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Chapter 33 – Let’s Start A Demon Farm

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Even though I called him very tall, this was only compared to other goblins. With a beefy physique, he’s about as tall as I am. Goblins are typically classified as emaciated, but very strong creatures. With how stacked of a guy he is, his strength ought to be more terrifying.

In the forest behind him, there were many red eyes blinking. It was clear that there were a decent sum of Demons watching us.

The goblin opened his mouth, spitting out his foul breath as he hoarsely said with his eerie voice:


What is up with you and the other Demons starting out your words like this?

When he saw me not give any reaction, he straightened his back and used a more fluent tone as he spoke quicker:

“My name is Gobulang. A subordinate under Amifars, one of the Demon Race’s West-Front Warlords. You said you wanted to speak about business just now……hah! Don’t be too arrogant, human.”

He grabbed the red-copper spear off his back and pointed it at me as he sneered:

“I saw you……standing by that woman’s side. It was also you who helped that woman leave……now you even dare to come over here to throw away your life. Really, I can’t tell whether you’re arrogant or wise, boy. Whatever……I’ll capture you and exchange you for that woman……”

I asked:

“Done speaking?”

Gobulang nodded.

I continued:

“If you’re done speaking, then let’s sit down and have a discussion, I don’t have much time to chat with you.”

Both of Gobulang’s eyes turned crimson and his entire person straightened up. In an instant, it seemed as if there was a fierce tiger roaring in the woods. The intense wind pressure caused the surrounding sky-touching trees to come collapsing down and the creaking sounds created by the trees rang in the ears.


Gobulang stared blankly into the sky.

He probably still hasn’t reacted to what just happened, or perhaps didn’t wish to ponder over what had just happened.

He, a Level 6 Spearman, stabbed his spear at me and in return, I grabbed his spear and flung him onto the ground far away.

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I slowly walked over to where he landed and stepped on his face.

“I was using good, kind words to advise you, yet you wouldn’t listen. Since that’s the case, I’ll beat you up until you understand them well.”

With a bit more force, the canine teeth on the left side of his face started showing signs of cracks.

Gobulang hesitated a little before letting go of the spear in his hands. In response, I took back my foot and smirked:

“That’s more like it.”

Gobulang fumed with rage between gritted teeth:

“You win this time……we Demons will no longer step foot into West-Resisting City.”

I gave him a kick hard enough to knock out his teeth.

“No longer step foot into West-Resisting City? Then where in the world will I get money from? Gobby-liang, do you want me to go bankrupt?”

Gobulang spit out a mouthful of blood, unsure of how to respond.

I was panting with anger as I searched for a smooth rock to sit down on. After patting myself down, I said with a smile:

“My name is Li De, the current City Lord of West-Resisting City. We, over here at West-Resisting City, are very poor and don’t have any distinctive industries. When I took a stroll around the city, I discovered that we don’t have any gold, silver, copper, iron, or tin mines. Oil and natural gases also basically don’t exist; the only thing that’s remotely useful is you Demons. Therefore, I intend to speak about a business with you.”

Gobulang sat up holding his cheek then inquired:

“What do you want?”

I raised two fingers, then bent one of them down and answered:

“Number one. I want to mass-cultivate Demons.”

Gobulang turned gobsmacked:

“Mass-cultivate Demons?!”

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The corners of my mouth raised:

“Surprised? Actually, there’s no need to be so surprised. Low-class Demons have powerful reproductive capabilities and grow fast; they’re just like undying cockroaches. Let’s take goblins for example, the time it takes for a newly born goblin to reach adulthood is at most 1 month. In other words, just by rearing goblins, we would have a batch of Demon materials every month. If we add the other types of Demons? From what I’ve calculated, it’s a pretty sizable income.”

Gobulang exclaimed with a voice filled with hate:

“Don’t think you’ll get your way! I won’t sell out my kind!”


I shook my head and pondered aloud:

“You will. You made several thousand Demons rush over to die just to see the strength of my West-Resisting City; you’re cold-blooded enough. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have grown into what you are today as an insignificant goblin. You just haven’t been offered enough remuneration.”

Gobulang kept silent.

I continued enticing:

“Besides, aren’t you Demons already killing each other? You should be pretty much used to it.”

Gobulang opened his mouth:

“I don’t quite understand. You could have left several of them alive on the battlefield and exploited them to develop your mass-cultivation industry. It’s not necessary for you to discuss this business with me.”

I nodded and quizzed:

“Do you know what livestock breeding is?”

Gobulang’s face showed his dumbfoundedness:


I explained:

“We create genetic combinations by means of crossbreeding livestock and from their offspring, then select the individuals with better traits and increase their breeding opportunities in order to create even more offspring for experimentation. Once we hit a certain number of studs and females through selective breeding, we then select excellent individuals that are relatively close in species or the same species and breed them to improve the chances of exceptional genes and bloodline purity. After the small community becomes a small population, it will keep expanding while further improving with the foundation of the small community of excellent individuals, continuously crossbreeding, selecting which ones to cultivate, inbreed, all in order to form a more talented population……”

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Gobulang’s face continued to show visible confusion:


I rubbed my forehead and clarified:

“In short, it’s just me wanting better quality individuals from your side. I want those uncommon materials from those cream-of-the-crop monsters, this way I can bring up my profits. Now do you understand?”


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