up, the stage illuminated by the sparkling light of magic.

It was on this day that Bai Feng exploded cursing for the first time in his life.

The silver fork in his hand fell to the group as he cursed:

“Holy ****.”


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