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Chapter 35 – Running Into A Pillow While Drowsy

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After I went back, I naturally believed that Aleya would ask where I had been, but she apparently wasn’t particularly concerned about this.

I didn’t explain too much, just telling Aleya and Felita half-truths like how we would be starting a cultivating farm and how our lives would be becoming a bit easier in the coming days. For the next four to five days, I secretly transferred over the promised goods to Gobulang while starting construction of all kinds of cultivation factories and recruiting staff for them.

Simultaneously, Felita was helping me fire the cement and bricks. However, due to material limitations, the bricks she fired up weren’t the familiar red ones, but rather a kind of cyan brick.

But that made no difference.

Even though the majority of the tasks I had to do were just giving orders to subordinates, I was still tired to the point where my bones would ache when I lied down these past few days.

——Wouldn’t it be great if I had someone who could help me handle internal affairs.

While I was thinking this for the nth time, I coincidentally opened up a letter from Yun Hai Territory.

It was an invitation letter.

It was inviting me, West-Resisting City’s City Lord Li De, to attend the soon-conducting auction in Yun Hai’s capital city, “Northgazing City”. I’m actually pretty familiar with this sort of auction. Yun Hai Territory is a territory flourishing with trade; it’s a place where merchants gather and countless auctions of all kinds are held at regular intervals every year.

The amount of things being auctioned are many and filled with variety; treasures from all over the world converge in Yun Hai Territory, whether it be treasures, unusual beasts, or even people.

I’ve said this before, but when people with power come seeking refuge to the Overlord, there are only two paths to walk. One of them is to be a free “Guest Official” while the other one is to sell yourself into slavery and become a “Servant”. The former’s status is one of consecration while the latter doesn’t have any status. The latter are purely hired thugs that one could even freely buy and sell as needed. At the auction, there will be many people with extra servants or servants who have made a mistake and sell them off for a high price. In addition to this, there will naturally be beautiful female songstresses, male pets, and so on.

In short, regardless of whether they fly in the skies or run on the earth, they can definitely be purchased at the auction.

But if you hold the mentality of “picking treasure from a pile of trash”, such as purchasing some exceptional treasure at some obscure corner for a low price, sorry to say, but that’s impossible.

Ever since an unknown youngster purchased a treasure for a low price several decades ago, any item available for sale goes through 8 to 10 different evaluations. Nowadays, there are often old men sitting by the road that will very mysteriously arrange several unremarkable gadgets and people who’ve never experienced the world will flock to them. Onlookers will urge them to not be fooled, but they won’t listen. They’ll shout “Don’t think of snatching my treasure”, “This old man definitely is some otherworldly expert”, or other similar phrases. Then after several days of having purchased the goods, they’ll go to a true great master to appraise it and be told “Oh-ho! Although it appears nothing special to look at, actually, it doesn’t even have a damn use.”

When the time comes that they’re told this phrase, they’ll cry about how they were duped.

It’s impossible to count on getting rich through the auction. I mean, which occupation’s great hero doesn’t have sharp eyes and isn’t rich? I definitely didn’t think I was better than them.

My thoughts were very simple: purchase several talented internal affairs people and bring them back. At the minimum, they should be able to help me a bit.

Frankly speaking, the people currently by my side are all idiots aside from Felita.

Aleya bears the brunt of this label.

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Felita’s very intelligent, but her intelligence is only displayed during the time I taught her “sulfur and white phosphorus dissolve into carbon disulfide”, “Statically Induced Electromotive Force and Dynamically Induced Electromotive Force”. She picked up these topics very quickly. She either has decent talent in physics and chemistry or it might have relations to how she fiddles with lightning and fire all day.

But if you wanted to make her construct a factory and come into contact with other people……well, I gave up.

After giving 500 gold coins to Gobulang, I currently still have roughly 2,000 gold coins on hand. Setting aside 1,000 gold coins for unexpected accidents, that leaves me with 1,000 gold coins to buy several people talented in internal affairs. En……it’s enough to cover expenses and then some, those slaves won’t cost that much.

You ask what the left over money is for?

What do I still lack?

En……I lack things that are indispensable for living a corrupt life.


Singers, dancers, cooks, people to feed me, people to help me change my clothes, people aesthetically pleasing to look at, people responsible for warming my bed……

I supported my head as I daydreamed.

Alright! It’s decided!

In any case, the situation of West-Resisting City is already heading towards peace, so I might as well go over to Yun Hai to take a look.


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