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Chapter 16 – Invitation From Bai Feng

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

At the dinner party.

Truth to tell, while I had a bit of interest towards the auction, my interest towards the dinner party was somewhat lacking.

Not because of others, but because of what was happening right now.

“Eat a little more, fourth brother, once you go back to West-Resisting City, you’ll be forced to eat pig feed again.”

“Such high-class cuisine, it’s probably the first time in your life enjoying it.”

“You can go on your merry way once you eat your fill. Come come come, do you know what this is? It’s fresh scallop soup, something that you’ve probably never seen before in West-Resisting City, that broken-down place.”

“How is this year’s harvest? Are you able to drink your fill of porridge?”

I stirred my soup while facing the questions of several bigshots and leaders, answering them while donning a smile:

“Leave me alone, are you not scared of choking on your food.”

Those several little sisters of mine also gathered around me, chirping questions non-stop while occasionally sipping wine.

“Hey, Li De, what’s West-Resisting City like?”

“I heard that it’s very poor and everyone there resembles savages, is that right?”

“Do they eat raw meat? Do they eat Demons?”

“Li De, will you one day be killed by Demons?”

You’re being annoying, girls.

I massaged my temples, feeling extremely unwilling to respond to them.

Fortunately, girls flip through topics as if there’s a weather forecast above their heads; if the forecast says it’ll change, then it’ll change. After I didn’t give them the response that they desired, everyone’s discussion topic very quickly changed to Yun Hai’s Bai Feng and Yun Hai’s Bai Huang. As females of the same generation as Bai Huang, my family’s little sisters were very curious as to what Bai Huang was like.

Specifically, they were curious if Bai Huang was truly as beautiful as rumored, whether her chest was big or small, whether her legs were long or not, whether she had a curvy butt or not, whether her voice was sweet or not, what brand of rouge she used and so on.


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They should be more like me, as I only care about these: Does she have money? Is she a wealthy woman? Can she provide for me?

As for Bai Feng, he had already been deified to an unprecedented degree.

It’s only when you arrive within the domain of Yun Hai Territory will you understand what true prosperity is. My family’s females all resembled Granny Liu when she visited the Grand View gardens; they resembled bumpkins being met with the sight of a big city. Bai Feng, the noble son of this big city, was naturally the focus of attention. I had seen him once yesterday evening, but at the time I didn’t know he was Bai Feng, so I didn’t carefully look him over. When Moon told me that he was Yun Hai’s Bai Feng, I had already forgotten the damned appearance of the guy.

“Bai Feng……indeed is very handsome.”

“Really, really! You’ve seen him before?”

“Yes, I have. He makes you super~want to squeal! He’s totally in my strike zone!”

“Eh~don’t fight with me over him.”

“He probably isn’t even willing to look at an ugly girl like you.”

The comments of the girls never stopped coming.

But I personally still looked down upon my several little sisters.

When talking about Bai Feng, little stars seemed to literally come out of their eyes. They all bore the attitude of throwing themselves at him so long as Bai Feng beckoned at them with his finger. This could probably be considered the earliest form of the ‘idol effect’. I don’t quite understand it. How could Yunyang’s people show such a foolish expression when speaking about a son from another family? This made me feel very ashamed for them. It was like they were acting as if they couldn’t find such a handsome, confident, outstanding, elegant, jade-like, dashing, charming young man in our Yunyang Territory.

Isn’t there still me??

Even though my several brothers were extremely angry, to the extent that even I was a little happy, this sort of discussion was truly quite frustrating.

In that case, I should quickly finish up eating and leave.

As I sipped on the last bit of wine in my cup, I suddenly heard a somewhat familiar voice speak out before me.

“What, you seemed a bit sulky. Are the dishes not to your taste?”

I lifted my head and saw a handsome face.

Although my memory was a bit fuzzy, I was still able to remember who he was upon seeing that face and hearing that voice. This person was that man sitting by Moon’s side yesterday night.

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Yun Hai’s Bai Feng.

Wearing a signature smile on his face, Bai Feng extended a fair-like-a-woman’s hand to me and gently asked:

“Let’s talk?”


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