Chapter 1 – A Chance Encounter With A Harmless Little Fatty

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After West-Resisting City’s defense work came to an end, I handed over the position of acting City Lord to Felita and briefed Aleya on a couple things, then immediately prepared to leave.
The only thing that made me a little anxious was that Gobulang only sent over one batch of Demons to be cultivated, but still hadn’t sent over the other batch. Because the first batch contained his own children, so I felt that he wasn’t thinking of reneging on our deal. This could only mean that he had either gotten into some trouble on his side, or he found some new suitable Demons for me and required some extra time to send them over.

However, from what I read in the invitation letter from Yun Hai Territory, the official date for the auction to be held was coming soon.

It was highly probable that I would miss the time for the auction if I continued on waiting for Gobulang to deliver the final batch of Demons. Therefore, I entrusted this matter to Felita and Aleya, then left for the auction.

When I was leaving West-Resisting City on a carriage, I turned back to give it a glance.

Aleya and Felita stood atop the city walls as they sent me off with their eyes, as did the 81 now-pitch-black-from-training soldiers. Much of the masses also spontaneously participated in this see-off, since in their words, I should be very qualified to sit in the seat of City Lord. At the very least, I didn’t exploit them to the deepest level as Pierce did.

As for what I was feeling?

I felt that I had already entered the stage of auto-upgrading.

The farms within the city were functioning normally, the masses were working hard. Aleya and Felita could earn extra revenue from the large amount of Demon materials that they sold. In short, just from the perspective of the current situation, if I wasn’t faced with the immense pressure from the north and east, I would already be living an unfettered, happy life.

Compared to having to do everything by myself, it was much more comfortable to be auto-upgrading.

When there’s the option for auto-battle, very few people would choose to fight by themselves, yeah?

The happiest thing in life isn’t exchanging blows. Rather, it’s to not do jack ****, take a nap, then discover that my wallet is full upon waking up.

This is the highest state in life.

As I was having this beautiful dream, I was also unhurriedly setting out towards Yun Hai Territory. After moving about for roughly half a day, I was met by the sight of a caravan on the side of the road. A coachman driving one of the carriages lifted up the towel around his neck to wipe off his sweat and as he was doing so, a chubby cheek popped out of one of the carriage windows facing me. I looked at him; he looked back at me.

That little fatty brother gave me a smile, then asked:

“Where to, little bro?”


Little bro??

I gave him a glance and it appeared that he indeed seemed older than me by about three years, so I didn’t bother argue over what he called me and answered:

“To Yun Hai.”

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Little fatty brother squeezed one of his hands out of his window and made an exaggerated swinging motion towards me as he continued:

“Aiya, I know you’re going to Yun Hai. This road only leads to Yun Hai. I meant what are you going there for? Business? Visiting relatives? Or participating in the auction?”

I chucked and shot back a question:

“What do you think?”

Little fatty brother scrutinized me for a moment before saying his judgement:

“Participating in the auction, most likely. I feel the aura of nobility around you, so you’re a powerful Lord’s son at the very least. Let me introduce myself, my name is Fang Yuan, the ninth son of the Overlord of Zhao Chen and currently Abyss City’s City Lord. You are?”


Even though the Zhao Chen Territory to the north indeed needed to take this road if they wished to go to Yun Hai, I didn’t expect to be so unlucky and meet so many difficulties in my life; I wasn’t expecting to meet one of Zhao Chen family’s sons at this sort of place. A cursory look at the caravan behind him told me that there were at least 40 to 50 people. For a good moment, I wasn’t sure whether or not to gain the initiative by striking first or continue on exploring the situation.

After all, on the day I took over as City Lord, the Overlord of Zhao Chen’s threat letter was already on my table.

“I’ll be sending over my son to visit you after a period of time”——

I thought that we would meet on the battlefield outside of West-Resisting City, but I would’ve never expected to meet you so quickly.

When little brother Fang Yuan saw my slightly embarrassed appearance, he suddenly slapped his thigh:

“Ho-lee ****, little bro, it can’t be that you’re someone from Yunyang. I just thought about it; isn’t this road on the side of West-Resisting City? You can’t be that Li De that the Overlord of Yunyang kicked out recently, right?”

Huh, I’m actually quite famous?

Since Fang Yuan had guessed it, I didn’t continue hiding it and nodded to indicate that he was correct.

Fang Yuan’s chubby cheek creased into the shape of a dumpling the more he laughed.

“Oooh boy, you should’ve said so earlier! I’ve been wanting to see you. My dad sent you a threat letter, right? Don’t worry, when he decides to send out the troops, he’ll definitely send thirteenth sister and my youngest brother to lead them over to beat you up, it’s got nothing to do with me. I originally wanted to play some mahjong to kill time during this journey, but I haven’t even met one of those hedonist noble sons. I’ve heard that you’re quite the well-known flower mahjong expert over at Yunyang, care to come over and swap pointers with me?”

He rubbed his hands with a look of anticipation.

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I nodded.

In any case, there’s still a long way before we reach Yun Hai, it’s not bad to have something to do to pass the time.


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