Chapter 17 – I Apologize To You On Behalf Of My Younger Sister

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

I cautiously scrutinized Bai Feng’s expression.

To be honest, he was indeed a bit more handsome than me. He had a sharp, distinct face, a head of fine jet-black hair, long shapely eyebrows, large round eyes, and a set of spotlessly white teeth. It made onlookers feel that this person was neat and tidy, and his voice was also full of magnetism. He was the type to be popular no matter where he went……

To use an analogy, he was like one of those teen idols who would liven up a venue with a microphone in hand.

But once I took an even closer look, I could see that his skin was a bit too white.

It can’t be that he has empty kidneys right……

I’ve never dreaded sticking the worst labels on these sons of aristocratic families. Bai Feng’s appearance and voice didn’t impress me much, but that was probably due to my disinterest in handsome boys. After all, I have to look into the mirror every day, so I’ve long gotten myself accustomed to seeing handsomeness.

What made me feel pressured were the people following behind Bai Feng.

If my inference was correct, they should be his “guest officials”, as well as his assistants.

There was a Level 8 Swordsman, there was a Level 9 Spearman. There was a dual bladesman with an unmeasurable power, there was a young woman who seemed harmless yet had poisons of all sorts on her person. There was a hunchbacked elder leaning on a walking stick, there was a youngster smiling without restraint and both hands on hips. The thing they all had in common was that it seemed that they all had unusual personalities. In this sort of gathering where most people attending were useless people, they were like the pearls thrown on sand. Moreover, it was a dozen such pearls piled in the form of a small hill, making their brilliance something not to be ignored.

In that instant I saw those people following behind Bai Feng, I suddenly had a feeling that this was probably what the scene of ‘a hundred birds gathering around a phoenix’ looked like.

As I was checking them out, they were also checking me out.

Even though I knew they didn’t have any methods to sense my true power, I still instinctively felt pressure when meeting those gazes. For one’s martial skill to become Level 9, that meant one was a fine line away from the limit of humanity; think about what kind of terrifying pressure one would have. Even if he forcefully restrained the aura he possessed, he still seemed like a hibernating flood dragon within the underwater abyss in my opinion.

And such a person was delightedly following behind Bai Feng.

No matter how he was ordered, he held a respectful expression on his face. So long as Bai Feng commanded him, the long spear in his hand would become a sharp weapon for killing people.

The smile on Bai Feng’s face hadn’t changed from the moment he greeted me.

Even though he was standing in front of such a group, he seemed to bear no pressure at all. Rather, it seemed as if he was standing on top of a sky-scraping mountain, even higher than the mountain itself. That sort of calmness exuded from one’s inner being, cool-headedness, and wisdom made me feel that this person was indeed a little thorny and worthy of the “Feng (Phoenix)” character in his name Yun Hai’s Bai Feng.

Just as I was pondering as to why he had come over to greet me and why he had invited me for a chat, the people by my side had long become a chaotic mess.

First, it was my dad who stood up and patted Bai Feng’s shoulder as he said:

“Bai Feng, it’s been a year, you’ve grown quite a lot.”

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With a wide smile on his face, Bai Feng chuckled and responded:

“Uncle, hello. How could it be that I’ve grown, I’ve basically finished growing. Instead, it’s uncle who I haven’t seen in a year whose face has gotten even more radiant.”

My dad laughed heartily.

For middle-aged people, it’s better to praise him for being old but still vigorous rather than just praising him to be young.

This person is still quite talkative.

My dad continued:

“Bai Feng, oh, we aren’t strangers. How has your younger sister been recently? Has she been in touch with other men? Has there been anything unusual?”

No wait, what does Bai Huang being in touch with other men have to do with you……

My face turned into one of embarrassment as I listened while the smile on Bai Feng’s face hadn’t fallen. He answered:

“Ah, Bai Huang. That younger sister of mine is the same old, making a ruckus all over, not acting proper. But she’s still young, so we usually don’t control her actions. My father says that young people should have the appearance of young people.”

My dad said:

“It’s about time for when she should get married……”

To this comment, Bai Feng replied with his signature smile:

“Yes, indeed. But this matter, it’s hard for us juniors to know anything concrete. As her big brother, I can only hope for my younger sister to marry into a good family.”

My dad felt his head and mockingly said:

“True, true. Look at this brain of mine……I’ll chat about this matter with your father when I greet him later. Come, Bai Feng, let me introduce you, these are my several daughters……”

Without waiting for Bai Feng to speak, those several little sisters of mine rushed over to Bai Feng’s side and began striving to introduce themselves:

“Big brother Bai Feng! I’ve always really really wanted to see you!”

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“Aaaaaaaah it’s Bai Feng aaaah!! I’m dead!!”

“Big brother Bai Feng, can you look at me?”

“Big brother Bai Feng, do you have a girlfriend? Do you mind having one? Do you mind having another one?”

Bai Feng calmly answered their queries one by one with that smile of his. Even though his responses were all rejections, it didn’t make the listener feel uncomfortable, so it could be seen that he was well-versed in that theory. The theory that I’m talking about is the one that can be roughly split into two sections. The first section is to indicate that you have no girlfriend and the second section is to express that you attach the most importance to your work and don’t wish to talk about girlfriends. Once he used this two-stage attack, my younger sisters very sincerely expressed ‘since you attach the most importance to your career, then we’ll wait for you’.

It gave me déjà vu of a large-scale blind date scene.

I wasn’t too interested in Bai Feng, so I didn’t concern myself with what was happening before me and immediately prepared to leave. I had made an appointment with Little Huang to meet by the river bank outside prior to the dinner party. Although it was still too early right now, it wasn’t a misdeed to go there a while earlier.

I didn’t expect that just as I got up and glanced over at Bai Feng’s direction, I would discover that he was also looking in my direction. Seeing me get up, he smiled towards my several little sisters and said:

“Today, I still have some more important things to do. When I get the opportunity in the future, I’ll accompany you beautiful young ladies.

My little sisters expressed their understanding.

Bai Feng once again walked and stopped before me.

He once again extended his hand over to me and said with his smile:

“Nice to meet you again, I am Bai Feng. Yun Hai’s Bai Feng. There wasn’t much time to speak with you yesterday night at the river bank, so let’s chat with the opportunity we were given today.”

The people behind him watched me unblinkingly.

I gave him a smile, looked him straight in the eyes, and took the hand.

His hand was cold.

“I am Li De. West-Resisting City’s Li De. A boy from the countryside, unworthy of you gathering so many people.”

While smiling, he leaned a bit more forward and used a voice that only the two of us could hear:

“Don’t mind it. Just treat it as me apologizing to you on behalf of my younger sister.”

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I asked:

“Your younger sister? What did she do to make her sorry to me?”

Bai Feng replied with a smile:

“Nothing as of now. But you’ll understand very soon.”


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