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Chapter 36 – The Two Of You Are ‘Left-Behind’ Children

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After determining my following actions, I was left with thinking about current affairs.

With the cyan bricks and cement, West-Resisting City’s rebuilding work had become quicker by who-knows-how-many-fold. I purposefully kept a damaged and worn-out layer outside the city while building a new city wall inside. This way, the Demons would be baffled upon seeing how easy it is to break down the walls, then shocked to discover that there was a hard, solid layer behind it.

The work of repairing the city wall was completed by Felita, Aleya and the 81 soldiers. With the assistance of magic and sword skills, the building speed was very satisfactory.

With the protection of the reinforced city walls, I believe that there’s basically no need to worry about the issue of the city’s defenses.

Then, there’s the issue of Felita’s weapon.

Weapons are a pretty mixed, chaotic mess of things. Some people think that it’s the most important thing in the world while others think it might as well be trash. According to legends, those bigwigs with Level 10 Swordsmanship are able to make use of ordinary objects like flowers and leaves to overturn mountains and sever seas. Once that strong, it’s more important to focus on your understanding of your own cultivated martial skills. But when you’re in the newbie village, a p2w player wielding a “Dragon-Slaying Treasured Blade” is able to demolish the average player wielding a “Rusty Iron Sword”. This is just the reality of it all.

I personally am not able to forge weapons. In the past, there was someone who wanted to teach me, but I refused. My reasoning is that it’s too inconvenient; imagine squatting by a forging furnace on a hot day. No matter who it is, they’d be tired of it.

But this didn’t stop me from hearing the core ideas, exclusive secrets and his experiences.

To sum it up——

“If you don’t know how to forge a good weapon, then just use whatever rare or uncommon materials you have. It’s unlikely for rare materials to have property conflicts with each other, so whatever you lose, you lose. This is the so-called ‘being wealthy means you can do whatever you want’ forging method.”

This method was very to my liking.

After finding an old gentleman with experience in forging, I threw all the materials I had on hand to him.

The source of the materials naturally was from the materials gathered from the massacred Demons last time. The majority of the common materials were sold, providing me with a sum of roughly 30 gold coins. As for the uncommon materials, I took them and planned on making Felita’s magic wand with them.

By the way, the materials of those Demons Felita killed in the past were all taken away by Pierce and crew.

The old gentleman of the weapon shop indeed lived up to his reputation of having handled iron for a lifetime. He very quickly designed a prototype magic staff. After I looked it over, I altered a few areas and it was a done deal. What we were killing were low-level Demons, after all. Although the materials that dropped were uncommon in nature, they weren’t uncommon to the point of being rare. At best, Felita’s white-tier magic staff was being replaced with a green-tier one. If I wanted to give her a blue-tier equipment, I would have to at least bring over Gobulang’s skull and some other high level materials in order to make something on par with Aleya’s 【Roaming Dragon】.

Even though it was unremarkable in appearance, I presented this slightly useful magic staff to Felita. When testing it out, Felita’s power did increase by a certain amount. To be more accurate, she was able to use more of her true power. Her chanting speed rose by a bit and because the magic staff was made with 【Cursed Skull】and【Snake Pupil】, there was a small probability of cursing and poisoning the enemy when casting a spell.

This magic staff shall temporarily be named【Blinding Magic Staff·Improvement】.

By adding the word ‘Improvement’ onto the original foundation, it signifies that it only helps the user become stronger by a bit. But the essence of its ‘Blinding’ hasn’t changed, but to tell the truth, it’s still quite weak. At least, it’s much weaker compared to Aleya’s sword. After all, the【Roaming Dragon】that Aleya uses was once my dad’s sword and it’s said that he spent no less than 6,000 gold coins to buy the sword at the time.

That’s why I was feeling pretty embarrassed when giving Felita the magic staff.

Contrary to what I expected, Felita very much liked it and held it dear to her chest.

After this, I told them the matter of me wanting to go to Yun Hai Territory.

This time’s journey to Yun Hai Territory, I didn’t want to bring Aleya and Felita with me. Despite how good the business talk with Gobulang went, Demons were creatures that weren’t to be completely trusted. I wasn’t entirely sure what type of person the newly arrived Demon would be after Gobulang left. Felita absolutely couldn’t come with me since she was the main force of the city’s defense; Aleya also couldn’t come with me since there were still many remaining things to look after.

As for me, there shouldn’t be any danger.

The Overlord of Yun Hai is one of the most prosperous Overlords of Eternal Heaven State’s 36 Overlords and Yun Hai Territory is one of the more relatively peaceful places. It is especially so because there are a great number of Overlords coming in person to attend the auctions every year; this is the reason why the public security situation inside of Yun Hai Territory is so good. It’s highly unlikely for the situation of buying something one moment and getting robbed the next to happen or the situation of silencing the entire auction house with one sentence.

As the organizer of such events, the Overlord of Yun Hai is a person capable of keeping a public venue under control. The principle on which he handles problems is to make whoever causes trouble get the hell out. Basically, ‘We’re all Overlords here, if you don’t give me, the Overlord of Yunhai, face, then I won’t give you face either. If you’re unwilling to repent, then don’t bother thinking about having dealings with me, we’ll see who’ll be uncomfortable then.’

Facts showed that more often than not, those who became enemies with the Overlord of Yun Hai didn’t fare well.

It’s best to not look down upon Yun Hai Territory for being in such a remote place. Their interest network extends all around the world and they’re connected to all big and small chambers of commerce all over the world. If you’re able to not provoke this behemoth, then do yourself the favor of not provoking them.

Apart from this, there was still one more important reason for why I wanted to go to Yun Hai this time.

It’s reported that this time’s auction will be held by the【Yun Hai Phoenix】1.

This so-called【Yun Hai Phoenix】isn’t some creature, but rather the Overlord of Yun Hai’s son and daughter.

A Phoenix(Fenghuang) was originally composed of a female and a male bird, so this saying technically isn’t wrong.

The Feng Phoenix is the Overlord of Yun Hai’s second son Bai Feng while the Huang Phoenix is the Overlord of Yun Hai’s youngest daughter Bai Huang.2

The son Bai Feng is said to be a rarely seen talent within the ranks of the second generation officials. His reputation is excellent and many talented people want to work under him as his subordinate. There’s always people in his surroundings and he resembles a celebrity with how many girls scream in delight upon recognizing him.

When I was idling around in the past, I heard the discussions on the streets talking about how good it would be if our Yunyang Territory had someone like Bai Feng.

I had never had any dealings with him, but since the entire Overlord circle extremely admired him, it could be clearly seen that he was inherently different from my older brother who was strong in appearance but weak in reality.

As for Bai Huang, she’s well-known for her appearance and temperament.

Although I had never seen her before, I remember that one time when my dad came back from an auction in Yun Hai and incited my older brother to chase after Bai Huang——at that time, my older brother and princess Lan Na’s engagement was already planned out and prepared. In other words, that Bai Huang is a more important role than the country’s princess in my dad’s eyes.

This makes things a bit more interesting.

Since this time, it’s said that these two will participate in presiding over this time’s auction.

Bai Feng should be 20 years old this year and Bai Huang 18 years old. For the time being, they’re considered people of the same generation as I am.

Don’t people always have curiosity about what kind of people these “children of other people’s family” are like?

Moreover, if there aren’t any mishaps, these two will someday have positions of authority in Yun Hai Territory. Being able to feel out their characters will play an important role in the direction of West-Resisting City’s future development……

(The Real) Author’s Note:

This week, I have a pretty serious cold and headache. I’ll try to push out more chapters as soon as possible.

Volume 1’s content is basically finished, the next volume will be a journey log【The Sights and Sounds of Yun Hai】.

Speaking of, since it’s an auction, the Overlord of Yunyang and Li Yi should’ve received an invitation. What will happen next……?



  1. The Chinese for Phoenix here is 凤凰, the pinyin is Fenghuang. Google and check out the wiki page to make sense of this.
  2. The characters for Bai Feng and Bai Huang are both the characters for their respective phoenix counterparts. The naming scheme is pretty basic.
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