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Chapter 15 – The Life Of A Ridden Horse

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Moon looked at me for a while before breaking out into a smile:

“I knew you would say this.”

I also grinned:

“You seem to understand me well.”

Moon shook his head:

“It’s not me who understands you. It’s Bai Feng who understands you. I merely helped him analyze things. His intelligence network is beyond your imagination; he has informers in Lingyun City as well as West-Resisting City. The things you did in Lingyun City and the things you did in West-Resisting City, he’s very clear about them……like how you possess extraordinary power, how you have a sorcerer in your battle formation, how you……currently have plans to begin cultivating Demons.”

This information made me have a whole new level of respect for Bai Feng.

Perhaps I should say that he is worthily a descendent of a merchant for how very clear he is on the importance of information.

Moon continued:

“It also included how you would come to find me; this was also a conclusion that Bai Feng came to. From the moment you left West-Resisting City, they had already roughly deduced your thoughts. But in my opinion, they still don’t place enough importance on you.”

I shook my head:

“You’re making me embarrassed with how much you’re boasting.”

I changed the topic by inquiring:

“So are you considered Bai Feng’s counselor now?”

Moon shook his head, a bitter smile forming on his face:

“He regularly comes to ask me. But we know that it’s impossible.”

Moon said:

“You should’ve heard the virtuous name of Yun Hai’s Bai Feng before, right? He, ah, is a graceful, fine noble during these times of inter-country strife, someone who shouldn’t be associating with people like me. The greatest asset he owns isn’t his identity as son of Yun Hai nor is it his enormous family wealth; it is his reputation. As long as he has his reputation, officials and military leaders from all over will be more than willing to become his subordinate and allow him to command them as he wishes. This is ‘raising specialists without working’. Do you think a person like this would be willing to spend 10,000 gold coins to buy a mere opera singer?”

With both hands on my neck, I lay down on the lawn by the river bank.

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The cool and refreshing night wind blew over, making my mood improve by a lot.

I teased:

“Mm, what an exhausting life. Nobody is perfect, it’s not like he, Bai Feng, will never make a mistake, yes?”

Moon threw away the branch and responded:

“One can only subdue the self and observe propriety, possess a humane heart and adhere to morality. The most he can do is be strict with himself and act as a saint would.”

I said:

“Then do you work for him? Working for free? Or do you two really have some special ♂ relationship?”

Moon indignantly picked up another branch nearby and poked my face with it as he complained:

“How can you baselessly smear a person’s purity……”

I quipped:

“Alright, let it be. Your purity isn’t worth a damn thing, you need to honestly look at yourself. If I were you, I wouldn’t be performing operas on stage. Instead, I would sell my “first night” for an asking price of 3,000 gold coins. The best case scenario would be being able to sell it, otherwise I would go and start spreading propaganda. When people see me, they would start saying, ‘wow, this person is worth 3,000 gold coins’ and my value would rise accordingly. Then when I start performing operas, I wouldn’t be so casual about it. My appearance fee would be worth at least 10 gold coins; no money, no honey. Those wives of lords have plenty of money, so as long as one family invites me to perform, it’s certain that the others will follow in succession. If not, wouldn’t the ones who didn’t do so get laughed at by the other ladies in their circle? Like this, money would be rolling in.”

“Let’s talk more about if I were able to sell myself. It would be best if I were able to sell myself since anyone able to buy me would definitely be a wealthy bigshot who creates waves with each move. Once that happens, I would start spreading rumors like these to gain publicity——do you want to enjoy the pleasurable feeling of ***? Do you want to experience the happiness of ***? Come over here and give it a try, if it doesn’t feel refreshing, then there’s no need to pay. Countless fans would be attracted over in an instant.”

This time, Moon didn’t get angry. He threw the branch in his hands on my face, instead bitterly smiling:

“I wish I were as shameless as you.”

I smirked:

“People, they can’t always want to save face. What’s the point if everything you do makes you worry about losing face.”

Moon grinned in reply:

“No wonder Bai Feng likes you.”

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“He likes me????”

Oh ****.

Moon laughed heartily as he patted my shoulder:

“It’s not that kind of like. He simply appreciates you. Perhaps he even admires you.”

“He admires me? Every time I eat, I’m not even sure if I’ll have a “next meal”; another successful day in guarding West-Resisting City is another day I spend in fear and anxiety. What damn thing is there to admire. The full man doesn’t know the starving man’s hunger.”

I unhappily finished my words, then told Moon:

“Bai Feng won’t be able to kill me. He doesn’t have the power……naturally, he also doesn’t have any thoughts of doing so.”

I picked the branch off my face, then drew Bai Feng’s face on the face, saying:

“You said it yourself just now, this person treasures his reputation. He is one of this time’s auction’s organizers. If an external City Lord dies a dubious death within the city, it’ll have a great negative impact on his reputation. Regardless of whether he frames someone else or gets the blame pushed onto him, he would have to bear the reputation of having insufficient ability and poor supervision. This is why it’s impossible for him to kill me here.”

I raised my head and looked over at Moon:

“Moreover, I’m, ah, part of the shameless group of people. Since Bai Feng isn’t able to bring you away, then I’ll bring you away. As long as you don’t disdain to associate with my West-Resisting City.”

Moon lightly expressed disapproval, looking away:

“I already no longer wish to work in internal affairs.”

I unhappily retorted:

“If you no longer wish to work in internal affairs, then why bother purpose-lessly make these analyses every day? Why analyze me for Bai Feng, why analyze Bai Feng for me? When Bai Feng told you about me, did you not need some time to think about it? About the future direction of West-Resisting City? When I was asking you the question, did you not immediately answer? Don’t tell me that when you were performing, you were thinking as you performed?”

Moon snarled:

“If you were in my position, you would also be thinking! Every day, I pass my life as if I’m not even living! Every day, I have to wear these humiliating clothes and sing with that damned effeminate voice! You would also lose yourself in thought……because it’s the only way to dull the pain.”

He bit his thin lips, looking at the deep river water.

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That expression of his seemed to say ‘jumping in would solve all my worries’.

He had probably done this many times; sitting by the river bank, looking into the water, and having thoughts about this.

I patted his shoulder and said:

“Look at the bright side of things. When you’re able to turn the tides of war with one move, you can be confident that you’ll live 200 years. The days ahead are long.”

He shot a glance at me and stiffly commented:

“You don’t have money.”

My face showed visible confusion in the form of a black question mark.

He explained:

“10,000 gold coins. You don’t have that sum. If you were able to take out 10,000 gold coins, you wouldn’t be so passive.”

I told him:

“Queen of Flowers, understand? I can take you away.”

Moon grinned, but as he was grinning, the expression on his face died down.

He said:

“Depending on that partner you found?”

I replied:

“Yes. Hey, wait a minute, how did you know I have a partner?”

Moon changed his gaze towards the starry sky. After what seemed like an eternity, he spoke in a way that seemed to be both comforting me and himself:

“If you truly can and want to bring me away, then I’ll follow you. But……”

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He looked at me and blinked his attractive eyes.

That pair of lovely eyes.

With a smile like a refreshing spring wind.

He didn’t continue speaking.

……What the hell.

Don’t you know that the thing I dislike the most in my life is that expression where you smile as you cry?

If life is difficult and if life is meaningless, then **** the damned thing called ‘life’!

What’s the use of smiling, what’s the use of crying. If you’re unconvinced, then screw it, go resist it!

I stood up and rubbed Moon’s head while saying:

“Rest assured. From today onwards, you are this young master’s imperial performer. I, Li De, might not have done many good things in my life, but I’m still a man. When a man gives his word, it’s like a nail being nailed down. If I say I’ll bring you away, then even if there’s an entire legion of a hundred thousand fully suited in armor, I’ll still bring you away!”


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