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Chapter 34 – Come, Another Bout Of Wealth

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After explaining what I meant to Gobulang using words everyone could understand, his face instantly changed colors in a flash of understanding.

“You’re thinking to……”

I confidently admitted:

“That’s correct, I want core, direct line descendants of each race, but I don’t need too much. Just a male and a female from each race will suffice. I’ve read up many biographies of each race during my spare time, such as the drop rate for the uncommon material【Cursed Skull】of your goblin race. The chance of it dropping from a common goblin is roughly 1%, but from an elite……that is, from a core member of your race, the drop rate reaches as high as 15%. That 15-fold difference totally influences the cultivation efficiency and I’ll need even better varieties to breed.”

Gobulang yelled in protest:

“They’re our race’s precious bloodline that we depend on to continue surviving!”

I shook my head:

“Once you’re dead, the argument of ‘precious’ or ‘not precious’ becomes invalid. You think my West-Resisting City is foolish and easy to provoke? I know you want to return to your boss’ side, but you’re afraid that you’ll get pushed aside without any achievements to your name, right?”

Gobulang didn’t open his mouth, instead continuing on unwaveringly staring at me.

I chuckled:

“Don’t ask me how I know. To even use methods to deceive the nobles within the city means that facing us head-on is out of question for you, and also that you don’t have enough manpower to break through the city. Up until now, you’ve been forced to burn, kill, and loot only in the surrounding area, unable to enter the city.”

Gobulang resentfully said:

“Sooner or later……”

“Don’t even think about it.”

I interrupted his words:

“With me present, don’t think about stepping even a half-foot into these city walls within your lifetime.”

Gobulang fell silent.

A Level 6 Spearman kneeled when told to kneel. He was probably starting to doubt his own strength.

I enticed him with promises:

“I can give you guys a fortune, that way you can claim that West-Resisting City has already been captured when you return back with the riches. Your boss most likely won’t bother you once he receives the money.”

Gobulang stayed mute for a long time before he hoarsely divulged:

“My clansmen….it’s impossible for them to agree. My clansmen won’t hand over core members……”

He spat out a breath, then continued:

“But I have a pair of children. On the battlefield……it’s normal for a few people to die. My clansmen won’t have anything to say.”

My mouth curled upwards and I praised:

“Then I’ll be troubling you.”

Gobulang looked at my raised finger and asked:

“That remaining business opportunity, what is it?”

The smile on my face widened:

“Gobulang, my old brother, think about it. Suppose you return with a pocket filled with riches, what would your boss think? Won’t your boss start thinking that our West-Resisting City is a profitable place, won’t he feel that it’s fine to continue developing this piece of land?”

Gobulang thought about it for a bit before replying:

“Boss Amifars might not think so. But other commanders will definitely request to be transferred over. While I’m fighting hard in the front, they’ll be reaping meritorious service in the back, those ******** are just that shameless.”

I changed position, switching which leg was over the other:

“That’s exactly it. I hope you’ll be able to deceive those unpleasant fellows and make them want to come to West-Resisting City. At the same time, don’t divulge West-Resisting City’s true power……”

Gobulang instantly understood.

He looked at me and also exposed a wretched smile.

The two of us wretchedly smiling guys were very happy.

This year’s army provisions fund should be pretty substantial, so I should still be able to stash away some food even after excluding the masses’ food. I intend to give this stashed away portion to brother Gobulang and provide him an extra 500 gold coins. From the Demon Race’s point of view, this should be considered a small fortune.

The image of West-Resisting City to foreign powers has long since been crumbling, a “city that can be knocked down with a little effort” so to say. It will definitely make many of the Demon Race’s commanders wish to bring their subordinates over to fight for autumn gains.

Naturally, they will be just like Gobulang and very quickly detect that West-Resisting City is unbeatable.

But by the time they figure it out, it will have already been too late and they’ll be in an even worse situation than Gobulang.

The conversation would probably go something like this:

“It’s clearly a city that Gobulang’s beaten before, how come you late-comers don’t have any gains?”

When that time comes, the Demon General called Amifars will definitely question those guys like this. Then, as a result of that question, they will be forced to send their troops over and proceed with their offensive……even if they know that they’re just throwing their lives away.

The more those guys display how “disappointing” they were, the higher Gobulang’s status will rise within the ranks of the Demon Army. With the rise in power, he will become able to casually dispose of the competitors he finds unpleasant to his eyes……why would he be against this?

From today’s state of affairs alone, after taking care of the cement and brick issue, they shouldn’t even dream of knocking down the walls even with an army of over 10,000. If that Amifars intends to personally come and take back some face for the Demon Army……I wouldn’t mind cutting off his head once and for all. To let me fight the Demons every day, I don’t have the patience for that. But if it’s like today where I teach an arrogant Demon Commander, I’ll just treat it as exercise after having a meal.

Demon cultivation can offer a relatively stable source of income.

As for the Demons that come over to continuously throw away their lives, they’re the equivalent to an enormous sum of extra income.

Aside from this, through continuous domestication and teaching them to “obey humans” since the day they’re born, Demons born will gradually become docile and the danger of ‘demon cultivation’ will predictably be greatly reduced.

“To a pleasant cooperation.”

“To a pleasant cooperation……”

Just a moment ago, you stabbed your spear towards me and I kicked you. Now? We’re looking eye level and laughing together.


I extended my hand, Gobulang also extended his, then we grasped each other’s hands.

The scene resembled two large listed companies officially starting their partnership.


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